Title: Ardor

By: Metamorcy

Pairing: Fong27

Summary: AU, A one-sided love has always been the hardest thing to deal with. Tsuna only wished that maybe one day, Fong can look at him more than just a friend.

Disclaimer: Seriously? Don't own, just the idea

A/N: Last chapter. Really rushed but I'm not really interested in continuing this anymore. But I at least wanted to give it an ending than to leave it hanging forever so I did my best! Enjoy!

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Chapter 16 has endings

Tsuna smiled, looking up at the calendar. It had been almost eight months since the day they finally confess and started dating. And not once had he been unhappy about it. It had been some of the best times of his life, filled with joy and happiness that he hadn't experienced in a long time. Thinking that, he couldn't stop himself from giggling as memories began to flow in as he thought back. Only Mukuro knew the reason why he was so constantly pleased, everyone else just stared at him in confusion not exactly sure on what was going on. No one questioned it though, not even Gokudera, who normally did whenever something odd happened to his boss. The only reason was because no one wanted to take that smile away from Tsuna, no one dared do such a terrible thing. Tsuna watched as the clock ticked by, waiting for the day to pass by faster so that he could go home and snuggle up against his lover. It was one of the best moments he'd always waited for after a hard day of work. Right now, he needed a cup of coffee to keep himself awake until that time.

"You're quite happy today, Dame-Tsuna."

That voice made Tsuna freeze up immediately, his attitude dropping with those mere words. It was like a cold wind blown through the room and everything just seemed to freeze into place. The brunet wanted to cry, he had only been an hour away from freedom. Now he would have to face a demon. Turning around to face the other, Tsuna mentally groaned to himself, wishing that he actually had the ability to make a break for it despite being at the doorway of his office. "R-Reborn, what are you doing here?"

"Well, I've been hearing some rumors that have finally reached my ears," Reborn smirked dangerously, tilting his fedora to the side. "The only reason it took so long was that all the information had been silenced from me by someone. I know it can't be you. You can't even run this place without messing something up much less tripping over your own feet. Anyway, I seem to be getting off task. I came here to inquire about why Fong has been seen visiting you quite often."

"I…I don't know," The brunet took a step back, swallowing his saliva in worry as fear began to creep into his heart. "Fong comes and goes whenever he wants to. He's a free spirit type after all."

"Perhaps so, but I've managed to…how to say this….investigate some of your employees about it," The taller man gave a dark grin that sent shivers running down Tsuna's spine, wondering just who had been the victim of one of Reborn's torture methods. Not only that, they were now outside of the brunet's office, open for other people to see and hear, and that same reaction that the brunet had resonated within everyone else. "Lunch? Visiting at late hours to take you home? If I didn't know better, that sounds like you're both dating."

"Umm…Well…" Tsuna trailed off, not sure on how to answer that. He didn't want Reborn to know anything. That would just spell trouble for himself and his relationship with Fong. And that was the last thing he wanted to happen.

"Dame-Tsuna, answer me."

"That's none of your business, Reborn," A voice called out, snapping the two away from each other and to Fong, who was just exiting the elevator. The Chinese man stepped closer, intercepting Reborn's gaze on Tsuna, and didn't hesitate when the fedora-wearing man glared. He stood between the two, eyes narrowed slightly and the friendly smile was wiped off, replaced by a frown instead. "Actually, it's none of your concern what Tsuna does in his personal life, much less about mine."

"Fong…" Tsuna whispered quietly, staring at his lover in shock. How rare it was to see someone standing up against the other man. Reborn, of all people. So rare that jaws were dropping all around the three as they eavesdropped on the conversation.

"And I'd appreciate it if you stayed out. It's none of your business after all." Fong reached back and placed a comforting hand onto Tsuna's right shoulder, hoping that his touch would make his lover relax. He didn't want the brunet to suddenly collapse on him, Reborn is a tough foe after all, and he needed to focus all on him.

Reborn glared at that response. "Oh? So it's true then. That you're both together. Good luck with the prude."

