Chapter v1.2

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"Stan, it's time to get up, you still need to pack for this weekend…Stanley!"

Stan was semi-conscious, still groggy he rolled over and groaned.

"Alright, alright, I'm up. Geez…" He cracked a lid to peer up at his mother who was tapping her foot in the doorway.

Her annoyance disappeared as she spoke, ""Oh, my little boy is going to be 17 this weekend, it was so nice of the Broflovski's to let you boys use the cabin for your party." Stan smiled to himself, I have the most awesome super best friend. After he showed some initiative getting out of bed Sharon returned to the kitchen.

Stan sat up and stretched his stiff joints, enjoying the feeling of them popping. He still had his shaggy, razor straight black hair; he was 6'1 and leanly muscular, he had the perfect athletic build, which made him ideal for the football team. His boyish charm prevailed with age but he was far more defined and mature than his middle-school form.

The Broflovski's offered to let Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Butters have a small birthday party in their cabin in the mountains. At first when Kyle proposed the idea, his parents had been against it, but after some careful negotiation regarding their grades and maturity, they caved. Somehow they had convinced the Stotch's to let Butters go, they were always so protective of him but with Kyle's parents so persuasive, they felt comfortable letting him go.

Stan remembered how pissed Cartman had been when he found out he wasn't invited.

"Um, what the hell do you guys think you're doing nyaw? Why wasn't I invited to your birthday party Stan?" Cartman was livid, his face a scorching disaster from his frustration. Stan just didn't want to have to deal with him over his birthday weekend. Before he could answer Kyle piped in.

"No, fatass, you always make these things about you, and I won't let you ruin Stan's birthday party for your own selfish amusement!" Cartman's nostrils flared.

"YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING JEW RAT! I bet you used your Jew powers to convince Stan into inviting Butters instead of me! THAT'S FINE, I DIDN'T WANT TO GO ANYWAY! FUCK YOU GUYS, I'M GOIN' HOME." Cartman stormed off, probably a little hurt underneath all of his anger, but Stan knew Kyle was right. The lard-ass really did ruin social events by glorifying himself.

Stan chuckled to himself, man was he pissed at them.

"This weekend is going to kick ass," he muttered. Suddenly he heard his phone going off, he had a text message from Kyle.

Kyle 7:16 AM :

Hey dude, you psyched about this weekend?

Stan 7:17 AM:

R u kidding? Of corse i am

Stan could almost hear Kyle grumbling about how lazy he was typing out text messages.

Kyle 7:19 AM:

Sweet, I've got all my things packed, you?

Stan 7:19 AM:

Nt even close, pick me up 11?

Kyle 7:20 AM:

Sure, my parents will drive us up there, ttyl

Stan closed his phone. Kyle was the most awesome super best friend he could have asked for, planning all this just for his birthday. Just the guys, no parents, and Kyle, that's all a guy needed for his birthday. Stan sighed as he got out of bed, where to start…

Stan gathered some necessities and shoved them in his bag, but before he could zip it up something on his desk caught his eye. It was a photo of him and Kyle on Kyle's birthday earlier that year, messing around with a slice of cake. The frosting had been smeared over both of their faces and they had an arm around each others shoulders laughing hysterically.

Stan cracked a smile at that memory; he and Kyle had destroyed that cake. Kyle's parents weren't too happy, but they could hardly care from the fun they were having.

Stan and Kyle had a friendship unlike any other; they were best friends through it all. Even when one of them fucked up, no matter how bad it was, they always forgave each other. It took a special brand of people to put up with each other like that; Stan and Kyle fit the bill.

Stan carefully folded the picture and slid it into his wallet before heading downstairs for breakfast. His dad was at the table reading the newspaper while Sharon was cooking something on the stove. "Stanley, would you like an omelet?"

"Sure, mom,"

"You know Randy, I think maybe you should go with the boys this weekend, I'm just worried something is going to happen." Sharon offered.

"Now Sharon, you remember what it was like to be their age, I wouldn't want to cramp their hip style," Randy said without glancing up from his paper.

"But what if one of them gets hurt and no one is there to help them—"

"Sharon, Sharon, relax, Gerald already told me about all of the safety features they installed in case something does happen. They have first-aid kits, emergency telephones, back-up generator, anything they'd need; I think it will be fine."

Oh thank god…For once Stan was appreciative of his father's irresponsibility.

"Well, alright then. That means no screwing around Stanley. You better not abuse this privilege." Stan reclined in his seat.

