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Summary: What if Ichigo suddenly becomes cold, stoic and expressionless, after she returned from her 2 years of studies in France? What happened to her during the week before she left Paris to return to Japan? And what if the Sweets Princes don't separate and wonder why she didn't come back a week after them but 3 weeks? What will they think?

"Ichigo, you'll return in Japan, tomorrow, right?" a handsome blond man with blue (he's obviously French), names Henri Lucas asked, smiling at his now best student he ever had, a beautiful yet stoic girl with long shiny brown wavy hair and mesmerizing matching eyes yet lifeless, named Amano Ichigo replied with a cold voice "Yes, Henri-sensei."

With that, Ichigo left Henri-sensei's office. She bowed to Sully-san, her teacher's secretary, a beautiful blond woman with blue eyes, and Ichigo made her way to the Main Campus of Ste Marie Gakuen.

On the other hand, Sully entered her boss office and said "Sir, there are a few documents you need to check." The blond man didn't notice her and sighed, he said to himself "How can someone do this to such innocent girl like Ichigo? She didn't deserve this…" His secretary faked a cough and said "Sir, it's about Ichigo-san, right?" He just nodded, she continued "You can't be depressed Sir, do something so she can regain confidence in herself. She is a wonderful girl and I'm sure she will be the cheerful girl we all once knew." Henri looked at her and said with a small smile "Yeah, you're right, I should help her instead!"

Meanwhile, Ichigo regained the Academy and the girls' dormitory. She arrived to her dorm. She took out her key off her purse and entered her room. It was empty by now, there were only boxes, and since she would go back to Japan, she packed all her stuff and all there was left was what she would wear for the next day.

It was nighttime so she took a bath and changed in her pajamas which consisted of a black tank top and some black short shorts. She laid down her bed and started to think of what happen two weeks before. She drifted off to sleep after about an hour. She had a dream or more a nightmare of what she was thinking of. She was sweating and was moving in her bed until…


'Stupid alarm' she thought. She got up and had a quick shower, dressed up and looked at her clock. 7:34 she had her flight at 9:00, she took her luggage and left the school to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport. Her teacher, Henri-sensei accompanied her and bade her good-bye. She just nodded and left.

She arrived the next day at Narita Airport. She took a cab to Ste Marie Gakuen, Japan's branch. She arrived and saw no one; she thought "Makes sense, I didn't tell anyone I would come back today." She made her way to the girls' dormitory and saw the dorm mistress. The said woman looked at her and wondered who the beautiful girl in front of her was. She asked with a smile "May I help you?" Ichigo replied emotionlessly "Good morning, I'm Amano Ichigo, I came here to take my key to my dorm room." The dorm mistress' eyes widened and said "Amano-san? Long time no see. Yeah, your key, you have your own room now and to Henri-sensei request, it's bigger than Tennouji-san's former room. Anyway, come with me I'll show you the way." Ichigo just looked at her expressionless and nodded. The old woman wondered why the cheerful and always smiling Amano-san she knew was acting like that.

After she took a look at her new room and settled her things. She looked at her watch and saw it was the second period. Her class had cooking class now. So, she went towards the high school kitchen.

Meanwhile, her class with the Sweets Princes was indeed in the high school kitchen baking a cake with strawberries in. Ameya-sensei, a woman with brown hair which is tied in a low ponytail and glasses was taking notes of the different groups, she took a look at the A group which consisted of the Sweets Princes and Amano Ichigo who didn't arrived yet. The three boys were all wearing frowns but were doing their task perfectly. (What would you expect of the Sweets Princes?) The woman just sighed, those three had this face since the only girl of their group didn't come back the day she was supposed to come back home.

The students were all baking and the three popular lads sighed and talked to each other "When do you think she will come back?" Andou Sennosuke, a boy with long navy blue hair tied in a low ponytail and matching eyes, he was wearing glasses, it didn't make him nerdy, but on the contrary, it made him cool. A shoulder length green-haired boy with matching green eyes, named Hanabusa Satsuki sighed again and said "I don't reall-"he was cut-off by a little scream it was coming from one of those sweets spirits who had for partners students of the school. (I won't describe the spirits, it's too tiring.) The third boy, a dirty blond with chocolate eyes, named Kashino Makoto looked pissed off and had a broken egg in his hand. The other two sighed again and said in unison "How many eggs have you broken?" Kashino looked at his hand, then at his spirits Chocola who was pissed because she was the one who received the broken egg. "Oh, 5 with this one."

At this moment, someone opened the door and entered. All eyes were on this someone.

Kashino's POV

As we were talking with Andou and Hanabusa, the door burst open and a beautiful brunette entered, I didn't recognize her she was wearing shades. She wore a simple tee-shirt; it was sliding her left shoulder making it off-shoulder for the left one, it hugged her perfectly letting her perfect curves show. She wore black skinny jeans which were hugging her long legs and 4 inches high heels Richelieu shoes. How do I know that? I have a sister. Well, whatever, she looked at us, I noticed she had a stoic face. She reminded me of Amano, but she was a cheerful girl that Amano, so she couldn't be her. I looked at my friends/teammates, they too look puzzled. I looked around us and saw the girls admiring the beauty and the boys having hearts in their eyes. Ameya-sensei was a bit confused too. She then faked a cough and regained her composure. She then said "Excuse-me, but can you tell me who you are and what are you doing here?" The brunette turned to her and said taking off her shades "I'm sorry, Sensei, I thought you recognized me." Her voice was like an angel's yet cold. When she took her shades and moved her hips length wavy hair I recognized her immediately.

Normal POV

All the students' eyes widened, the beauty had mesmerizing brown eyes which made her more pretty. She had an angelic face though it was stoic. The boys blushed and had hearts in their eyes whereas the girls were staring at her in envy. Although, three boys had their eyes wide open for another reason, of course they recognized their friend/teammate/love, obviously named Amano Ichigo. What shocked them was to see her with a stoic and expressionless face and a cold voice. Her beauty didn't reall shocked them, they spent 2 whole years with her and indeed noticed her growing up which made their love for her grow as well.

Questions were heard all over the kitchen. Ameya-sensei who couldn't figure out who was the mysterious beauty said in stern and serious voice "Silence, class!" she then continued in calm tone "I'm sorry, miss but I can't seem to remember who you are." Ichigo just sighed and her spirit, Vanilla too, she went out of her hiding place. As the Sweets Princes saw the spirit, they were sure it was Ichigo, and then their spirits, Chocola, Caramel and Café went out of their hiding place too.

Kashino, Andou and Hanabusa then shouted "Amano/Amano-san/Ichigo-chan!" She looked at them and just said "Hn." The class was shocked but sweat-dropped at her replied including the teacher. Ichigo closed her eyes, opened them, faced her classmates and said in a cold voice. "Amano Ichigo, 17. Long time no see." All of her classmates were surprised by her tone but rushed to her and asked her a lot of questions apart of the Sweets Princes. Ameya-sensei once again raised her voice to make them shut up. She then said to Ichigo with a smile "Glad to have you back Amano-san." Ichigo just nodded. Kashino asked his friends whispering "What happened to her after we left?" They just shook their heads.