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Hey, that's my job! (Possible 2nd chapter of Oh Wifey!)

Hours later, I closed the front door as the last of the guests who saw us home from the reception left our private apartment. The large living room was littered with wedding presents, some big, some small – all beautifully wrapped and no doubt expensive.

"Alone at last." I felt the whisper against my ear as Yamato came up to stand behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me flush against him. Oh god. What was he doing?

The whole day, he behaved far better than I expected – instead of the lascivious smirks, he kept his expressions calm and serene, like a bride ought to be whenever we were in company. Sure, he initiated more physical contact than strictly necessary. But they were socially acceptable atleast – asking to hold my arm when we crossed a bridge or pressing closely against me in demure happiness when someone toasted our marriage. Don't be fooled though, I warned myself silently, remembering how he acted the last time we were private – the first time we officially met, no less. I hadn't talked to him more than a minute before I found myself in his arms, sandwiched between a tree and his hard body.

Now it was wedding night and I didn't have the protection of watchful family members anymore. And it was his right to do whatever he wanted to me. Rather, it's your right to do whatever you want to him, I corrected myself.

"I've killing myself the whole day," he groaned. "Forced to behave, forced not to touch you, not even to look at you the wrong way – the only thing that kept me from going mad was thinking of tonight." His lips were kissing a spot under my ears and then I was suddenly turned around to face him.

"Do you know how beautiful you are?" He croaked. The room was softly lit anyway but I wished it was darker still – the possessive, hungry look in his eyes made me feel entirely too vulnerable and I lowered my face shyly, uncaring at the moment that it was suspiciously like what a new bride did when her groom looked at her.

Get a hold of youself! I decided to lighten the mood, saying playfully, "Hey now! I'm supposed to be saying those things to you." I tried to keep my voice steady and above a whisper but the entire situation was so unnerving that I couldn't help being uncomfortably warm.

"Yes, I suppose you are." I could hear the smile in his voice. He didn't wait for my reply.

"Aaah!" I couldn't help the surprised cry as I was swept up in his arms. By reflex, mine went around his neck and I turned my shocked face up to his. "Wha… What are you doing?" I asked, growing increasingly more uncomfortable as he started to make his way towards our new bedroom.

"It's tradition for a groom to carry his new bride across the threshold when they enter their new home together. We didn't get to do things right because there were too many people around when we entered the house but we can atleast do it properly going into the bedroom."

My eyes widened at his comment. Threshold… carry… new bride…

"Wait what? Then I should be the one carrying you!" I struggled in his arms, trying to get him to put me down. It was one thing to make me blush and drop my gaze from his when he looked at me – it was something else entirely to call me the bride when the priest had declared him as mine not hours ago. A man has some pride! I struggled harder.

I guess I was getting to be handful because the next thing I knew, he was kissing me. It started out gently enough, his lips pressing against mine – then it started to become more and more insistent, his tongue against the seam of my lips, asking for entrance and then simply demanding it when I was slow to respond. I barely open my mouth before his tongue forced its way inside, playing with mine and reaching everywhere. All too soon, I felt my body being torn away from the comforting warmth of his arms and lowered onto the bed.

"Noo… don't go…," I couldn't help the protest leaving my throat as my arms tightened around his neck, willing him to stay. He smirked against my lips, but obliged, laying down on top of me to cover my body with his solid frame, pressing my body into deeper into the mattress below with his weight.

We stayed in that position, just kissing. I heard a sexy groan leave his throat and I smiled, knowing it was me who had brought that sound out.

Actually, kissing seemed like too mild a term for what he was doing. I shivered in his arms as I thought of the way his tongue lazily flicking its way in and out of my mouth – at that moment, I shamefully wished it was something else he was pumping into me in that slow, steady rhythm.

Ready for what? I thought apprehensively. He can't mean that we are… that he was going to… that he wants me to… I blushed violently.

"Can I enter you?" His voice had a teasing quality to it but oddly, I didn't mind. He teasingly brushed his member against my entrance, applying just a little pressure so just the slightest tip of his head pressed against my tight ring without entering. I shuddered, remembering the feeling of his fingers inside me just a few minutes before – it had been incredible and I wondered what it would feel like if something larger brushed against that spot inside me. So I turned my red face away, and nodded.

"No. Don't look away." He brought a hand up to my chin and forced me look at him again. "I want to see your eyes as I claim you." I blushed deeply but obeyed, keeping my eyes locked on his as he pushed inside.

A new kind of "Wife"

I thought I would be a lot more embarrassed in the daylight hours. But morning had come and Yamato was once again making love to me and the overwhelming pleasure was the pretty much the only thing I could focus on.

"Nnngghh….," The blood rushed to my cheeks as I realized how much noise I was making.

I could feel the heat in my face intensify as I pictured our circumstances. I was in his lap and he was moving inside me, drawing those involuntary, embarrassing sounds from my throat. Worst of all, the bastard seemed to enjoy them and he was doing his best to hear more. His hands urged my thighs further apart as he thrust up violently into me, penetrating even deeper.

"AHhhnnn…." Oh gods… so fu..fulll… he's so big… I let out a long, low moan and clutched his head to my chest. His lips immediately found one of my nipples and started suckling. My black sleeping kimono had fallen off my shoulders long ago and was now bunched at my elbows. The lower half of the silky material flapped uselessly around my exposed legs; I wrapped them tightly around his naked hips as he surged up into me again.

"Taichi...," I heard the insistent knocking at the door but didn't bother to pay attention, completely carried away by the things Yamato was doing to my body.

"huhhuuhuu ... mmmghhh!…." I felt his smirk against my skin as another moan escaped me. He's laughing at me, that bastard. But right now I couldn't care less. All that mattered was the erotic rhythm in which he joined our bodies, claiming me. I know he is supposed to be my wife. I am the man in this relationship after all. But what he was doing felt so good that I wouldn't have stopped him even if I could.

Suddenly, someone was barging in through the doors. I turned around in Matt's arms, shocked and baffled to hear my mother in the living room and approaching our bedroom. We had left the bedroom door open last night so I could hear her lecture loud and clear as her short, fast footsteps made their into our bedroom.

"Now see here Tai…," she was saying, "You probably tired Yamato out last night – you were so loud, your father and I could hear it in our bedroom all the way in the opposite wing. You've got to give him a … break." The stern look of motherly concern melted away into complete shock as she saw our positions.

"Oh dear… now that is unexpected..." Yamato was dressed in pajama bottoms and I still had my silk black kimono on but there could be no doubt about what he was doing to me.

"Mom! Please!" I yelled and blushed bright red. She quickly stepped out of the room, pulling the door shut behind her.

"Ehmm – breakfast is ready. Come down soon…"

And anyway, ridiculous bridal get-up aside, Yamato really was beautiful, although in a masculine way. His chiseled features looked like they had been curved out of marble. His striking blue eyes were as deep as the ocean. And though I had never seen his body, I remembered how hard it had felt against me when he had trapped me in his arms on our first meeting. I was ashamed to admit it but the feeling of those hard muscles pressing against me forcefully had awoken a desire to surrender in me.

I panted when he suddenly lifted his head away from me and then smiled down at me.

"Look where we are, Taichi."

I looked. He was right outside the doorway, about to enter.

"Once I carry you in, you're mine," he declared so simply that I forgot to argue that it would be the other way around since I was husband. He kept his eyes locked on mine as he stepped inside the bedroom, the look in his eyes was possessive and filled with wonder at the same time. As if he couldn't believe we were here. I felt my eyes flutter shut as his mouth once again covered mine.