Oc's In Wonderland By Lyric

Chapter one: Down The rabbit Hole

Lena POV

Hello Readers! My name is Lena Burns! I would describe myself as a typical blonde. I'm 15. I have blue eyes and i am, in fact, partially insane. Now, I'm hear to tell you just how my life got turned into a living hell of hot potato.

Its started out as a wonderfully normal saturday morning, with me and my Three best buddies, Lue, Hally.

We were walking down a normal ally, in a normal town It was summer and we didn't have a care in the world… I of corse had my trusty bag, full of Caramel corn.

I turned to my Friend Lue."Hey Lue did you break up with jason yet?" asked I, your favorite i'm sure.

Lue just rolled her eyes and huffed. Her spiky black hair waving in the wind. I sighed. I shouldn't have expected an answer. "Did you catch the last episode of Naruto Hally?'' Asked Lue, who was changing the subject.

Hally Smiled Cheerfully as she skipped along and replied with a happy nod.

Did i mention were all total anime geeks? I was about to ask her where she at in the manga but i felt something touch my shoulder.

Only then did we relies we had gotten are selves into a dark ally. My eyes wide i turned to look over my shoulder. There stood a crooked person…

i think? He was wearing a dirty cape and a hood over his head so you couldn't see his face. He was holding a large bowl of… Candy? Was he a Pedo?

Lue turned and her eyes widened as she saw the figure. She let out a small yelp, drawing the attention of the other two girls.

Hally looked frightened, Lue looked Ready to kick ass, and Mari looked like she could stand to careless.

I was just staring at the man. Until a large grin spread across my face. "Do ya like waffles?" I asked him excitedly.

The man just chuckled in a cracked tone. He took my hand gently, Lue tensed at this.

with his other hand he grabbed four pieces of candy from the bowl and placed them in my hand.

I stared at the candy. I gasped slightly at what i saw. " Is it… a penis?" Asked Lue. Hally shrunk back at that. I grinned and turned to look at her "There mints with naruto symbols on them!" I said Happily.

I turned to thank the man, but when i looked he was gone. "Where'd the creepy man go?" I asked, my voice turning to a shrill whine.

Lue looked Disturbed and Hally looked intrigued. Mari Looked un shaken in the least. "Well…" I said turning my attention back to my friends. "There are four mints, There four we each get one!" While i said this i handed each friend a candy.

They each had a different symbol. Hally Got Suna, Lue got Konaha, Mari got a white snake and I of corse, got the Akatsuki symbol. "

Wait one second? are we just gonna be idiots and actually eat this crap? i mean the guy was obviously a Pedo who wanted to rape us! " Said Lue angrily.

I looked over at Mari who was already eating her mint. Hally was unwrapping hers, and I was staring joyfully at mine.

"Yup!" I said happily and Unwrapped mine and popped it in my mouth.

"Alright but if i get raped you owe me fifty bucks." She said with anger, though i could tell she was just as curious as the rest of us.

She opened hers and started sucking on it. "It tastes like chicken…" this, dear readers, is the very fist time Mari has spoken in this story.

I was about to crack a yo mama joke, But that was canceled because the very ground beneath my feet crumbling away.

It would have been hilarious to!

We began to fall down the hole.

I felt Lue grab my hand, everything else was a blur as i began laughing at my joke.

a thought came to mind and i looked around wildly for my precious, precious, bag. Seeing it falling next to me, i grabbed it fast as i could.

"How long do you think we've been falling?" I heard Lue call.

"I don't know! Maybe those mints had some drugs in them and we're all in a coma!" I called back. Hey, It was very possible. I Looked about, releasing, FInally, that Mari Was nowhere to be seen.

"Wheres Mari anyway She'ed Know-" I was cut off as i felt something grab my leg. I muffled a shriek as it began pulling me down and away from Lue.

I felt her hand slip away from mine, and i was about to Yell out to her, But i felt something Heavy hit my head, and as the blackness crepted onto my eyes, i sighed and managed to say "chainsaw" and then all was black.

Next thing I knew, I was again, falling, But this time there was light.

