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Authors Note: This little ficlet was born from a role play one of my friends and I were doing that got abruptly ended. I was listening to Nickleback's Savin' Me one day and this was born. I've been slowly working on it off and on for quite a while as I haven't had as much time to work on my fan fics as I did in the past. For those of you who have me as your favorite author, I am still attempting to work on stuff now and then but it's somewhat slow going for now. Most of my concentration is spent either on role playing, or the novel I am actually attempting to write for publishing one day (hopefully soon). Anyway, on to the story.

Save Me

Chapter 1

I stood surveying the land around me. I had seen much in my young life. It seemed as if the world around me was falling apart. I had turned into a creature that I barely knew. One of myths and legends. Wings now grew from my back, so darkly red that they looked black in anything except direct sunlight. A cold wind whipped around me, blowing my long red hair out behind me and fully exposing the mark on my forehead. I had been chosen by the goddess Nyx to help restore balance to the world. But how am I supposed to do that when there wasn't even a balance in my own life?

Just a few short weeks ago I had met a friend that, had my mothers life been different then it was, I would have likely grown up with. We both had new found secrets. Secrets that were not so secret anymore. Also in that short space of time I had finally met my father for the first time. A father that had in anger and pity of his own life shoved my mother away from him when she had been carrying me. A father that was famous in his own right. And yet another secret was laid on my shoulders. Another ability I had known nothing of.

That's when it had all begun to go even more downhill. I had only begun to care for someone at a school I had been pulled to against my will when another force entered my life. A force that has the potential to change my life forever more. Even more then it has already been changed. And this force could either utterly kill me or make me strong and powerful beyond my wildest dreams. And it also carries with it the possibility of an eternal love. Only a few short hours ago I had fled from the school where the man I had begun to fall in love with had practically turned his back on me. He had every right to and I know that deep in my heart. The scene he had happened upon was nothing short of horrific for a man in love. I had been in the arms of another man pawing at him like an animal in heat. I only had one defense and I knew that it would never be good enough.

All I really wanted to do at this point was to curl into a ball and make the world go away but I knew that could never be. The fate of half the world seemed to rest on my shoulders at the moment. This was something I had never wanted. Had never asked for.

All I really wanted from life was to finish school and open my own catering business or restaurant. Maybe get married at some point and have a couple of kids. But that had all been stripped away now. All my dreams and aspirations shattered like some fragile crystal ball.

Oh I knew I was hardly the only one in this position. The other girl, my recently found friend was in the exact same position. Her dreams of being a dancer stripped away like yesterday's filth when she too had been pulled to that school and later when all of her secrets that even she had not known she had were brought to the fore for all to see. But for now I couldn't even fathom her feelings or truly bring myself to care about them. For just now I wanted to focus on my own feelings and at least attempt to sort them out.

When finally I allowed myself to truly see what was around me, I saw him. That big beautiful brute of a man…no vampire standing against the house that lay only a few yards from me. He was just watching me trying to gauge if it was safe for him to approach. He was the one that could either kill me or make me stronger then almost any force on this earth. I gave a sigh and nodded that it was indeed okay for him to approach. None of this was really his fault. It wouldn't be fair for me to take my anger, pain, and current hatred of the world out on him.

Okay, fine. So I could blame some of my current problems on him, but really what's the point? Was it really his fault that my blood called out to him the way it did? That he hungered for it to the point of tricking me out of the protective school I was in?

No. It was all just some sad, sick twist of fate that had brought me to my current situation. One I would have to deal with sooner rather then later as my mind screamed. I watched as he approached me at a snails pace, well for him anyway, since they had the power to move faster then the human eye.

"Is there anything I can do for you Shannon? Something to make you feel better?" he asked. His eyes looked worried while his face mainly remained blank. No. I couldn't blame him for following his instincts. That's what I had done only a few hours before to cause my love to turn from me.

I softly shook my head in the negative. At this point I didn't know if there was anything anyone could do. My head whipped toward the house as I heard a feral, anguished cry. There was only one person it could be. Andrea. I gave a slight sigh as I turned and started for the house. It was time to push my own feelings to the side to help her deal with hers. Then maybe later I could come back and reexamine my own.

"You don't have to you know. Go in there I mean. My whole family's in there with her." his voice trailed after me.

"And how could they possibly understand what she's going through? HOW CAN THEY HELP HER?" My voice was scathing and the words whipped out like a verbal lash. I sighed. I was taking my anger and frustration out on him after all. And it showed on his beautiful face. The shock that my words had brought on. But now that I had started I couldn't stop.


His voice hadn't changed in pitch at all. But his words cut me just as surely as mine had cut him. "No. I could never understand what it is to be a monster. Not when I can reach out and crush you like an insect. Not when I could easily drain you of the blood that makes your heart still beat. Not when my own heart has been dead and cold for 70 years."

He must have seen the shock on my face that I felt through my whole body. I had never once considered him or any of his family monsters. But I guess they could regard themselves as such. Any other person would have. It had never crossed my mind though to call them monsters. I was used to the idea that vampires existed and had even longed to meet certain ones.

Now I have to wonder if things might have been different if I had known that these vampires existed. Would I still have wanted to meet them, to maybe even be one of them? My thoughts on that matter got derailed as another scream echoed through the house I had been headed for.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" That was clearly Andrea's voice and she sounded more frightened then I felt at the moment. I once again started toward the house only to feel a strong hand close around my arm.

"I'm asking you now not to go in there Shannon. You may not like what you see when you do. The kings of our kind decided to give us an unexpected visit." His voice carried a hint of desperation to it. He really didn't want me to go in there. Something about these other vampires worried him. And I didn't know enough about his kind to judge what that might be.

Just as I turned to look back at him, a flash of something at the back door of the house caught my attention. It was a vampire I didn't recognize. One of his kind obviously. Most likely one of the kings, as he appeared to be ancient. His skin was translucent enough that you could see most of the veins in his face. His black hair was long and cleanly kept, tied back with what seemed to be a strip of leather. His eyes were a milky red which was odd. The Cullen's, for that was who had happened upon us in the halls of Hogwarts, had golden eyes. I understood that they fed only on the blood of animals and that was what gave them that unique characteristic. And that those that fed from humans had the red eyes…but I had yet to hear of any that had this sort of milky film over them.

"It was caused from a fire long ago." The voice of the man standing there was soft almost a whisper, not necessarily gentle, but not intended to frighten either. These kings must have been quite old to have voices that were as quiet as a whispering wind, unless that was intentional. His statement surprised me some. Had I been staring that long? Had I asked about it out loud without meaning too?

"Your projecting, quite loudly too, I must say." The man in the door answered my unspoken questions.

"Pro…jecting?" I was confused. What in the world was I projecting?

"Your thoughts dear. Clearly, you have no idea of the powers you hold. Come inside and perhaps my brothers and I will be able to help you."

"Mar-" the vampire, Emmett, beside me started to say but was cut off by the other man.

"It's not a request." Marcus replied to Emmett, somehow sensing his objection. He turned and went back inside the house, assuming we would do as he said and follow.