Flavors of Justice

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to DC or Marvel. I own Farrah/Persiana and Lance/Diablos.

Chapter 8: Saying Goodbye

"So, that's what the problem is!"

Blue Beetle and the other members of both Justice Leagues had found out that the inter-dimensional portal had somehow been activated. Fire, the daughter of Bea and Ted, said,

"It would appear that somehow, it was accidentally turned on."

Blue Beetle shook his head,

"Don't look at me. Guy must have turned it on when he dropped it!"
Guy snapped,

"No, you must have not turned it off!"

Green Ice was busy flirting with Superman,

"So, wanna get together, hot stuff?"

Cir-el screamed,

"Quit hitting on my dad! I'm standing right here!"
Green Flame flipped her teammate off,

"Kiss my ass!"











The Answer and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Black Canary were in the midst of another argument. Superboy said,

"Here they go again."

Wonder Boy said,

"It could be worse. Persiana and Rorschach could be fighting each other."


Indeed, the two teammates on the younger Justice League were in the midst of a fight. Batgirl looked at Nightfire,

"What do you see in her?"

Nightfire shrugged,

"She's cute when she's angry. Plus, she's very flexible."

Menagerie laughed,

"Oh, the look on your parents' faces when you told them about this little attraction!"

Nightfire shook her head,

"According to Mother, it was encouraged to share your feelings with someone you had feelings for, regardless of gender."

Batgirl said,

"Someone forgot to tell our Persiana that."

Wonder Boy sighed as he sat down and pondered. They were leaving soon. Donna came to her son,

"I am not angry, you know."

Wonder Boy looked up,

"What do you mean, Mom?"

Donna knelt down next to her son,

"I am proud you are a hero. And, yes, I do admit, I would have liked to have a daughter, but you are my child and, no matter what, I love you."

The hero nodded, smiling slightly,

"Thanks, Mom."
The younger Amazon princess smiled,

"Cheer up. I know you like Persiana the way I like her mother."

Farrah shouted,


Cir-el pouted,

"I wish we could stay longer."

Wonder Girl nodded,

"Yeah, but we have to get these jackasses back to our world."

Catman Junior screamed,

The red-eyed cat-girl roared,


With that, the children of the Justice League, and their villains, disappeared in the blinding light back to their world. The portal was then shut.

Hawkgirl said,

"Now that that's settled…"

She took out her mace and smashed the portal machine to pieces. She then turned and grabbed Blue Beetle by the scruff of the neck,

"Do anything like that again, and I will personally use you as a dummy in my next training session. Get it?"

The inventor squeaked,

"Got it."

The Thanagarian warrior smirked,


She then dropped him on the floor.

As they were leaving, Farrah asked,

"Do you think they were from this future, that all of our children would turn out this way?"

Superman shook his head,

"I don't know. There were similarities and differences, but, I honestly hope it all does work out in the end."

Tigra was worried,

"In that world, Ted and I weren't together."
Fire nodded, saying,

"And Flash and I aren't together."

Diablos looked up at the night sky, quietly reflecting on something. Wonder Woman asked,

"Is something on your mind, Lance?"

The demonic-inspired hero said,

"Billions of stars and billions of worlds. All of them possess billions of possibilities."

He looked down,

"I think we all just have to wait and see what kismet has in store for us."

J'onn asked,


Batman answered,

"Inescapable fate."

End of Flavors of Justice