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Natsu comes back from a mission, only to find a new member of the guild. Somehow his world stops, at the sight of her. But at the same time Lucy has a huge dislike to the male race. Will Natsu be able to break her fortress or will Lucy forever hate men.

Every member at Fairy Tail had their different personalities. And Lucy had the most average head in the guild. Comparing to the rest you could say they were a little bit nuts. Or to put it simply they are troublesome. But all of those didn't matter to Lucy. Why? Because all of them had been a very big part of her heart, and she'd do anything she can to protect each of them, at whatever the cost was.

"Hello Lucy!" Mira greeted her, once she had seated on the bar stool. Mira always had the friendly and motherly smile. You'd have a hard time accepting that she was once called the 'Demon'.

"Hi Mira-chan!" Lucy greeted back.

"So what do you have plan out today?" Mira asked her, giving her a special drink, on the house.

"Mmmm..Dunno, but I kinda got used here already, despite me being here for only 1 week" Lucy shared with her. She took a sip from her drink, as she looked at the white haired beauty. Mira's eyes were in a daze, as if saying she had a brilliant idea.

"Lucy, You still haven't met someone" Mira said mischievously. This made Lucy raise a brow at her.

"I thought I already met everyone?" Lucy asked her. But Mira just shook her head with a smile on her face.

"But Wh-" Lucy was stopped mid sentence. When suddenly the guild door was blasted open. Smoke and bits of the door scattered around the floor.

"Oh great another weirdo" Lucy thought, not caring who was the one that entered. She turned back to her drink and ignored the noise that started to erupt. Mira saw this, making her grin in delight. She had found new targets for her so called 'Soulmate hunt'.

"Tadaima!" A voice said, coming out from the smoke. Everyone greeted him back.

"Oi flame brain!I thought you weren't coming back!" Gray said smugly.

"Shut up butt face!Leave me alone!I wanna eat first!" The boy replied, making his way to the bar. Gray shrugged his shoulders and didn't care at the moment.

Soon the boy had reached the bar, only to be greeted by our beautiful once s-class mage.

"Welcome back Natsu!" Mira greeted him with a heart warming smile. She really did act like Fairy Tail's mother, and somehow she didn't care. Just don't call her anymore than that or you'd see her demon side again.

"Thanks Mira!" Natsu said, taking a sit. Mira went away for a while to get his food. As soon as he sat down he didn't notice the blonde that was a few seat far from him. Instead he smelled an addicting scent that he liked. Slowly standing up, he followed the scent with his nose, eyes closed. And then he stopped.

"Uhmm... Do you mind backing off?" a voice said. Making Natsu snap out of his reverie. He opened his eyes only to she a blond beauty, that had warm chocolate orbs.

"I..uhh...y...o.." His voice caught in his throat, trying to speak up. The girl gave him a are-you-on-crack look.

"Ahh!Natsu!I see you've met Lucy!" Mira interrupted him. And he was thankful for it. His food was already in front of him. He moved away from the girl and sat in front of his food. Before he started eating, he turned back to the girl. Which made her raise her brow at him.

"I'm Natsu, Nice to meet you Luce!" Natsu said, giving her his toothy grin. Lucy gave him a little smile in return.

"It's Lucy, but yeah... Nice to meet you too Natsu" Lucy said, this time she gave him a warm smile. She then took her eyes of him and soon headed to her friend Levy, who had called her. Much to her thanks. While Natsu was busy eating, he couldn't help but look over at where the blonde beauty sat. Who was busy talking to her friend, her her smile this time was different, it was more happy than the one he gave him.

"Natsu, you should look at someone strangely it's rude" Mira said nicely. While the latter just gave her a toothy grin.

"Ne Mira, why do I feel like Lucy doesn't like me?" Natsu asked her, a solemn look had glaced his face. Mira giggled but still decided to answer his question.

"I'm not quiet sure yet, but it's not just you Natsu, it's all the guys besides Master" Mira said, while she looked solemnly at Lucy.

"Why's that?" He asked curiously.

"All I know is, it's because of her Father, but still I worry about her" Mira said sadly. She was really hoping that Lucy would be able to open up to them about now. But something was just stopping her.

"Don't worry Mira!If I find out about anything I'll tell you!" Natsu said excitedly, pumping his fist in the air. It made Mira smile, because of the help that Natsu was giving. Deep down she was planning on asking him to 'try' and make her open up, since he was by far one of the most friendly members they had.

"Besides that,she seems different..." Natsu whispered to himself while he ate his food. He didn't notice that Mira was still there, because in his mind he thought she had left to serve the other members.

Mira smiled to herself, at what she heard from the dragon slayer. Maybe with him he could make her open up, and maybe experience things she had never experienced before.

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