Well, June 21, it's officially Summer. Which means the second part of the Gaara Trilogy story continues! Well, It seems this will have to be a Four Part story. This part is all on Takara's family and the love between Gaara and Takara can conquer all~… Yes you have to read this to understand the upcoming two. GOD Please don't skip, you'll regret it. ENJOY!

Heart of Ice, Heart of Fire

Chapter 1

::Takara Returns!::

"Please! One more!" Begged Kora as he and Takara stood in the Atsuikage's office.

Takara and her cousin just returned from –yet another- failed mission. Thanks to Kora's temper, they had failed most missions that included getting documents from one place to another. Kora would lose it, would destroy it by accident, or even have it taken from other ninja's ambushing them. Takara wanted to do these alone, but Kora refused to leave her side. Atsuikage had them as a team, since Takara had to learn teamwork, along with tempered Kora.

It had been nearly 4 months since the Chuunin Exams, things have changed. Takara made it to Chuunin, making her and Kora equal ranks. She wore the same gray vest but had it unzipped. Her attire was the same as when the day of the exams; she wore dark navy shorts that went past her knees with her kunai holster on her right leg and her ninja headband now around her neck. A white tank top reaching waist, the tank was over a tight light blue sweater with sleeves reaching her wrists nearly covering her hands. Her hands had fingerless gloves matching the color of the teal cloth headband. Her light blue sandals were the same, being the only ones that didn't have her toes covered. Her and Gaara sent letters to one another, but haven't seen one another since then. She missed him by the time she left the Sand and reached the Snow.

"No." Atsuikage said calmly, sitting at his desk looking through papers.

"Why not, Lord Atsuikage?"

"Does he really have to ask?" Tsudaki asked as it was a dumb question.

Takara rolled her eyes.

"Do I really need to explain, Kora? You failed me 6 D Missions, 4 C Missions, and 1 C Mission."

Kora was silent as he sat on the floor on his knees. "Well, Takara failed them too." He said pointing an accusing finger at her.

She glared him. "I'm not the one who lost their temper and nearly melted the ice forest on 3 of those missions."

Kora stood and looked to her. "Not you, Tsudaki!"


Tsudaki took control, in a flash Takara's hair and eyes changed. "If you're blaming me, you are beyond wrong! I've been behaving like the good little dragon that I am. Unlike someone…"

Kora's eyes flashed red as his voice changed. "What!"

Steam was smoking from Kora's now orange streaked hair. Kora lifted his arms, flames started to spark in his hands. Tsudaki raised her arms, ice formed and floated around in her hands. The Atsuikage sighed, this was the 6th time they started fighting.

"If you think you're so strong-"

"Go ahead! I dare you!"

"That's enough!" The Atsuikage's voice broke through the two.

Their hair and eyes changed back. They looked over, both were a bit lost on what had just happened. Their kage sighed heavily and stood. The cousins have been having this problem ever since they returned from the Sand.

"Kora, Takara," He stood and walked over to them putting each hand on their shoulder. "Maybe you two should take a break from all the missions."

"How do you mean?" Kora asked with his voice returned to normal.

"I mean relax, take a small vacation. And I know just the place!"

The cousins look at one another in confusion. What was he talking about? He smiled and finally said,

"I'm sending you both to stay at the Sand Village for a few months!"

Takara smiled, Kora frowned.



The Atsuikage nodded, with his arms behind his back. They turned to face him.

"You can be on your way tomorrow morning. I've spoken with the Sand Siblings, you can stay with them. Inform your family and get a good nights rest." He walked over and sat back down at his desk.

Takara smiled so brightly, it might just fall off. Kora frowned so much, it could fall off as well. Kora had hopped to never step foot in that desert waist land again! Takara prayed to see that red head boyfriend of hers.

"Thanks so much Kage-Sensei!" Takara cried scurrying over to hug her sensei.

He chuckled. "Of course Takara."

Kora growled and stomped out of the room. He slammed the door making the two look over. Takara sighed and left following after her cousin. The Atsuikage sighed and rubbed his head.

