I have a bunch of half-thought out chapters/plot-ideas that I want to save online. I worked on these things VERY sporadically. They're NOT complete. They're NOT what would be finally presented. BUT if you reaaaally love Matt X Tai - READ ON!

"I don't know Tai – there are a lot of variables in there…," Sora had a slightly unconvinced look in her amber eyes but we've been friends for years now so I knew it was a matter of time before I worked her down.

"Oh come on!" I wheedled, trying to persuade her. "It's fool-proof – it'd be waaay waaay easy to get him - I've been driving the guy around everywhere for the last 2 weeks. He trusts me now!"

"Ok – so he'll get in a car with you," Sora conceded that point. "But where are you going to take him once you get him?"

"Urmm… my place?" I asked uncertainly. I hadn't thought that part of my plan out properly but that's what Sora was for. She was good at thinking about those pesky details ahead of time.

"No good," she shook her head again. "That's probably the first place they'd look."

"Well, I don't have any other places…," I sighed.

She looked like she was turning the thought over in her head for a few minutes. "Remember that old cottage my grandparents have out by the sea – we went there when we were 20 with a couple of the others…," she said, trying to jog my memory.

"Oh yeah! It was a couple of hours out from civilization!" I grinned wide – this was great! The place was perfect! It was the middle of winter and no one was going to go that far up the mountain. It was definitely isolated enough – and it was right on the lake and near some hot-springs.

"It's great! I'll just take him up there and you wait for the ransom to roll in – just watch. In one week, we'll be rolling in the money!" I smiled widely, convincingly and even Sora gave me a small smile, although she was not entirely convinced.

That's right. My best friend & I were currently hatching up a kidnapping plan. And we weren't going to kidnap just anyone – oh no. We were after one Yamato Ishida, 28 year old movie-star extraordinaire and our ticket out of the ghetto.

It all started when I landed a job as a chauffeur with the New York Minute Agency. The agency worked mostly with A-list celebrities and other disgustingly rich clientele. Now, I was pretty excited to have a job that didn't need be to working construction in the middle of the blistering summer or freezing my ass off doing road-work in the winter. But it led to the unenviable position of having to sit hours and hours in my car bored out of my mind and twiddling my thumbs in the car. And as they say, an idle mind is the devil's workshop.

Now this plan wouldn't have worked with any of my previous clients – mostly everyone travelled with body-guards. Big, burly body-guards who could probably bend me into a pretzel without breaking a sweat. But Yamato Ishida was an exception – he didn't believe in body-guards, atleast hadn't used one in the 2 weeks I had been driving him around.


"Everything ready, Tai?" I asked, standing across from my driver.

"Yes sir," he said, opening the door to the expensive black sedan that would be taking me back to my house. It was only 2 in the afternoon but luckily, it was a quick shoot this afternoon. I was looking forward to some serious sleep after the past few weeks of 18 hour work-days.

He was dressed in the customary penguin-suit required by his position. Lately, I had found myself wondering more and more what that body would look like underneath those stuffy clothes – probably pretty lean. The guy was scary when it came to his soccer-obsession. Involuntarily, my mind started supplying images of him on a soccer-pitch, dressed in short-shorts and a tank-top, sweat pouring out of his messy brown hair, his skin bronze in the sunlight…

I quickly pulled my thoughts back in line. Fantasizing about my driver when I was supposed to be in love with my costar Mimi was definitely not good for my career. The ride was supposed to take 20 min but I was so tired that I decided to get a little sleep…

"Hey, let me know when we're getting closer," I told Tai then lifted up my tinted windows and started to fall asleep.

When I woke up again, it was sometime in the afternoon and we were in the mountains. Huh? What was going on.