"Pardon?" Fong blinked, surprised at such a rude comment. Was Reborn really that angry over this matter? Or was it because he was angry over the fact that he had been one of the last few to know? The Chinese man mentally nodded to himself, it was definitely the latter. Reborn was too proud of his ability to collect information, being the first one to know everything, that just identifying that he had been out of the loop of something would be harmful to that pride. "Tsuna is no prude," Glancing back for approval, Fong continued. "Actually, he's quite experienced. Your information collecting abilities must have been diminishing to have missed the fact that Tsuna is not a virgin."

Reborn raised an eyebrow. "You slept together already?"

Tsuna shook his head and Fong went on, "No, not with me. With someone else, or more than one."

"What? That's impossible."

"What's impossible, Reborn?" Fong stated clearly, stepping forward as he got close and personal. "That you got your information wrong? Or that someone is better than you in sneaking around."

Reborn was now glaring, almost looking like he was going to start grinding his teeth together in rage. He never did like it when someone dared to insult him like that. "Don't push me, Fong. We may be old friends, but I won't hesitate to destroy you."

"Now, now, Reborn, we both know that I'm as good as you when it comes down to fighting." The two men returned to glaring at each other, daring the other to go any further while neither backing down. Tsuna cowered behind, afraid of how this would turn out, as he felt the dangerous aura begin to surround and suffocate everything around them. The rest of the workers remained as quiet as possible, not wanting to be killed in the fight by mistake - if there was going to be one - or have any of those glares turned their way. No one moved, not even an inch, scared that they would make an unneeded sound.

The other man suddenly smirked when he glanced down at Tsuna. The brunet's eyes widened, his gears working on figuring out what the other was planning and there was only one thing that appeared in his mind on what Reborn could do. There was only one. "Reborn…Don't…" A desperate plea slipped from Tsuna's lips, urgently wanting Reborn to stop his plan before it occurred and ruin everything he had worked up for so long.

All Reborn did was grin darkly before glancing back at the Chinese man, not wanting to bother with the brunet anymore. "Fong, do you want to know something?" The man chuckled as the other tilted his head curiously over the small matter, not understanding what the other meant. "You've been in my trap since day one."

Now that caught Fong's attention, "What do you mean?"

"Reborn! Please don't say it!" Tsuna yelled out, but it went ignored.

"I've been planning on getting you two together since the very beginning. All those get-togethers, those meetings, I made sure that you two would get as much time as possible to bond. Friendship wasn't what I wanted at the beginning, then it finally happened. You're nothing more than a pawn that fell into my control for a game I created," Reborn laughed, flicking the top of his fedora upwards to reveal more of his eyes, the shadows shifting. "I've won this. I'm the one that controlled your life this entire time. You and Tsuna were meant to be together and I succeeded."

Only silence was there, no one wanted to say anything to the information that seemed to stir the entire room. Tsuna felt tears welling up in his eyes, knowing that this was the end from those words. Gokudera and Yamamoto were frozen in their spots, both desperately wanting to run up to their boss to hold and comfort him. Fong, however, was pale white, his fingers twitching and eyes wide in shock. It was clear to everyone that the Chinese man was frozen like ice, their eyes watching the scene before them.

"W-What…" Whispers were the first to be heard and then Fong turned to Tsuna, who was cowering in fear. "Is this…true?"

A lone tear fell down the brunet's cheek, tearing his eyes away from that accusing expression, and then nodded. He had known this whole time that this would happen one day and he had hoped that it would be postponed for as long as possible.

The Chinese man was torn between looking between Reborn and Tsuna and finally took a deep breath to sigh. He closed his eyes, practicing his breathing techniques to try and calm his body as well as clear his mind. At this moment, he needed to be thinking openly. Moving around, he wrapped his arms around Tsuna, tightening his hold for a moment, and there were words being whispered into the smaller man's ears that were only meant to be between them. But at each passing second, people could see more tears falling and Tsuna's expression collapsing rapidly. As Fong pulled away, he whispered, "I'm sorry."

Tsuna remained frozen, feeling the warmth pulling away, and finally broke down, crying in misery. Reborn seemed to fall slightly at that, taking in those sounds, but refused to allow any emotion to settle on his face. He had put them together…now he has broken them apart. He knew he shouldn't have said those words. This was his entire fault, but even with knowing that, his pride wouldn't allow him to do anything to fix it. Fong leaned over for one last kiss on the cheek, able to taste the salty tears on his lips, before making his way towards the elevator, disappearing behind the metal doors as they closed behind him. Tsuna just cried quietly in his spot, heart completely broken and torn out.

