Chapter 12

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Stan awoke drenched in sweat. He placed a hand over his damp forehead and glanced over at the bright red numerals which read: 5:45 AM. He remembered what had transpired the evening prior and smirked to himself. Feeling the weight of another person on the bed he turned his head and saw Kyle's wild red hair peeking from underneath the covers. He felt oddly refreshed, which was probably due to sleeping all day yesterday. He could still feel a weight in his lungs and if he breathed deeply he could feel the crackle of phlegm in his chest.

Stan reached over and fingered one of Kyle's curls twirling it around his finger. A warm smile painted its way across his face. There was absolutely nothing about Kyle he didn't like. His red-head began to stir.

"Stan? How are you feeling?" he asked softly, eyes peeling open to reveal his shining emerald eyes.

"Oh you know, just peachy." Stan remarked with a hint of sarcasm. Kyle's hand flew out from under the covers and drove Stan's head back into the pillow smothering him slightly.

"Then you should still be resting!" he groaned a bit louder. "You realize what time it is? I'm not too sure I want to even be awake yet!" Stan struggled under Kyle's hand until his arm slackened and chose to grab a hold of his body to pull him closer. Kyle spooned against Stan's back; he decided he liked being the big spoon. He nuzzled the back of Stan's neck and placed a kiss there before trying to go back to sleep.

"Sooo…Whatcha thinking about?"

Kyle's brows furrowed, this wasn't happening.

"Sleep." He replied curtly shutting his eyes as tight as they would close. This didn't seem to faze Stan in the least.

"You know, I'd be willing to guess that people held bets on whether or not we'd end up together. I mean, Cartman was ruthless with the gay jokes towards us, so who else could have thought the same thing?" Kyle felt his frustration boil, all he wanted to do was sleep. But when he didn't answer Stan just continued. "I wonder what my parents will think. I mean they're pretty tolerant, but I think my Dad's always been worried I'd turn out gay, considering he used comment on how I shouldn't hang out with just you all the time because people might start getting idea's." Kyle decided to roll over, hoping this would deter the black-haired teen from anymore discussion. It didn't.

"How are we supposed to act after we get out of here? Do we just, go to school and start holding hands, or do you want to be discreet or what?" Kyle took a deep breath and sighed heavily before answering him.

"Why don't we just say: 'Fuck them all,' and act how we want to act. We aren't different than any other couple, we just happen to be guys. That's all." Stan seemed to contemplate this and then started tapping his fingers.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I don't know why I'm so preoccupied with everyone else's point of view; I'm strangely awake, are you?" Kyle growled before turning to face his persistent blabber-mouth.

"Look asshole, if you want to keep me awake then at least have the decency to make me a cup of coffee." Stan grinned ear to ear. Ugh, he's way too fucking peppy right now, Kyle thought. He placed a rough kiss against his lips before throwing the blanket off them both. As soon as Stan sat up though, he felt all the crap in his lungs come loose and he was sent into a fit of coughing before being able to stand. Kyle rubbed his back and waited for his wheezing to cease before handing him a pair of pants to put on.

"Don't push yourself too hard. I swear to god if we have another episode of last night I might have to confine you to the bed with restraints."

"Don't threaten me with a good time." Stan said wiping his chin and waggling his eye brows. Kyle rolled his eyes and gave him a good shove in the shoulder before leaving to sit down at the kitchen table. He rubbed his eyes hoping that it would help him wake up. It didn't.

Kyle was thankful that nothing had come of the illness Stan caught; the mother-hen in him took a deep breath of relief. It could have been much worse. He had come to terms with the fact the he would most likely end up sick as well.

As he glanced over to the window pane he saw something that was reassuring; there wasn't a howl of wind or flurry of snow, but it was calm. The darkness still ruled over most of the sky, it didn't get bright out until maybe 7AM. But it was a sign nonetheless. His mother would inevitably be on top of the opportunity, regardless of how much…"fun" she was having. Kyle shuddered at the thought.

Stain traipsed into the room and stood next to Kyle. The red-head lethargically propped his head up against his boyfriends' abdomen. It was so warm and soft, but indescribably firm. He drew his arms up and around his middle and squeezed Stan closer to him.

Stan smiled warmly down at him, tangling his fingers through his wild red mane; he massaged his fingertips to Kyle's scalp feeling him literally purr into his stomach.

"Are you going to let me get you some coffee or are you trapping me here?"

Kyle nuzzled his abs one more time before letting him prepare a cup of caffeinated goodness.

