Chasing Once More by Lunar Wave

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I am the Knight Master of the Grand Chase… Or used to be, at least. Now I spend my time in the service of the Queen of Serdin. The Grand Chase is now disbanded, as peace has finally come to the world. Kaze'aze defeated, Thanatos no longer wanting to dominate the world with his powers as the Ascendant God, and all sorts of defeats of the enemies from other continents including Archimedia and Alcubra. There were more, but I'd rather not name them now.

Elesis Sieghart, the former leader of the said group, is now, once more, leading the Ruby Knights of Kanavan and teaching them the arts of the sword. I had once visited Elesis in her camp. The savior said that she was getting bored of doing nothing but teach, but I can't help notice that she seemed to be enjoying the change of pace. The only bad news is that her father has not yet been returned.

Closer back home in Serdin, Arme had been promoted to being the Guild Master of the Violet Mages. The violet girl was shocked but she was also elated at the prospect of her new level in power. However, this kept her at the Guild, not allowing her to leave. She didn't seem to mind. I try to avoid visiting her as much as possible as she has a tendency to be experimenting when I come by, and I can't help the feeling that I'll be the one who will try it out.

Eryuell Island is a long way off, but I know Lire is doing well. Though only in rumors, I heard that because she is the first and currently the only Nova of the Island, she was promoted to the head officer of the Elven Corps. Of course the Council of Eryuell is still higher than her in ranks, but she is perfect for the role. I also heard that she was also a teacher of the bow. As many know, archers are powerful, but it takes years of training to be able to fight with it efficiently like Lire.

Lass, if I recall correctly, is doing well all the way in Ellia. After all, he is the current leader of the Silver Cross Town's Assassin Guild. No one knows what he is doing, as I myself have never been there. But the occasional letters addressed to Arme is telling them that he is doing alright. I had to laugh at why would Lass send the letters specifically to Arme, but I just shrugged it off.

Ronan is still the Royal Guard Master, but since the times have entered a state of peace, only the occasional thievery done by desperate or thrill-seeking people kept him occupied. The queen was not threatened by anything, but as Royal Guard Master, he had to stay ever vigilant. The only things that he does that is outside his work is probably sleeping and visiting Elesis at the training grounds. Gone were the days that free knights like Elesis is ignored by the Royal Guard. Now everyone of the Royal Guard would at least know the Ruby Knights. Especially since Ronan was actively courting Elesis.

Ryan, still a resident of the Elven Forest, is, as Magnus Dan had chosen him as his successor, is the highest ranking warrior of the Druids, and is keeping the peace of the forest. The forest, as he said, is not exactly the most peaceful place, but it is his home. The tree-hugging Druid is still stopping Trolls from harming the elven village in the forest. I visited him once or twice, and he was proving to still be the bright prank-loving Sentinel I have met.

Jin is spending his time trying to revive the Silver Knights. He spends his time training new members of the Silver Knights, with the occasional help coming from the latest Starlet of Xenia. He was doing well, as far as I'm concerned. The trainee Fighters are doing well, he says in his latest letters. But apparently, they're not good enough yet for the level of Shisa.

Now, it's Amy that I feel much more worried about. She travels around the world, doing performances in the places she visit. In her last letter, she said she's doing great, but I can't help but worry for the youngest female of the group. She had a penchant for being really klutzy when she's doing something important. I won't know where to contact her if I needed to. Oh well.

Sieghart? Well, he is at Kanavan, acting like a king. Mari is probably with him. Mari is probably one of the only people who can get him up, since she will always use him for experiments and such. Not always happy days for him. He also visits the Ruby Knights occasionally, just to help the teaching of the new knights.

As I had said before, Mari is with Sieghart in Kanavan. She is currently doing experiments with technology and the like. I heard she had installed a… umm… defense mechanism to the Kanavan Castle. Sorry… I don't know much about how you call that big dish with the stick in the middle and is apparently sending waves of… umm… I forgot… She had also apparently added a… loudspeaker? Was that what you call those odd cones that when someone from the… uh… reception room... speaks into, a part of the city or the whole city will hear. Agh! I just don't know about her.

Dio, Zero, and Ley? I have no clue where they are… But Dio does occasionally drop a letter or two from somewhere I don't know. Zero is a Wanderer, so like Amy, I can never tell where he is, and I would have no clue how to contact him if I needed to. Ley… Well she also drops the occasional letter, but not one of the three fighters has shown their faces. They're all doing well, I hope.

All in all, the whole of Grand Chase had gone their separate ways. But that's because they had finally reached the peaceful era that the Grand Chase had been working for. With Kaze'Aze's defeat, people had loved the Grand Chase. But now… maybe… they'll soon be forgotten.

Everything is fine. Everything is peaceful. Everything is simply… too perfect to last.

(Unknown Area)

A crumbled castle had come to view from within the Darkness. The castle had fallen long ago. What it was supposed to be, no one knows either. All people knew was it had been there for years. From within the halls, the throne room appeared. Except it wasn't much of a room. It looks as if it was to fall soon, and no one knew how it stayed that way when the rest of the castle had collapsed.

Three figures appeared in the throne room. One was mostly purple and orange, holding a sword. Another was hooded, a white mask that spoke of evil on its face, and a staff in his bony hands. The last one did not appear to have shape. Like a mist, it flew around.

"… You have grown weak and stupid." The purple one addressed the mist.

"That is not what I wish to hear from you, Gardosen." The purple mist angrily yelled at the purple swordsman. "Is everything ready for my revival?"

"The Lich has promised to help revive you, but we must prepare you to be strong enough to handle a bunch of meddling teenagers. You were defeated by six teenagers, and none of them at their fourth jobs." Gardosen replied. "Now they have become thirteen, and each one of them is powerful."

"No need to remind me, Gardosen." The mist snarled. "This Lich should do its best or otherwise he won't get what he wants."

"He is doing this for power." Gardosen replied. "He is willing to help us unleash the other creatures of the dead that they have defeated as long as we help him with the energy."

"The group doesn't exist anymore however. The group had disbanded long ago, if I recall correctly."

"This will be the third month they have had." Gardosen nodded.

"Well, how long will this resurrection work, Lich?"

"Seven months, my liege." The Lich replied. "For me to be able to restore you to double your original power, I'll need at least that much."

"I'm generous, Lich. Take as much time to make my power triple."

"That will take a full year at least." The Lich replied. The darkness gave a sign of approval. It then moved to the top of the castle.

"… This peace that they feel… It is too quiet." The darkness laughed. "But maybe, your lives, each and every one of them, will be destroyed by my hand, even as I am now."

"Lady Kaze'aze!" The Lich called. "We may now begin your return to your true and powerful form."

"Excellent…" Kaze'aze's mist moved back in. That night is what caused the peaceful era to be over.

Chapter End

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