Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Pandasan Omake

Getting It On At Pandasan

Chapter Three: Pandasan Omake

The ladies of Pandasan were giddy. They were flush with anticipation and celebrating the release of Akikawa Yayoi's newest Boy's Love novel, "Family Matters."

The entire female staff had joined together after closing: they were on a mission. One of the ladies had a friend who worked in the BL section of a nearby bookstore. She'd promised to set aside a carton of the novels especially for the Pandasan's employees.

Unfortunately, when they reached the bookstore, the friend was nowhere to be found.

As the women began to panic, a beautiful man emerged from one of the bookstore's aisles. He was working on the most glittery display for a new shoujo manga release that the women had ever seen. It was so sparkly, though not nearly as sparkly as the man himself.

"Good evening, I'm Yukina. How can I be of service to you ladies?"

At the sound of his voice, several women whipped out Kleenex, anticipating the impending nosebleed. Their minds overrun with naughty images on the possibilities of the word "service."

"Oh my god!" exclaimed the mop girl in a thrilled whisper to her hallway cohort. "If Kusama-san and Kamijou-san ever had a love child, Yukina-san is exactly what it would look like!"

Yukina helped the trembling ladies locate the carton of novels and make their purchases. The women retreated, blushing, as quickly away as possible, once their transactions were completed.

I wonder what women see in these things anyway?

Yukina began idly flipping through one. His eyes skimmed a few sentences and his brow rose.


Given the way he'd been feeling about that cute editor Kisa, he'd recently met, Yukina thought maybe he should charge this to his employee account and take it home for research.

Safely away from prying eyes, seated in a karaoke room at a nearby bar, the women sat. Each had stuffed both nostrils with tissue as a precaution.

"All together now, on the count of three…" the mop girl cried. "One… two… three!"

Simultaneously the girls opened their books; skimmed the table of contents; and turned to the same page:

Chapter Eight: Getting it on at Koalasan

While the main dining room of the Koalasan family restaurant was rated "G," Nowaki and Hiroki were doing their best to turn the rating of the establishment's men's room to "XXX."

The fangirls' squeals were reportedly heard as far away as eight city blocks .

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