Kyle watched him make the coffee, like he was caught in a trance. Something definitely felt different about Stan's attitude, and maybe it was just him. I don't know… His eyes wandered up and down his legs, studying how his muscles contracted when he shifted his weight from leg to leg. For some reason this was extremely erotic, which puzzled him. His brain wasn't even fully awake yet he was already having lewd thoughts. What have you turned me into, Stan? He closed his eyes for a moment and reclined trying to think of anything else. It was too early to be this excited.

The sudden strong scent of coffee invaded his nose and he opened his eyes to a fresh cup, sitting in front of him. "Thanks Stan," Kyle said urging him to take the seat next to him. Stan scooted closer, propped his head up on his arm.

"God, I feel so much better today it's unbelievable. I mean, I can still feel all that shit in my lungs, but still, I'm not exhausted, or nauseas, or anything! Maybe orgasms have healing powers…" Stan offered sensually walking his fingers across the table. Kyle could only give him a tired are-you-fucking-kidding-me stare.

"Are you serious? Because I'm not sure how much more pounding my ass can take before you cripple me entirely." Stan blushed a bit but started tracing circles on Kyle's hand.

"Well, um…Actually I was thinking that maybe we could…fulfill your fantasy."

"Which fantasy?" Kyle said taking a sip of coffee, intrigued by his boyfriend's offer.

"The shower one. And because it's your fantasy, I figured you'd want to…you know…take charge." Kyle's train of thought stopped moving dead in its tracks. Like his brain had literally blocked all incoming traffic in order to comprehend what Stan had just suggested.

"R-really?" was all the red-head could muster up. His face felt like it was on fire. This wasn't what he was expecting at all from this conversation.

"Yeah, I'd been thinking about it. I think I'd really like to try it. That is, if you're on board." Kyle's heart was pounding. All sorts of visions ran through his head, of Stan's face in the moment, his lips whispering his name. Holy fuck.

"Uh, can I say 'Fuck yes'?" Stan's face peeled into a devious grin. He sat up out of his chair and threw a leg over Kyle's lap straddling him. Stan grabbed his face and began assaulting his lips. Kyle hands were out in the open, unsure of what to do next. His mind was reeling and all he could think about was what his dick could understand; which wasn't very helpful. It felt different, being the one in control. Kyle finally regained control of his hands and placed them firmly on Stan's hips brushing them forward to rub their pulsating arousals.

Kyle could definitely get used to this.

There was a certain level of gratification in having dominance over the assuming dominant partner. And it turned Kyle on, feeling Stan work him this way. Using one of his hands he pushed over the still full coffee cup and planted the black haired boy backwards onto the table. He let his hands roam over his warm body, tickling him slightly along his ribs; Kyle just pressed his mouth harder onto Stan's to prevent him from wriggling out of his clutches.

"What the fuck have you turned me into Stan? I feel like a fucking sex fiend with you around." Kyle growled into his lover's mouth. Stan squeezed the red-head's perfect ass before responding.

"It's not my fault that I set your loins aflame," Kyle handled him roughly in return to his sarcastic remark.

It felt so fucking good being able to touch Stan like this. Is this what he felt when he touched Kyle? If so, then the ginger boy definitely could see where he was coming from. "Oh, you poet, you." Kyle chuckled, "You know all the right things to say."

"I've known you like, for-fucking-ever. I should know what to say to you." Stan choked out between the smacking sounds of their lips. No one knew Kyle like Stan did. Not one person in their whole school understood the ginger like he did. Maybe he was the reason he never had a girlfriend, fuck if he cared right now anyway.

Kyle eventually realized that they were making more noise than they should be and lead them both back into the master bedroom. Kyle regretfully abandoned Stan on the bed to hastily turn on the shower, gauging the correct temperature.

The raven haired teen slinked up behind the red-head and playfully wrapped his arms around his waist. Then without warning he pulled off what Kyle had left on his lower half exposing his very blatant erection. Kyle whipped around and pinned Stan to the wall with the surprising strength he possessed. The guy may not seem it, but everyone knew that you didn't want to take a punch from Kyle Broflovski. The slimmer teen let their breath mingle before removing Stan's lower apparel as well, leaving them both exposed.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you're enjoying this."

"Really, Captain Obvious. You don't say?" Kyle thrust his body flush to Stan's making him moan out incoherent syllables. Their bodies became an entangled mesh of limbs fumbling into the warm spray of water. The steam was fogging the air and Kyle couldn't tell if it was them or the water creating it.

There was something absolutely thrilling about being powerless, letting someone else take the lead. He'd never considered it before, but ever since he and Kyle had become a thing, he was curious. When he did this to his red-head, he looked as though he enjoyed it and all-be-damned if he wasn't a little desirous. Not to say that Stan wasn't having his own pleasure, but the way his face contorted when he hit the right angle or when he took control and Kyle played along, he wanted to know what that felt like; and so far, it was breathtaking.

