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Dak could feel his heart slowly breaking. He would miss it all. Every detail. He would miss walking down to the drug store and the flirty eyes of the check out girl and the month old rubber ducks. He would miss the soft smiled nurse that would come in and lay a tray of food down for Carlos, and she would open the blind's every morning and close them every night. She would move Dak's chair into the position he liked every time another nurse moved it. Her name was Cayley, and she was beautiful. He would miss Kendall and Jett and their quirky love. He would miss having an excuse to glare at Logan. He would miss being best friend's with James. He would miss Kendall most of all.

The court order was official. Kendall Knight would be placed in federal prison for involuntary manslaughter if Carlos didn't wake up by the end of this week. Arrested as soon as the plug was pulled and his heart beat dead lined.

Dak wouldn't just be losing the boy he fell for while sitting in a hospital; he would be losing the friends he made. He wouldn't be able to look at James and Logan without feeling a painful stab. Jett and he never had a strong friendship, but their worlds probably wouldn't even touch again when Kendall was taken away.

Dak was going on his last stroll to the drug store while Kendall and Jett sat with Carlos. He entertained himself with thoughts of talking to the punky check out, of letting her flirt and then sending her his 'cocky bastard' grins. She would sigh as he walked out, and Dak would sign to, but not in the dreamy tone she would. He would sigh like he just lost a pet goldfish, because the check out girl was part of his routine for the last five months. She held a spot in his heart. Even if it was extremely small.

Dak's brown eyes stared mindlessly at the rubber duck display. The display had mostly been replaced by toys could found fit in little party favor bags; little whistles and tiny water guns that would surely break as soon as they were touched. A row of rubber ducks stood boldly and brightly colored amongst the other plain yellow ducks; these had ponchos and sombreros and they were perfect. Dak grabbed one and walked to the check out. Wait...where was the punky check out girl?

"Hey, what happened to the girl with the weird hair?"

Of course, the second check out girl, K, the nice one, held a bigger spot in his heart. He wanted her to come to the hospital with him one day but their timing never worked out. She looked up at him while she scanned the duck and the KitKat bar he was purchasing.

"She quit. Said something about not being treated right and left."

"Oh," Dak said, trying to not look dejected.

"I thought you were in love with Carlos?" K asked, bagging up the small items.

"I am. But this is probably my last trip to the drug store since..."

It hit Dak hard right then. No more hospital, no more K, no more rubber ducks. No more Carlos.

"They're gonna take him off live support. It's his last week. And I can't do anything to fucking fix it."

K's jaw dropped open. "How can they do that? That's...and it's my birthday at the end of this week too!" Dak and K both gazed at each other, tears blurring their vision. K walked around the counter and embraced Dak tightly, all 5 feet of her comforting all of the height that was Dak.

"I don't know if I can stand losing him."

"I know. It'll be ok."

When Dak finally left, face still pink from crying, he turned back to wave good bye.

"Thank you, Kellie."

She smiled and Dak started walking the city block he was now most familiar with, gazing up at the hospital.

When he walked back into Carlos' room, Kendall and Jett were staring blankly at the tan boy, eyes wide and hand clenched around each other's.

"What?" Dak asked, pulling out the Spanish rubber duck and setting it on Carlos' bed side table. All the flowers and cards and fan mail had been packed up and the only things remaining were the rubber ducks. They made a full army now, and Dak smiled at them, knowing they kept good watch over his Carlos.

"I fucking swear. Carlos just mumbled your name."

Dak froze at Kendall's word. Carlos...talked? And said his name? He turned to them, raising an eyebrow at Jett, and he just nodded at his fellow actor.

"But how is that possible...?" The infatuated actor stepped closer to the bed, leaning in and feeling Carlos' warm breath hit his face. Dak noticed that his skin looked a little more vibrant, his eyelids less transparent. His lips looked pinker and plumper somehow, and Dak leaned back, shaking his head. It wasn't possible; if Carlos was waking up, he would be up. His mind was just telling him what he wanted to see.

3 days later.

It was 3 days later.

3 days when Kendall, James, Logan, Jett, Mrs. Knight, Katie, Gustavo, Kelly (the assistant), Mr. and Mrs. Garcia, Kendall's lawyer, a police officer, two doctors, and Dak all squeezed into one small hospital room. The boys were the closest to the bed, Kendall and Dak nearly sitting on it from how close they were. It was midnight on the eve of the sixth month. The sixth month that Carlos had been in a comatose state. As soon as the clock struck twelve, one of the two doctors would pull the plug. Carlos would slip in nothingness, leaving behind a body and the broken hearts of everyone who knew him. All his family, friends, fans.

Kendall's shoulders were dropped low, his head hung. He did this. He felt the guilt wash over him like a tidal wave. He pushed his best friend off a balcony, caused his head to bleed out, caused him to go into a half year coma with no hope on the horizon to be revived from it. He killed his best friend.

Dak wasn't doing much better. He was fidgeting, feeling tears forming in his eyes, pricking painfully like little thumbtacks. He couldn't do anything. Why hadn't he been searching the internet, looking for some sort of voodoo shit that heals people? Instead he stared at Carlos like one day he would magically pop up like nothing had happened. He stared at Carlos thinking about how it might feel to kiss those lips, the lips that didn't do any talking anymore. The lips that once smiled at him so gleefully.