"I know mom, we'll be fine." He noticed his mother shake her head but didn't reply. Sharon placed the omelet in front of Stan who wolfed it down in record time before trudging back upstairs to pack some more shit for the weekend. When he heard Mrs. Broflovski's vehicle honk outside he barreled down the stairs, "BYE MOM, BYE DAD, BYE SHELLY!" he hollered while rounding the corner at the bottom of the stairs.

"You be safe! And happy birthday, do you want your present now or later?" His mom asked. Stan stopped before leaving out the door the smile at his mom.

"Later! I've got places to be right now!" and bounded out towards the car with Kyle and his mom.

Stan opened the trunk and threw his bags in and hopped in the backseat.

"Well hello Stanley! Happy birthday!" Sheila greeted.

"Thanks Mrs. Broflovski! And thank you for letting us use your cabin!"

"Oh, well Kyle here really wanted you to have a good time,"

"Happy birthday dude!" Kyle greeted cheerfully from the front seat, he turned to face Stan. A warm, inviting smile framed his fair skin dotted with light freckles across his nose. His wild and frizzy hair was well tamed; it waved and curled from under his green ushanka hat; there was no one else he knew with hair as red as Kyle's, it was the most brilliant shade of natural red he'd ever seen, something he uniquely attributed to his super best friend. He learned with age how to control the frizzy mane that used to be his hair, and now it looked better than ever, really giving Kyle a striking appearance. Paired with his fit and slender frame, he resembled a skinny emo kid, but he proved himself otherwise by joining the football team with Stan and kicking major ass. He was the fastest kid on the team. The kid may not have rhythm but he can sure sprint!

"Thanks dude! You're the best!" Stan exclaimed excitedly. Kyle grinned sheepishly and fist-bumped his best friend.

"Nah, you deserve it man." Kyle shifted his eyes before returning to look ahead.

Shortly, they had reached Butter's house and the light blonde boy stepped into the vehicle. "T-thanks for inviting me to your birthday party Stan." Butters said softly, twiddling his fingers. The boy was a bit shorter and smaller than the rest of his classmates, but it helped him maintain his shy personality. His hair, shorter on the sides while the top was longer and unkempt reflected how he acted, quiet and reserved while occasionally boisterous and outspoken. He wasn't very muscular, but it only added to his endearing appearance.

"No problem Butters, it's good to have you here, much better than the fatass." Stan whispered the last part as to avoid being verbally lashed by Sheila. They all laughed and chatted before reaching Kenny's house. The darker blonde climbed in next to Butters.

"Hey guys!" he said after pulling down the lip of his parka.

"Hey Kenny," The three said in unison.

Kenny was the lady killer. With his sandy blonde hair swept over his forehead, it was easy for him to get his fair share of ass, even if he was dirt poor. He was a respectable height with a fairly muscular body; he was thinner than the others for obvious reason. But the guy, as perverted and carefree as he acted, had a very sensitive under-layer, most likely the result of living without for his entire life.

"Happy birthday Stan-y Stan," Kenny chortled reaching over Butters to punch him in the arm. Stan chuckled.

"Ha! Thanks dude, you're such a fag!" He reached over retaliating with another punch.

"What?" Sheila heard the 'F' word.

"Hey fella's take it easy! My mom says I bruise easily!"

"Boys! I will not tolerate that language or any roughhousing in this car!" Sheila reprimanded.

"Yes M'am," they both responded robotically.

"Sorry, relax Butters we won't hurt you," Kenny said ruffling the other blonde's hair up. The two had gotten pretty close in high school, after Cartman berated them constantly. It gave them something to talk about which ultimately led to their friendship, most likely had they not had Cartman to bitch about at first they wouldn't have become such great friends. Kenny had really grown fond of Butters, you could tell just by the way they interacted that they had bonded over the past couple years.

The ride to the cabin was about 3 hours. They had passed all forms of civilization and were now riding in the boonies of Colorado. Having nothing to stare at but trees the boys wilted from long drive, Kenny even briefly falling asleep with his mouth wide open. As they approached the tell-tale long driveway the boys perked up.

"We're here boys!" Sheila announced with relief.

The boys in the back unbuckled and sat up further to glance ahead.

"See Stan, isn't this place awesome?" Kyle motioned to the house appearing in the distance. Stan's excitement pooled in his belly, this weekend was one the defining moments for him and his age, being allowed to stay in a place with no parents. It was going to be amazing. As Sheila parked the car Stan got a good look at the outside of the cabin. It was covered in tacky junk like old haying equipment and ski's, but it was a decent size overall; plenty of space for four guys to live for the weekend. Fucking sweet, dude.