"Damn you, Reborn," Tsuna whispered, breaking the silence, and almost saw the older man jumping at his sudden words. "I hate you…" With that, he pushed himself up and made his way back into the office, locking it so that no one else could see his broken appearance. Everyone wanted to tear out of their minds the image of their beloved boss's torn expression, it was terrible.

"Get out of my way."

Reborn blinked at that, not expecting that voice of all people to show up. Even Yamamoto and Gokudera were staring in question, the two lingering around their bosses' door.

"Oya, oya, did you not hear me? I said move," Mukuro stood there, looking particularly enraged. When the two lackeys didn't budge, the blue-haired man didn't bother waiting any longer and shoved them aside, not caring if they fell to the ground or not. His multi-colored eyes gave a momentary glare at Reborn before refocusing his attention to someone more important and worthwhile. The moment he reached the door, he knocked on it gently. "Tsunayoshi, gather your stuff. I'm taking you home."

There was a pause in the atmosphere before the door suddenly opened, the brunet poking his head out. "W-What?"

"Kufufufu, I'm not repeating my words. Now get ready."


"Because I feel like being nice today. Now, you better take advantage of my kindness right now. It'll never happen again." Mukuro gave his usual cruel smile and stepped into the office after getting the brunet out of the way. He quickly gathered everything up and moved out, holding onto Tsuna's shoulder to prevent him from trying to run.

"You…just want an excuse to skip work, don't you?" Tsuna let a small smile slip through at the mentioning.

"Oya? Were my intentions seen through?"

"Yeah," The brunet glanced over to his friends, Gokudera and Yamamoto, and gave a tired smiled. "Would it be alright if you two take over for me?"

"No problem, Boss. Anything for you!"

"Sure thing, Tsuna. Hope you feel better!"

Mukuro chuckled, dragging the other away and towards the elevator. As they passed by Reborn, Tsuna closed his eyes, cradling the items in his arms, while Mukuro gave a harsh glare again that basically translated to 'This is all your fault'. As the two entered the elevator with the doors closing on the world, Tsuna sighed and leaned against the taller man.

"Thank you, Mukuro. I appreciate it, really."

"I know. Let's get you out of here, this is a favor after all."

Tsuna weakly chuckled, his facing clearing up. "Thanks again."

Mukuro simply grinned in amusement and tilted his head back to stare at the boring metal ceiling. "It's fine, getting to see Reborn like that was worth it. Don't you think so, Tsunayoshi?"


"Well, we're here." Mukuro announced as they pulled up to Tsuna's house, well aware that there was another car stationed in the parking lot. He smirked, spotting lights inside the supposedly empty building and immediately knew what was going on. It was too clear now. Tsuna grinned as he noticed the gears creaking within the blue-haired man's mind and peered out into the lighted windows of his home.

"See you tomorrow."

"Kufufufu, sure thing, Boss. Good luck." Mukuro chuckled gently and unlocked the door with a smirk. It was too funny, he hadn't thought that Tsuna of all people would be able to pull off such a feat.

The brunet tilted his head as he tried to get Mukuro's humor before giving up, he knew better after all, and eventually stepped out the car, heading towards his house. The moment he unlocked it and stepped inside, a hand yanked him deeper. Tsuna let out a little squeak, not expecting such a thing to occur, and shut his eyes for a moment as he was pulled against something soft yet firm. He was held for a minute or two before his body was finally pushed away and slammed against the front door, a loud 'click' clearly heard. Before Tsuna could even think, there were lips being pressed against his own and he just melted into the touch, knowing exactly who it belonged to. The brunet knew that kiss anywhere, that smell, that touch, and opened his eyes slightly to see Fong pressing against him. The Chinese man attacked his mouth viciously, demanding entrance which he received, and heard a soft moan from the younger man below him.

As the kiss broke, Tsuna licked his lips greedily, wanting more. "Fong…"

"Welcome home, Tsuna," The older man leaned in for another kiss and groaned loudly in approval when Tsuna fought back, tongues tangling in an effort of control. "I had planned to make you a romantic dinner tonight, but it seems this incident happened a lot sooner than I expected. Hope you don't mind."