At 11:30 P.M., everyone excluding the doctors, the lawyer, and the police officer shuffled around the room, everyone getting a last chance to kiss Carlos on the forehead or the cheek or squeeze his hand. Mama Knight, Kelly, Katie, and Mr. and Mrs. Garcia all broke out into tears. The remaining family and friends, the "men", puffed their chests out and closed their eyes, hoping that an embarrassing wave of tears wouldn't flood down their cheeks. Dak hunched over the bed, gazing with big eyes down at Carlos, praying silently for any spark of life. James and Logan had clasped hands, Kendall's and Jett's arms wrapped around each other.

11:55 P.M.

Nobody was moving. The whole room was silent except for the beeping of Carlos' heart monitor. The doctor positioned himself at the multiple life support devices, prepared to end this beautiful creature's life.

11:58 P.M.

The doctor was inching closer and closer to the plugs, watching the clock intently for when it struck midnight. Dak could feel his heart beginning to shatter and break as the seconds ticked by.

11:59. P.M.

A thought struck Dak. Hadn't all of his friends attempt to kiss Carlos to wake him up? Like Sleeping Beauty? Wasn't Sleeping Beauty's savior her...true love.

"Don't you touch that fucking chord till I say so." Dak spoke suddenly, breaking the silence suddenly and harshly. The doctor looked startled, but nodded at the glare that Dak shot the four officials in the room. The actor leant even closer over Carlos, eyes scanning down his face. Dak's eyes glanced up to the clock; he had 30 seconds until Carlos was legally supposed to be dead.

Dak smashed his lips against Carlos's, pressing every ounce, pound, bit, meter, inch, cup, centimeter, foot, yard, mile, teaspoon, every measurement of love he could into the kiss. His lips remained almost harsh on Carlos' until he heard Kendall shuffle up beside him.

"Dak...it's midnight."

The brunette felt tears leaking from his eyes, his lips softening up against Carlos. He pulled back, still kissing him softly, till their lips were barely touching. Dak's eyes blinked opened, looking down at Carlos, and making sure their lips were still connected.

12:00 A.M.-The first of the sixth month.

Carlos's eyes blinked up at Dak.

The actor's mouth fell open, jolting back a few inches from Carlos. They stared at each other as the doctor pulled the plug on Carlos's life support.

12:01 A.M.

It didn't matter that Carlos wasn't attached to a machine anymore. He was breathing on his own, capable of eating and drinking on his own, living on his own. But as he gazed up at Dak's shocked expression, he knew that wasn't true. After these six months, Carlos knew that he was nothing without Dak. He didn't even need to be conscious to know that Dak had sat right beside him the whole time and loved someone who wasn't awake to love him back. Their whole story, his whole story, Dak's whole story, was painted plainly across his face.

Carlos' tan hand came up, gripping the back of Dak's head and kissing him with all the feeling that he had suddenly gained in the last minute or so.

When he pulled back, Dak yanked him into a sitting position, hugging him tightly as possible and beginning to sob into his shoulder.

"It's OK, baby." The voice of the Latino was rough after being out of use for so long. He looked over at all the people in the room. Jett, James, Logan, his parents, Katie, Kelly, Gustavo, Mama Knight, and especially Kendall all had the most elated expressions on their faces. The people he didn't know-one a cop, two doctors, and a man in a suit- were all standing with gaping mouths. Logan and James had turned to each other, overjoyed, their lips smashing together in glee. After a few seconds, they pulled back, staring at each other.

"We'll talk about this later." James announced, pulling away fully from Logan. The shorter teen shot him a look before re-grasping James' hand and smiling to himself.

Dak pulled out of the embrace, looking at Carlos straight in the eyes. They were full of life now; his features were all re-animated.

"I love you, Dak." Carlos whispered. Dak smiled shyly.

"I love you. I loveyouIloveyouIloveyou. Carlos. My Sleeping Beauty."


Carlos and Dak lay on a blanket in Palmwoods Park, staring up at the sky. Carlos was cradled under the stretch of one of Dak's arms, much like how Kendall and Jo used to lay. It had been exactly a month since Dak gave Carlos the kiss of life. Carlos was comfortable, humming a tune and changing the angle of his head to look up at his boyfriend.

"Duckieā€¦" He said fondly, smiling softly.

"Hm?" Dak looked down, already missing the humming.

"Nothing. Just wanted to make sure this wasn't a dream."

"Why would you be dreaming this, Beauty? I promise, I'm 100% real."

Carlos bit his lip, looking back at the clouds and blushing.

"I had a lot of dreams about you. When I was asleep. They didn't stop. You would bring me little gifts. You would tell me stories and sing and read things to me. Sometimes you cried. Kendall, Jett, Logan and James were there too, sometimes. But it was always you."

Dak's eyes widened, looking down at Carlos. He pulled the Latino closer, kissing his forehead, cheek, nose, and then finally his lips.

"Those weren't dreams. I was there the whole time, Carlos."

The smaller teen gazed in admiration at Dak.

"Wouldn't I get boring?" Carlos asked, making Dak chuckle in response. They kissed again, still smiling. The two of them resumed their cloud watching after that, staring at the sky, smiling up at it, both of them lucky and content to be looking at it another day. With each other.

Duckie and Sleeping Beauty.