Kyle definitely had it in him, Stan loved his rougher side. They way his temper flared, or that bad attitude that comes out around Cartman, it all pointed to this authoritative man-handler that was controlling him right now.

Kyle broke away from Stan's swollen lips to glance around the shower. "Will conditioner work?" he asked lightly. Stan merely nodded.

"It'll have to do, won't it?" he said with a smirk on his face. Without another word, Kyle grabbed the bottle and squeezed a liberal amount onto his palm which he worked through his fingers before they disappeared behind Stan. They circled his entrance with a bold amount of confidence, before slipping the first digit in. Stan's breath hitched from the sudden intrusion, he grabbed whatever part of Kyle he could digging his fingertips dangerously into his flesh.

Stan had done this to him long enough to learn by example. He decided to put all embarrassment aside to focus on what he was doing, to make it as easy as possible. Because he won't lie, it fucking hurt like a bitch the first time because both of them didn't really know what they were doing, and if this would make it easier, then hell with it! He'd do anything to make Stan feel comfortable.

But the first Kyle noticed was how unbelievably tight this entrance was. He didn't know whether or not if it was the anxiety or the actuality causing this response. He pushed his forehead against the shower wall as Stan found comfort in the crook of his neck.

"You alright?" He asked hoarsely. Stan nodded into his collarbone.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just keep going." Kyle continued to use his finger to gently slide in and out trying to ease the tight ring of muscle into submission. He tried another finger and slipped it along side his index. The black haired teen hissed at the new sensation and his nails began to embed themselves into Kyle's back just as he had done to Stan.

The water was spraying over them both keeping their bodies warm as cool air rushed in the replace the hot. There was something about the cool ceramic shower wall and the gentle thrum of water that really made it place Kyle enjoyed to experiment in. Perhaps that's why he always fantasized about getting laid in one. But right now, the fantasy he'd dreamed up had absolutely nothing on the real thing.

Kyle made a scissor-like motion to stretch the muscle as much as he could; and when he felt like there was less tension, he grabbed the conditioner again and squeezed another generous amount onto his dick. As he rubbed it in, he pressed sensual kisses along Stan's exposed shoulder and nape.

"I love you, Stan" he breathed heavily into his damp hair.

"Love you too, Kyle." He heard him whisper, it made Kyle's stomach do flips. Kyle assessed the situation and ended up turning Stan towards the shower wall with his ass sticking out slightly. Making sure his footing was stable he leaned forward and positioned himself at Stan's entrance. This was it. He used his weight to propel him forward, sliding the head of his cock past the tight ring of muscle.

"Ah, shit!" Stan grunted cheek pressed harshly into the wall. The red-head thought the breath had just been knocked out of him. The sensation was so intense it literally took his breath away. Placing the palm of his hand on the small of Stan's back and the other attached to his hip; he waited for the sensation to dull a moment before daring to push further. The rest of his cock slid into Stan much easier than he thought, although he was still so fucking tight. Stan had gasped and was holding his breath, unsure how to deal with the undying fullness he felt searing through him.

"Just breathe and relax," Kyle croaked out, using his hands to rub the tense muscles of Stan's back. Stan took a deep inhale; it was definitely different on the receiving end of things. But he didn't hate it, he didn't love it either, hell, it actually hurt a bit. Kyle ground his hips into his buttocks before pulling out a little and then pushing back in.

Kyle couldn't believe how incredible it felt feeling his lover's walls clenching his cock, and it was so hot. The temperature difference was astounding, but it only increased Kyle's growing pleasure. When he pulled out this time, he came out nearly all the way; then a spasm wracked his body and he unexpectedly thrust deeply into Stan.

"Oh, God…" the black haired boy ground out. He definitely hit something; it must have been his prostate, like Kenny said. Kyle couldn't help but feed off Stan's sexy noises, he started to thrust rhythmically causing a pressure to coil tightly in his gut. Kyle shortened the depth of his movements to press his torso to Stan's back, melding them together against the shower wall. He laced his fingers over the top of Stan's hand, tangling their digits together frantically.

As Kyle approached his orgasm he knew that he wanted to face his boyfriend. Watch his face as he came. Without warning, Kyle flipped Stan around to face him and grabbed his ass cheeks, lifting him of his feet. He began to pound into his black haired teen watching his face flush and contort into erotic expressions.

Stan began to work his own cock, since Kyle's hands were a bit pre-occupied holding him up at the moment; stroking himself to each thrust.

