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A/N: This is my first Love Hina fanfic I'm writing. It has been years since I read the Love Hina manga and watched Love Hina anime. After reading a number amount of Love Hina fanfics, I decided to write one of my own.

Chapter 1

Keitaro Urashima was getting frustrated and angry. It had been three years since he became manager of an all-girl dormitory. He thought things were getting easier for him and that he would be happy to be in the relationship with the girl he loved, Naru Narusegawa. But he was wrong. The Tokyo U student realized that things were falling in the same pattern and the abuse that has been inflicted on him has been getting worse.

Motoko was still attacking him with the techniques from her God Cry School. Mitsune aka Kitsune was still scamming him out of his money with her tricks and blackmail. Su was chasing him with her inventions and causing more grief in the name of trying to figure out his 'immortality'. Seta's adopted daughter, Sarah was still being a pain to him belittling, kicking, and tripping him in compromising situations any chance she gets. Naru was still acting the same as before. Naru was his girlfriend but if people looked at it from the outside; people wouldn't be able to tell if there were really in a relationship. One moment, she was lovey-dovey with Keitaro, the next minute, she was sending through the dorm and in the air courtesy of her Naru Punch.

Shinobu and Mutsumi weren't helping things either. He knows that those two, along with his aunt, Haruka, were the only ones who treated him well but any time Mutsumi and Shinobu was with him, Naru and Motoko would conviently be there to see him and would dish out their so- called divine justice on the helpless Urashima.

Keitaro was now sitting in his room with his thoughts and he was getting more and more angry.

"Why do I go through this?" Keitaro asked himself.

Keitaro just got back from one of his 'trips' giving by Naru, Motoko, and Su with the help of Sarah causing the situation. He balled his fists.

"It seems no matter where I am or what situation, I'm always getting attacked and then when I return, I just apologies even though it wasn't really my fault," Keitaro gritted his teeth, "What the hell's wrong with me? Just what the hell am I doing? "

Keitaro shook his head, "I can't let this go on. I have to do something and I have to do it now. No more of this crap." He looked around in his room and looked up at the hole that was connected to his room and Naru's room, "It's over between us. I'm done," he got up, "I'm done with this place and those girls. This is not normal for me to be in this kind of environment."

Later on, Keitaro went down stairs to the living room. He was glad no was around at the moment. He realized that they were all at the hot springs. He could use this opportunity to go the living room's phone and make a phone call. He got on the phone and dialed a number. After a phone rings, someone answered.

"Hello," an old woman's voice said on the other line.

"Hello Granny," Keitaro responded.

"Keitaro, what a pleasant surprise," Granny Hina was happy to hear her grandson's voice, "so how are things?"

Keitaro sighed, "Not too well at all."

Hina was surprised, "Not too well? Keitaro, what's wrong?"

"Granny, I know I said that I would be able to handle things at the dorm and I vowed that I would do an excellent job as your replacement. But, unfortunately, things are not going as I thought they would."

"What do you mean grandson?"

Keitaro explained his situations of the things happening in the inn and his tone of voice to his grandmother was sadness, anger, and contempt.

After hearing things from her darling grandson, Hina was shocked and upset, "Keitaro, I had no idea. I never imagine that things would be so bad at the dorm and here I thought you were getting along with the girls so well, especially Naru. I was sure that Naru was starting to get over her issues with men as well as Motoko but that doesn't sound like the case."

"No and I thought things were going great as well. I thought I had earned their trust and respect but that doesn't seem like the case at all. Nothing's changed. That's why I'm leaving."

Hina was shocked, "Leaving? Keitaro, you can't do that! Who do you think will run the dorm if you leave. Please grandson, I know things are rough, but don't just drop everything and quit."

"No Grandma, I'm done. I don't know what I was thinking taking this job, but I'm through. Three years, three years, and nothing has changed. My patience had thinned out. Normally, it would be the tenants that would be thrown out if they acted badly but I don't have it in me to do that, although I'm not sure exactly why though."

"Keitaro, listen to me, you are the owner of Hinata Inn, that place is your birthright…"

"I'm not the only Urashima. You could give it to Kanako and let her take over."

"You know your sister isn't ready besides, you know what she would do."

"Yes, I do, but at the moment, I don't care anymore. I don't care what happens. They seem to have a sadistic streak to cause me harm, physical and emotional and I have to leave before something really happens. My life and sanity is on the line and I would rather not lose either of the two."

"Keitaro, please-"

"I'm sorry Grandma, but I'm done. I'll let Haruka know. Goodbye Grandma."

"Keitaro, wait-" Hina was cut off by Keitaro hanging up the phone.

Keitaro went down to the teashop and had a talk with Haruka when she was free and told her the same thing he told to his grandma.

"I see," Haruka muttered, "you really plan on leaving."

Keitaro nodded, "Yeah, I'm just giving you a heads up so that you're not surprised."

"Are you going to tell the girls?"

"Why bother?"


"Why bother, it's not like they actually give a damn about me. I'm just a slave to them to make their lives easier. I'm just a punching bag, a test subject, a practice dummy, and an open bank account. It not like they actually care about me as a human being."

"What about Shinobu and Mutsumi? Surely they would be devastated when you leave."

"Yeah they will. It's going to hurt but at the same time, every time I'm near them, bad things happen to me."

Haruka smoked one her cigarettes, "And your relationship with Naru?"

"What relationship? The one Naru like to physical abuse me or doesn't trust me and always takes everyone else's side but mine," Keitaro said this with bitterness.

"What about Tokyo U? Are you quitting Todai?"

"No, I'll still attend Tokyo U but I'm not going be here."

Haruka was saddening by this, "I'm sorry Keitaro, if I had known things were this bad, I would have-"

"You don't need to apologize," Keitaro assured her, "It's not your fault, and I'm the one who said that I could handle it. I guess I was lying to myself all this time. But Haruka, please don't tell the girls. I don't want them to track me down and try to force me back."

Haruka nodded but still didn't like the fact her nephew was leaving, "Okay but do you have an idea where you will go."

Keitaro nodded, "I do. I know a place where I can stay. Someone I know is willing let me stay at one of his apartment buildings. He set up everything for me just in case."

Haruka widened her eyes in surprise, "Keitaro, have you planning this for a long time? To leave?"

Keitaro nodded sadly, "Honestly yeah, I've been planning this for a long time. With the way things are, I decided to have something for me to fall back on."

"I see."

"Well, I better start packing. Thanks for everything Aunt Haruka." Keitaro smiled.

Haruka shook her head, "You messed up by using the A-word but I'll let it slide."

Keitaro chuckled, "Sorry but still thanks for listening and being understanding. I'll give you the documents of the Hinata Inn later."

"I should be scolding you for abandoning you responsibilities but I would hate to see you break down, physically and mentally. Besides, I'm sure Granny has already done that."

"Heh, kind of," Keitaro nodded and smiled at his aunt, "remember, don't tell the girls. Let them figure it out on their own."

"Right, I promise but are you going to at least tell Naru that you're breaking up with her?"

Keitaro chuckled sadly, "Like I said, what relationship?"

That's it for the first chapter. I hope all of you who reads this likes it. Next chapter, Keitaro goes to a new place at night. I know this kind of thing has been done for Love Hina fanfics. I just wanted to put in my own version of it.