OC's In wonder land

Chapter Five: Orochimaru's Lair

Mari's POV

Lena was a bit unlucky, to be found by Akatsuki members, Although for her… Hally and Lue? Very Lucky. And me? I think about a thousand black cats crossed my path while i was walking under a billion ladders…

With the akatsuki, they may torture you horribly, but you know they won't do insanely horrible experiments that may just turn you into a lizard freak.

I sighed. I was sitting hear, on a roughly padded chair in orochimaru's lair. Life's a bitch, I know.

In the tale of Jiraiya the gallant, Orochimaru was the arch enemy of Jiraiya. He was once Jiraiyas follower, but he was over come by serpent magic. How interesting.

My hands were tied behind my back - With snakes - witch was quite horrible.

I grimaced, Just in time for everyones most hated snake to arrive in the sean.

"I hope your enjoying your visit, Mariko-san." I grimaced again.

"Don't call me Mariko. You know i now prefer Mari." I said dully. Orochimaru just gave me a sick grin and left the room.

Scowling, i began to wonder if Lena, Lue and Hally were alive. Lena was probably enjoying her time in this world more then anything. Lue… Well, it depends where she is. As for Hally, she'll live. Probably.

The snake Entererd a moment later, but was this time followed by two others.

I rolled my eyes as Sasuke and Kabuto looked me over.

I was officially pissed off.

"Who is this." When Sasuke spoke, it was more of a statement then a question.

Kabuto didn't speak. I imagine Oro already told him about me.

"Shit…" I muttered as Orochimaru pulled out a syringe.

I spoke my mind as he dug the needle into my arm. "Hn…" i mumbled.

Everything got kinda fuzzy, and i was vaguely aware that i was passing out.

When i opened my eyes, i was greeted by a very unpleasant surprise. Kabuto.

He was looking down at me, with a look of curiosity in his cold eyes.

"Thats odd." He murmured. "That tranquilizer usually lasts longer…"

Bah. My head was spinning, and i felt nauseous, and i didn't care if the stupid tranquilizer was supposed to last for a million years, all i cared about was the pain in my head.

"Damn it.." I muttered indoor my breath. I turned my head to see that i was strapped to an examination table. Nice.

I realized i wasn't wearing my normal clothes anymore, as i normally wore a tight belt that dug into my sides. Now, i was wearing a tattered T shirt and some loose rugged shorts. Wait that could only mean. "You freaking changed me!" I muttered angrily, though this only worsened my head ache.

Kabuto gave me one of his infamous sick smiles. God how i wish i was free...

I heard a door creek and i saw a figure appear. At first i was sure it was Orochimaru, but as the figure drew near, i noticed the black bangs hanging in just that way, and the duck butt hair was a giveaway.

"Ah, so the serpents pupil makes his entrance." I said wearily, my voice straining.

Sasukes cold eyes fell on me. His sharingan wasn't active though, so all i saw in his eyes was cold cold onyx..

"Your name is Mariko, correct?" he asked coldly.

I did not answer, preferring to spend my voice on more important things.

I shut my brown eyes tightly, hoping that if he saw that i was not interested in talking to him, he would just go away and leave me to my impending doom. I was not so lucky, not in the least…

Sasuke looked angry when i opened my eyes, and was about to say something when the door creaked open again.

This time, it was Orochimaru.

"What do you want with me Orochimaru? You already know i wont tell you a damn thing." I said blankly.

Orochimaru just grinned at me. "Times change, ne?"

"Hn" I Hned

"Who is this?" Asked Sasuke.

"Ah, thats right! I haven't introduced you two yet. Sasuke, this is Mariko, or Mari as she prefers. Mari-san-" I cut him off with a snort of dislike. "Sasuke Uchiha, i know.". I growled.

Sasuke eyed me wearily. I couldn't blame him, i mean its not everyday your pedo-snake master kidnaps a girl who knows your name, now is it?

I glared up at Orochimaru. "Take me somewhere quiet. i want to get some rest."

Kabuto looked about to speak but Orochimaru nodded."Sasuke, take her to cell #8, and make sure you lock the door with charka."

Damn it.

Kabuto undid the straps and tied my hands behind my back.

I scowled but didn't fuss. Sasuke led me out the door and down a very depressing hallway that made a monotonously slow creaking sound.

"God, you guys need to remodel." I said to Sasuke.

He just said "Hn" and kept walking.

When we got to a door labeled #8 Sasuke opened it, to reveal a small room. It had a hay bed on one side and there was a dim candle on the wall.

I stepped in, and began imagining Orochimaru being cr ushed by a two ton ice sculpture of Jiraiya.

I turned and glared at Sasuke. "Jackass." I said as he closed the door.

I heard him lock it tight.

"Well…" I said turning to my new room."God damnit."

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