I opened up my Blue eyes, To see the blue, blue sky. You know how they always say, 'Never Look down?' Well i looked down, And boy, I Screamed load and clear.

'cause below me was about 900 Feet of air, before i would hit the earth very, very hard.

I clapped my hands together and began to pray. You wouldn't expect that from me would ya? "Dear Zuk, Please take me to heaven when i die, as you may remember i helped you out by sacrificing all those crickets in your honor, so please either save me or take me to heaven…"

Ok, Some of you may be wondering who Zuk is, He was my childhood pet, a Hamster.

I loved that damn thing more then life itself. So when he died, i held a funeral, we barried him in the yard, and i made him my new god, as i know he is.

Anyway back to situation at hand. I was screaming my head off as i fell to my certain death.

As i near the ground i closed my eyes tight. 'Gah! So this is where it ends! Goodbye, cruel world!' I thought as i hit the ground with a crash, thus ending me. Haha! Just kidding! Not about the crash part though…

As i was about 8 Feet from the ground, falling fast, i crashed into someone. I was still screaming at 'it' Was Yelling angrily. We skidded then hit a rock.

It wasn't fatal for either of us, in fact i was even conscious! I Put a hand to my head and moaned. "Dear Zuk what the hell just happened where am i-" I stopped speaking as i found eye candy. He was beginning to stir, his blonde hair was all messy now, and he muttered something about art. The only thoughts going through my mind were 'Must.. Glomp… Sexy anime character…' Yep, Though it wouldn't happen like that for me as i was hit in the back of the head, and i fell face first into to Deidara's chest.


Name, Lucenda Murald. Age, 16. Hair, Shoulder Length and spiky black. Eyes, Onyx. Personality, violent and aggressive. Hello, and welcome to my little world. as you may have already heard from Lena, a punching bag of mine, we were just given candy from a Creepy possible pedo.

And you know what? You know freaking what! Lena has the nerve to talk me into eating it! Dear god!So i eat the goddamn candy, and then what happens? The very earth crumbles. I. Hate. Lena.

I, using my super awesome tae kwon doe skills, manage to grab Lena and Hally's hands.

Lena was laughing manically and i think Hally was crying about something.

Mari was no where to be seen. in this.. dark hole… So anyway i was furious.

i don't mean someone through a baseball through my window furious, i mean boiling in my skin while getting barraged by baseballs with tiny centipedes crawling all over me furious.

I shall spare you the swearing details for now, as they get gruesome… But the basic analasis of the situation was that while i was swearing Hally fainted and Lena laughed like a lunatic.

"How long have we been falling?" I called. I had cooled off a bit now.

Lena had Finally Stopped laughing and was looking about wildly.

"I don't know! Maybe those mints had some drugs in them and we're all in a coma!" She said Excitedly.

I growled low in my throat. Just like Lena to have a insane moment Now of all times!

"Wheres Mari anyway? She'ed Know-" Lena was abruptly cut off by… something! I felt her hand being pulled away by what was probably the same something.

I felt Hallt being pulled away as well, i tried to hold on as best i could but damn! this thing was nothing short of a tornado!

My grip slackened and they both slipped away. "No! Lena! Hally! Lena god damn it you are so dead if we aren't already!" I cried angrily into the blackness,

Hearing Faintly Lena's say,"Chainsaw".

I felt myself being sucked down into what ever the hell there was.

I felt something hard hit my head. "Lena, if we live i will make sure you die slowly and painfully…." I grumbled before blacking out completely.

The next thing i knew was nice cosy warmth.

I was vaguely aware of something in my arms, it was struggling around, so, as the lady i am i squeezed it tight as my weak little Tae kwon doe arms could.

And let me tell you that is one TIGHT grip.

I felt it struggle lightly for a second, then it wrenched itself from my grasp, causing little old me to fall to the floor with a 'thump'.

I was still half asleep, so i looked up angrily at the thing.

"If the monkeys don't drink your blood, i will…."

Said i, slightly off. My vision was still blurry, and i could barley see whoever it was.