Kyle took a few more thrusts before he couldn't stop the orgasm that spilled into Stan.

"Holy, fuck." He moaned as he bucked shallowly a few more times before Stan climaxed over the both of them. Kyle's shaking arms allowed Stan to gain his footing, but his legs were a bit shaky as well. Kyle pressed their wet and sticky bodies together before looking into his blue eyes. "So, how was that?" Stan gave a tired smirk before coughing a bit.

"It wasn't bad; I think I rather enjoyed myself."

Kyle let out a great big laugh until he collapsed on the shower floor from exhaustion. It was hard work holding Stan up while still performing.

"You know, we could get some use out of that hot tub…" The black haired boy suggested. Kyle gave him a wicked grin.


Kenny awoke to sounds of laughter. Something that wasn't particularly unpleasant, but it was only like 8 or so? He didn't know, he was too lazy to look at the clock, but he was curious about what was so funny. He looked over to his side and looked at Butters, who was sleeping like a rock. Kenny couldn't blame him; they had fucked for a long time last night. Poor guy could probably sleep through a hurricane.

Another round of laughter.

Kenny slunk out of bed and went in search of the other two boys. He could hear faint talking coming from the master bedroom, they must be awake. He noticed the door was slightly ajar and took this chance to peek through the crack. He honestly couldn't help but smile at what he saw, no matter how private the moment was supposed to be.

Stan sat in the hot tub, back against the side with Kyle in his lap. There were bubbles literally everywhere, all over the floor, the wall, on their faces. Stan had a bubble beard which Kyle was adding to but he couldn't help the giddy grin play across his lips. Stan was laughing too, probably because he'd given Kyle bubble sideburns and a bubble Elvis hairdo. The two looked so happy together, like nothing had ever made them this happy. It was refreshing; because Kenny had grown up with watching an abusive and dysfunctional relationship. They looked closer than a couple that had been together for 60 years; Kenny silently wondered what they would be like after 60 years.

Kyle closed the distance between them, pressing his back into Stan's chest and holding the hand that wasn't already wrapped around him, intertwining their fingers in the most intimate way Kenny had ever witnessed.

It was then that Kenny had to move back silently, he couldn't risk ruining such a perfect moment between the two. He could be a dick, but he wasn't that mean. He made his way as quietly as possible back to his room and lay back down with Butters, holding him closer than ever.

As soon as the two finished in the tub they got up and dressed.

"At least they're just bubbles; they'll go away on their own." Stan remarked pulling on his shirt. Kyle stomped on a few that were on the carpet still and they disappeared under his step.

"Yeah, it was kind of funny though huh?" the red-head chuckled. They had used way too much bubble bath and when they put the jets on the bubbles went rogue and exploded everywhere.

"Yeah, it was." Stan said ruffling Kyle's drying hair. Stan glanced out the window again and saw the sun shining brightly. "Well, I'll-be-damned. It's freaking sunny outside." Stan mused. Kyle glanced over his shoulder at the improved weather. It saddened him to see the week almost at an end for them, it was filled so many brand new experiences, and he had so much fun. What would it be like once they got home?

The boys lounged around the kitchen until the two blondes awoke from their comatose sleep.

"G'morning, fella's!" Butters greeted cheerily. They all sat around the table and reminisced about the week spent there at the cabin. They also spoke about what the protocol was for their newfound relationships when they got home. Butters decided he wouldn't tell his parents just yet, it wasn't something that they could handle right now.

Stan and Kyle weren't sure how to tell their parents. Should they just come out with it? They figured they would wait for the right time to bring it up, but until then they would be discreet.

Then Kyle heard something.

"Is that…a Helicopter?" he asked getting out of his seat to investigate. All four of the boys got up to look out the window and what they saw coming up the road was nothing short of ridiculous.

There were two state plow trucks, a helicopter circling the house, and two National Guard vehicles trudging through the hard and thick snow in the driveway.

"Oh Jesus Christ." Kyle said rubbing his temples. He knew his mother would get the guard mixed up in this somehow. She always felt the need to "send in the troops" so to speak. They all made their way to the door and put on their shoes. Kyle absentmindedly grabbed Stan's hand before walking out on the porch to see his mother hop out of one of the National Guard vehicles.

"Oh my little Bubbeluh! You're safe and sound and…" she glanced down, "why are you holding hands?"

The two boys' hearts stopped beating in their chests; didn't they say they wanted to be discreet?

Well, shit.

They squeezed each other's hands for support, before trying to give Sheila the PG version of the past week.

It was the end of a crazy birthday week full of sex and alcohol, hurt and comfort, fun and games. But it was only the beginning of all the experiences they had to look forward to.


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