fireworks and sugar sprinkles

a LilyLysander freeverse by icedpandacookies

He's always found it hard to understand her.

She is secretive

m y s t e r i o u s

nevergives anything away.


Lily is a mystery

an enigma

a conundrum

a mystenigdrum -

that's a mystery wrapped up in an

enigma encased in a



She's lighteningfast and multi-coloured

like ~fireworks~

or s u g a rsprinkles.


she explodes in the sky


but it's only for [show]


Around her f a m i l y or friends,

(people she trusts)

she's quiet

not exuberant

a d i f f e r e n t {creature}.


He tries to break down the ||wall||

work his way into

her heart

but he doesn't understand

she's happy in her h e r m i t l a n d

happy living two lives.


Lily is a mystery -

but she's {happy}

I don't own Harry Potter, but then, you knew that.

Also, credit to turnthatfrownupsidedown for the line "happy in her hermitland" - it's one of her old pen names.

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