Though i could make out a tall, brown haired boy, at least i think it was a boy… he had long hair. "What the… What Are you Doing in my bed!" His voice got louder as he released i had been in bed with him.

I glared up at him, my Onyx eyes narrowed. I knew i had heard that voice before. But where? "Whats your name, punk?" I said glaring at him.

My vision was returning, so i set my eyes upon his face. I did two things then. I screamed, "NEJI! OMG ITS THE END OF ALL THINGS GOOD!" The second, I shot up and gave him a Up kick to the, 'You know what'.

Hally POV

My Name is Hally Harkson. I'm a Shy, Normal, Outgoing and Kind 13 Teen year old. My hair Is Chestnut brown, i keep it in a nice neat ponytail that goes down to my chest. I have Hazel eyes, My favorite song is Love story by Taylor swift.

OK getting of topic hear, anyway, I was walking Down a ally When suddenly some creep comes over and gives Lena some Candy.

Now i we were pretty much ANY other sin person, we would have thrown that stuff away first chance we had. But Unfortunatly we had to eat it…

And now i just got sucked down a hole, Fainted from fear, and now i'm not sure if i'm alive… I know! I'll just try to open my eyes!

The first thing i saw, was Blue sky. My first thought, Heaven!

I stood up to find, not angels, not clouds, But Sand. A lot, of sand. It was very hot, and very muggy. I suspected a desert. Looking to my east i could see something that resembled a wall of sorts, it looked small from hear, But i'm guessing it was big up close.

All the sudden i was hit with a wave of anxiety, fear, and Worst of all, people.

I got Tackled to the ground By… someone! My instincts totally took over and i began to do the most badass thing ever.

"OH GOD! DON'T HURT ME! GYAAA!" I was screaming and kicking and crying, doing basically anything and everything i could to get whoever it was off me.

I felt the weight lift off of me, cringing as the sun hit my eyes. I got up off the sand and started brushing it off me.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked up at… "GAARA?"

And thus this event along with three others started a chain that would send us all into to hell...

Mari POV

Mari Is My Name, Silence is My game. She has very short cut, neat, clean brown hair. My eyes are also Brown. My age is 16.

I Cannot allow you to hear my inner thoughts, as it would cause the plot to fall apart, I will however, give you a glimpse of the outer ones as the story progresses.

Anyhow, Lena, Lue, Hally and I, all ate Naruto candy.

When the mint was shoved into my hand, i felt obligated to eat it.

I then fell down what i'm sure looked like a dimensional portal.

I Watched as Lue grabbed Lena and Hally's hands.

I saw Lue look frantically for me, I Decided not to wave or give her any sign that i was there.

I Knew that no matter how tight you hold on to someone in a dimensional portal, you will, Be pulled the way it wants. How do i know this? As i like to rehearse, Silence is golden, thus i shall not speak.

I felt the dimensional energy pull me one way, then another.

I let it do as it wished, as there was no stopping it. I closed my eyes wearily, And let the tossing and turning rock me to a light sleep.

When i opened my eyes i saw a stone ceiling. I was in a bed, who's it was, didn't know. I slowly lifted myself up, taking in every detail of the room.

SIt was all made of stone, though there were several book cases with each a few books.

I got up off the bed and walked over. There were two windows, both letting in a dim light.

I grabbed one of the books, the tittle read, ' The basics of Charka control'

I now knew that i was in the naruto dimension. But where… I thought for a minute, examining the events of the past hour in my mind.

'The strange ally, The Old man, the Mints…'

Wait, the mints must be it! I recalled my mint had a white snake on it.

Cold relization hit me like a bullet.

"Orochimaru…" I hissed the name.

As if to prove my point, the door cracked open and the snake himself appeared.

"So, Your awake…" He Said in a frighteningly calm tone. I wasn't scared though, i was only scared by to things, And i won't tell you do to the plot again.

I stared blankly at The pale man. "So i see we meet again, Orochimaru."

So... Tirerd... Gah...

I stayed up till late midnight to fix all the typos...

Anyway i do not own Naruto. Good. Night.