They unpacked the car and Sheila went over a few rules like no horseplay, blah, blah, blah…

"Ok Bubeleh, you be careful and have fun, I'll be back on Sunday after-noon to pick you boys up."

As the car left their sight the boys all looked at each other with shit-eating grins plastered across their face. This weekend was going to kick ass.

"Hey Stan, you want to see what I got you?" Kenny said rummaging through his ratty old back-pack.

"Sure, but let's get inside to house first." Stan opened the door and began situating himself in the living room; Kenny emerged a moment later and took out an ENORMOUS bottle of Jagermeister.

"Holt shit dude, where did you get that?" Stan shouted, shocked by the sheer size of the bottle. Kenny grinned.

"I stole it from my parents, they were so high they didn't even notice it was missing…" Kenny was being entirely serious but it stung him a bit to say the truth about his parents.

"I find it hard to believe that your parents wouldn't miss something that large from their possessions." Kyle remarked skeptically.

"Well, you obviously don't know my parents, I guess; they're pretty retarded when they're high," Kenny stated.

"Anyway Kenny, Thanks man, I'm sure it will get used up this weekend." Stan said giving Kenny a quick hug.

"Whoa, you mean we're going to get drunk?" Butters asked hesitantly, he'd never been drunk in his life, let alone tried alcohol.

"Well yeah Butters, that's what alcohol is for, I mean you don't have to drink but you know it's a great opportunity, don't have to worry about parents, cops, NOTHING!" Stan said happily, he glanced over at Kyle who was still a bit undecided about the Jager.

"Except for alcohol poisoning," the red-head mentioned bitterly. Stan grimaced.

"Aww c'mon Kyle, lighten up, I won't get alcohol poisoning, none of us will, it's my birthday remember?" Stan gave him one of his sheepish grins.

"Fine! You're right; it is your birthday so we'll do what you want," How could I say no to you anyway? God damnit.

Stan exploded on the outside.

"YEAH! Thanks dude, you really are my super best friend!" Stan said grabbing his best friend and embracing him tightly.

Kyle felt his heart race slightly. It was times like this when he truly knew how he felt about his black hair friend. For a while he'd been struggling with thoughts about Stan, and he relished any moment he could have like this. He smells SO freaking good.

"Jesus you two, get room why don't you!" Kenny teased as he made kissing noises.

"Fuck you Kenny! Let's race for the best room," Kyle taunted. All of them except for Butters ran like mad men through the house, Kyle dragging Stan behind him with previous knowledge of the cabin. The redhead made it first to the master bedroom and threw Stan and his luggage on the bed.

"WE MADE IT HERE FIRST WE TAKE THIS ONE!" Kyle yelled laughing.

Kenny toppled over a chair and lay there in defeat, "There's only one more bedroom Kenny, and you and Butters get to take it." Butters came in to the room with his stuff.

"W-where are we sleeping Kenny?" he stammered. Kenny groaned.

"Ha, I'll show you guys" Kyle offered and led them to the other end of the house. Stan looked around the master bedroom, it was large and cozy, Damn! It even has a hot tub! I'm definitely getting in there at some point.

He and Kyle had always shared a bed, even when they were younger, it didn't matter. It still hasn't changed in the least, sometimes Stan is even ballsy enough to sleep in his boxer shorts. He trusted his super best friend, with anything! It didn't matter to him how old they were, they were still closer than two peas in a pod.

"So birthday boy, what did you want to do first?" Kyle said poking his head back in the bedroom; his expression giddy and anxious. Stan smiled back at him, his mood was infectious.

"I think a good old fashioned game of man-hunt is in order!" he said bouncing through the doorframe, "Hey guys! Meet us outside for man-hunt! Quick or you're it!" Stan grabbed Kyle by the wrist and proceeded outdoors. Kyle couldn't help the small blush flooding his cheeks.

Kenny and Butters finally followed. " I-I've never played man-hunt before, it sounds dangerous…" Butters said twiddling his thumbs.

Stan started to explain the game, "Alright, man-hunt is like tag and hide and seek put together, there is a seeker and there are the hiders, except the hiders are allowed to move around. When the seeker tags someone they are sent to the jail, which generally the seeker protects when there is someone in there, because if one of their teammates tags the person in jail then they are free again. Understand Butters?" Butters nodded slowly. "Now, I nominate Kenny to be the seeker, since it's my birthday." Stan proclaimed, Kenny just sighed.

"Alright dude, if you insist. I'm going to count to 30, by then you all should be scattered, remember you can't go too far…1…2…3…"

All of them took off into the brush and woods; this was going to be an interesting game.

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