Another Random Story

By: CSI-Panther-Skull

Summary: Demona is feeling lonely. She begins to remember a time in Scotland that was a forebidden thing between a human and gargoyle.

Pairing: Demona/Macbeth.

A/N: I don't own gargoyles. And this is not related to my other Demona and Macbeth story.

Last time,

" Move. " She all but ordered him.

He obeyed and moved. Slowly at first, but he soon sped up, his grunts mixing in with her moans and groans. He kept going until he began to feel that both of them were near their end. He speed up so much that it didn't even seem human. Finally their climax came at the same time, Demona roaring her end, while Macbeth shouted his.

They slumped down on the floor and stayed there as their eyes closed and their arms wrapped around the other.

Chapter 5


" AAHHHHH! " Two voices screamed out in the early morning light.

After a few seconds, the screams stopped. And the two people that had screamed opened their eyes.

Demona looked at the naked man in front her and quickly pulled away, then ran out of the room. Macbeth cursed and followed after her.

She ran up the stairs, down a hall and into the bathroom. But before she could shut the door, Macbeth came in and shut it himself.

" Get out! " She shouted to him and beat his chest with her hands, but soon stopped because she was basically hitting herself when she hit him.

" I won't leave. Not now. Not ever. Please Demona, let me be here with you and let me love you. " He said as he wrapped his arms around her.

" No. Just go. I don't want you here. " She replied, her voice low and tinged with sadness. Her green eyes were watering, close to falling down her face.

Macbeth didn't believe a word she was saying. He pushed her from him and turned her to face him, he saw her tears and knew that she wasn't one to cry. He rubbed his thumb across her cheek and said,

" Just let it go. "

And she did. She let her tears fall. She let all of her pain, hate, depression, and loss out. She cried for a full two hours, holding onto Macbeth with all of her human might. He held her, rubbing her back slowly with one hand, while the other ran through her long blood red hair. He rocked her and made shushing noises as he listened to her letting out all of her anguish.

Another hour went by and Demona finally calmed down. Macbeth moved them over to the tub and toilet, he sat her down on the closed lid and started the water. A few minutes went by as the tub filled with warm water and Demona said nothing, neither did Macbeth as he shut the water off and lifted her up and stepped into the tub, he slowly sat down with Demona sitting in front him.

She laid there as he wetted her back with the warm water, she wetted his chest as she lifted her left arm up and placed it to his chest.

" Thank you. " She said quietly.

" For what? " He asked.

" For still loving me. " She answered.

" I never did stopped loving you. That's why I never could finish our fights. I didn't want you to die. " He answered.

" You know as well as I, that for me to die by your hand or you by my mine means that the other shall die as well. " She laughed softly, feeling much like herself. Not the evil, betraying, killing, scheming, depressive, angry at the world self. But the caring, loving, gentle, fun, and mischievous self she once was.

" Well there was that reason too. " He laughed.

She joined in with his laughing and felt better then she has ever felt in a long time.


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