Marc was thrilled and more than a little anxious when the plane landed with his twin in tow. It was, nerve wracking. Megan hadn't seen Tony since her memories had been erased. And Tony... He heard Phil call him Anthony. Was Tony going by his birth full name? Wait of course he was, he had even said so before when he was dressed as a girl. Well, his first name. Oh man he didn't even know Tony's full name. His new full name. And Anthony. Just Anthony. Tony had hated Anthony when he was little. Well, that was probably Lee's fault calling him 'Ant' all the time.

But he'd have to just listen to the question he was given. No need to tip off his sister.

"So this is Marc nearly jumped when he felt a squeeze on his arm. His head whipped over to see the concerned eyes of his sister.

"Marc, are you nervous?"

"Um... A little. I haven't seen Anthony in awhile so I don't know how much he's changed." Sad part was it was hardly a lie. Tony had grown in so little time and he had only seen him in what could only be described as glimpses.

"You know, I don't think I ever heard you talk about him before," Megan commented, "How'd you meet this guy?"

"At the library," he lied, "We met every few days and then he moved away. We sent each other letters after that."

"How come I've never seen these letters?" She prodded. Marc just rolled his eyes.

"I'm the one who grabs the mail Megan."

"Oh. Right. Sorry Marc. You've just never mentioned this guy before. And now we're flying off to meet him while not being on a mission. It's thrilling."

As Megan stared forward with a glimmer in her eyes Marc hadn't seen since they were small. A thrill of adventure without the deal of work. He didn't think his sister would feel that way about something as simple as going on a trip with her twin. This was a simple joy that seemed to have more happiness to bring than a trip to the mall, and there was no promise of new clothes or shopping on this trip. It was just a school production she wasn't even going to see. For some reason his mind brought Jerry to the forefront. He blinked. No it couldn't... Actually, it made more sense than Marc wanted to admit. Even after Tony was removed and then removed, he didn't think about how being in WOOHP actually seemed to emotionally effect the rest of his family.

And he didn't like what he was thinking given what he was now really seeing.

"Calm down To-"

"Anthony guys. It's Anthony now. I've been saying it-"

"For weeks. We know."

"It's just taking time to adjust. The nickname isn't just going to disappear."

"I know. But I'm just not quite Tony anymore," Tony admitted standing outside the tunnel Marc would be coming out of with Megan. As it was, despite working with Phil and other agents to block the trail to Jerry, he was still nervous that somehow, his old boss knew and agents would ambush him, lock him up and do who knew what to Alan and Orji. Even if Alan and Orji were dressed as typical teenagers with hats hiding their hair.

Afterall, his... His birth family knew of the letter and the trip. It was the only way Marc, and by extension Megan, were able to come to his school.

"Plane's here," Alan whispered standing next to Tony. The three boys stood tall and prepared a sign, similar to the one Phil had for Tony on his first day. It took a few minutes for people to start filing out of the plane and they lifted the poster welcoming Marc, with a small Megan tacked onto the sign. It didn't take long until Tony was tackled to the ground by a taller red head. The twins gasped in mock surprise as a girl followed with nothing but surprise on her face.

"Marc. Get off," Tony squirmed and to everyone's surprise, Marc chuckled and got off, pulling a Tony to his feet. Tony gave a half hearted glare ruined by a pout. His tinted glasses obscured his eyes slightly as he stared down his brother.

"Sorry Anthony. Just really happy to see you."

Megan raised her brow in confusion and looked over to the two who had stood on either side of Tony.

"Um, hi. I'm Megan," she introduced herself. The twins were slightly thrown, well aware that if she knew who they were, all hell would break loose.

"I'm Alan Spice-"

"Orji Spice-"

"The Spice twins."

"It's nice to meet you. So how do you know Anthony?" she asked curiously. It was a fair enough question. More so asking why they were at the airport with Anthony who was meeting her brother.

"Oh, we're brothers," Alan blurted out.

"Adopted, when we were little. After mom passed away," Orji tacked on to try and explain the lack of similar features. Tony and Marc looked at one another. Tony shrugged his shoulders.

"We'll talk later," he whispered as they distracted his sister with made up stories of their childhood.

"So this is the campus," the three "Spice" brothers began giving a tour around the grounds.

"Cafeteria. School rooms. More school rooms. Dorms. Dorms. Dorms. More dorms. A rock," Orji began just pointing around making Megan giggle. Marc and Tony were horrified yet fascinated.

"Is he flirting with Megan?" Marc questioned.

"I hope not. I'd rather my apparent brother not try and date my sister."

"Same," Marc agreed. He then cocked his head slightly to the side, "Although..."

"Don't say it Marc."

"They would be cute together," Alan said instead making Tony hiss.

"You guys suck."

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