So this is the beginning of a multichip piece I'm starting. I wrote a little bit of this with Runway Baby, and I ultimately decided to make it into an actual story! I am the official mother of Daklos, and I really want someone else to post in this pairing, or in any pairing with Dak or Jett, because these minor characters are pretty awesome to write. Stick around for the rest of the story, it features comatose!Carlos and a POV from everyone who attempted to revive Carlos from his coma. Now R&R, lovies!

Disclaimer: I do not own Big Time Rush, Sleeping Beauty, or anything else you recognize.

Dak excitedly pulled Carlos into one of the cabanas by the Palm Woods pool, both of them giggling and smiling at each other. Carlos wrapped his arms around the actor from behind, kissing the back of his neck and tightening his grip. Dak leaned back into the embrace, humming softly as Carlos started swaying them.

"You're being such a distraction. Bad Carlos!" Dak teasingly scolder, waddling them over to a pool lounger within the cabana. He lay down on his stomach so that the younger male was on top of him. Carlos rolled off of him, bringing the brunette with him so that they were spooning.

"Normally I'm the little spoon," Carlos grinned, kissing the back of his neck again. Dak began repositioning them so that both of them ended up on their backs with the actor's arms wrapped protectively around his smaller boyfriend. They stared at the cloth roof of the cabana for a few moments, just drinking in each other's presence. Dak let out something that sounded like a bird call, and suddenly the roof of the pool side structure was being pulled back, leaving the couple basking in the moonlight and under the stars.

"Thanks Kendall and James!" the actor called out, smiling down at Carlos when he realized what exactly his boyfriend had set up. Carlos couldn't stop himself from squirming around in his arms, straining his neck and lips in order to try and plant a loving, and most likely sloppy, kiss on the other male's mouth. Dak chuckled, closing the distance and placing a soft kiss on Carlos's lips. They both swore, they felt the same spark as they did the first they kissed. It was like that with every kiss. Heck, every touch.

"This is so sweet, Duckie," Carlos smiled, wide enough to show his adorable dimples. Dak rolled his eyes at the nickname, but returned the smile nonetheless. It's not like he didn't have a nickname for the younger male; Sleeping Beauty, which sounded hilarious to anyone who didn't know the story.

"Well, if I'm Duckie, then you obviously must be pretty in pink. Yet I see no pick!" the actor looked pointedly at the teen who just giggled and started gazing at the stars again.

"You're not gonna tell me you named one after us, are you? Because we still don't have a couple name that we decided on," Carlos pointed out, unaware of the fact that he had snuggled closer into the warm body. Dak just tightened his grip, because of course he noticed.

"Hey, I thought 'Cark' was a winner. Much more creative then Daklos,"

"Yes, but with Daklos, you can tell its Carlos and Dak, because it's so self explanatory. And besides, the dominant person in the couple is supposed to have their name come first. Last time I checked, you're a hundred times more dominant than me," Carlos retaliated. Dak just rolled his eyes again and kissed the top of Carlos's head. His hands started carding through the raven hair as they watched the stars in silence. This was something Carlos had said he always wanted to do; cuddle with his Duckie under the stars. Carlos' hand lifted, one eye squinting as his finger drew shapes in the stars, and Dak was absolutely sure none of the shapes were actually constellations. He frowned slightly when his fingers came along the scar that was on the right side of Carlos's head. It wasn't big at all, but the actor could tell from one touch that it was there. But then the smile realighted his features, and he couldn't help but say a silent thanks to the scar and the swirly slide in apartment 2J.

"Hey, Carlos?" Dak started, his fingers started to run through that incredibly soft hair again. Carlos shifted in his arms again and kissed the underside of Dak's jaw before responding.

"Yes, Dak?"

"What do you think would've happened if you had never fallen? If you had never ended up in the hospital? Or if I never woke you up?"

Carlos looked thoughtful for a moment, glancing up at Dak and then at their hands, which had somehow become connected along the way. Carlos bit his lip cutely, and when his brain finally produced something that was a suitable answer, he began speaking softly to his boyfriend.

"I think we still would've started this amazing thing we have. I would've asked you out, or you would've kissed me spontaneously. I know we both felt that pull to each other before we began dating. We both feel that pull every time we lock eyes, every time we kiss, even every time we brush fingers. What we have…it would've happened without you practically saving my life. I was always going to be your Sleeping Beauty, and you were meant to be my Duckie. That kiss, and every kiss, was amazingly…magical. I love you, Dak. Nothing would or will ever change that."

Dak looked down at his boyfriend with slight surprise. Dak had only seen this deep side of Carlos once before, and he liked it. (He liked every personality trait of Carlos, hello.)

"I love you too, my Sleeping Beauty,"

Their brown eyes locked onto each other, and they slowly kissed, their warm and soft lips pressed together in something more than just a idle display of affection. The Latino was right; the spark would always be there with Carlos and Dak.