"Of course not. I love you after all," Tsuna let his fingers trail down Fong's side, somewhat tickling the Chinese man, and watched in amusement when he saw his lover shiver. "I didn't expect it would take so long for Reborn to find out though."

"Same, I wonder why though? Reborn is better than that." Fong let his fingers drift down Tsuna's clothed stomach until the end where his fingers slipped underneath to the soft warm flesh, his right hand pulling the shirt up. He felt the brunet shiver at his touch and leaned over once more to kiss along the exposed neck, moving up to the ear lobe and then back down.

"Mukuro, may…or may not have lent a hand in concealing information. He did it of his own free will, but I'm sure it's because he want to fuck with Reborn over for a few things for the past." Unbuttoning Fong's long robe, Tsuna managed to pull it down, pooling it around the man's feet. His fingers sprayed across the toned flesh, wanting to feel any and everything on his fingertips.

"Oh, Tsuna….There are so many things I want to do to you right now," Fong breathed out slowly in an effort to control himself and peered into the honey-colored eyes. "You just bring this side out of me that I thought was nonexistent. I've never desired anyone this much before. I just love you so much."

"Fong, I'd be honored to be yours." Tsuna went for another kiss, grabbing a hold of Fong's long hair to use as leverage to deepen it. His other hand stared working on Fong's pants, trying to get those loose, and managed to undo the belt.

"You make me want to lose control of myself and attack you. I want to devour you and keep you all to myself." Fong bit down on an earlobe, enjoying the small squeak that followed.

"Then…do so."

The older man smirked, pulling himself back to look down at Tsuna's flustered expression, and immediately lifted his lover up into his arms in bridal style. He chuckled in amusement when he heard the brunet yelp at the sudden change of positions, unconsciously clinging to the Chinese man's neck in fear of being dropped. "I plan to. I'm going to make you mine permanently tonight."

Tsuna blushed, burying his face to the crook of his lover's neck but couldn't keep the smile off his face.


"What do you think?"

Mukuro smirked as he saw his boss step out of the elevator, chuckling to himself when he knew something fascinating was about to happen at any second. He recognized that dangerous smirk on his ex-boyfriend's face. He was far too familiar with it and knew the end results would either be interesting or terrifying to him. But considering that he wasn't the target of that grin, he knew it would be the former.

Though what the other was planning, he had no idea. But that's what he liked about Tsuna the best, he always surprised him when he least expected it.

"Hello, Mukuro," Tsuna smiled as he passed by, pausing a little to talk. "Is Reborn still in the building?"

"Nope, he left for lunch a few minutes ago."

"Good." Tsuna continued to walk off, passing by people and ignored each and every one of them until he come to his office. People were staring, wondering why their boss was in such a happy state compared to before, Tsuna's two good friends were also thinking the same thing. The brunet gave another smirk, chuckling evilly, and entered his place, well aware that he had everyone's attention on him. Pulling out an intercom microphone out of his desk, he pressed a button to turn it on.

"Attention all employees of Vongola Corporation, I'd like to announce a little contest that will be held for the next few weeks. The contest is simple. Whoever can embarrass Reborn the most will be rewarded with a two week paid vacation to anywhere you like and a wonderful end-of-year bonus that might consist of 500,000 yen or more, depending on how far you get. Please note that I'm not responsible if anything happens if you were to do so, Vongola Corporation will held liable for any injuries. And damages that are created will be deduced from your pay so please be careful. But please note that if anyone lets Reborn know what is going on, you will be immediately fired and bankrupted as well as blacklisted to all companies related to Vongola or interacts with Vongola. If you wish to not enter, then please continue working like normal. Have a nice day."

With that, Tsuna laughed, putting the device away before carrying on with the work that had stacked up from yesterday.

Outside, Mukuro started laughing almost to the point of collapsing on the floor, not believing what Tsuna had said. Most of the employees in the building didn't either, letting the information begin to settle into their minds.


That reward sounded wonderful though…Mukuro smirked, 'Looks like Vongola corporation is going to be noisy the next few days. Oh well. At least I will have some entertainment.'

And done! Thanks for reading this to the finish.