"Getting those two away from missions will help. Sending them to the Sand, I don't know…"

"Kora wait!" Takara called as he stomped through the snow of the village to their home.

He didn't listen and kept stomping his ay. Takara caught up and gave him that same stern look his father always gave him.

"Way to give respects to Kage-Sensei!"

He ignored her with that pissed off look on his face.

"Kora, we've been through this. If he's going to keep interfering…"

Kora gave another angry growl and ran off. Takara stopped and watch him fade into the distance. She sighed and scratched her head.

"I'm sorry, Takara." Said Tsudaki sounding guilty.

Takara shook her head. "Don't be, I don't blame you."

Takara started calmly walking home. She kicked some snow around her as she continued talking with Tsudaki.

"That jackass is really nerve wracking."

Takara scoffed. "You don't have to live with him. Though in a way you do too."

"Not Kora. I find him just plain annoying as usual."

Takara lifted her hand as she caught falling snow flakes in gloved palm. "Kora's temper is easy to ignore. But, it does trigger him to come out."

"Kanzu!" Tsudaki spat out his name.

Kanzu; the brother of Tsudaki. Yes, another dragon demon. Takara wasn't the only one who had a demon put in her. That same night, Kora has the same fate. Unlike Tsudaki, Kanzu is the complete opposite; personality and element. Kanzu is a demon that can control fire and heat elements. The demon was red and orange, when in control of Kora his eyes turned red and his spiky brown hair had orange streaks. Unlike the understanding and calm Tsudaki, Kanzu was temperamental and had little patience. It did explain Kora's personality down to the point. When he was under training, he was trained under his father. He was strict and never easy on him, the reason why he is stern to him today. It's all to keep Kora calm and under control of Kanzu.

"Think it's safe for him to go with us to the Sand?" Tsudaki asked.

She nodded. "In Gaara's last letter, he learned to control Shukaku better than before. Maybe Gaara can teach and help him."

Tsudaki disagreed. "But he hates Gaara with a passion!"

Takara shrugged and stopped in front of her huge home. "It's either that or we seal away Kanzu. And we know that won't work."

Tsudaki nodded. "Kanzu is more apart of Kora than I am to you. If Kanzu was sealed away, then it'd be fatal to him."

Takara faced the white clouded sky with a curious look. "Why is that, Tsudaki?"

"Kanzu knows this. So when he was sealed into your cousin, he made sure no other seal could seal him apart from Kora. If this happened, his body would become a soulless doll." Tsudaki explained.

She nodded. "Ah, that's right."

Takara decided to go inside her home. She lived with her mother, father, uncle, and cousin. Takarai and Korasai were on a mission so all was there was her mother in the kitchen and her cousin who knows where. Takara walked into the home, removing her sandals at the door.

"Mom! I'm home!" She announced.

"Kitchen!" Her mother responded.

Takara wondered down the hall and went into the kitchen finding her mother cooking dinner. She sat down at the table on the floor sitting on a navy blue cushion. Her mother turned from stirring the pot on the stove to great her daughter. Noa Yoshi was her mother's name. She had light brown wavy hair that reached midway down her back and big green eyes. It was obvious Takara had her eyes from her mother, but hair mixed from both parents. Noa had a much curved figure and was former BLACK OP. She originally came from the Leaf village but came to the Snow to work an alliance many years ago. Then she met Takarai and well, that's her own love story. She smiled softly at her daughter and gave her a quick squeeze of a hug.

"Did Kora return?" She asked as her mother retuned to the stove.

"Yes, he went straight to his room."

She turned to Takara. "I asked him if something was wrong, but he just stomped to his room. He sure is acting like a child, did something happen?"

Takara sighed . "He's mad about something Kage-Sensei said."

Noa turned back to her pot and got three plates and put them on the counter. "What did he say?"

She put some fresh noodles on the plate and placed it in front of Takara on the table. Noa poured the same kid of noodles on the other two plated, put on in Noa's spot next to Takara and on her right where her mother sat. Takara poked at her noodles waiting for it to cool.

"Kage-Sensei told us we'll be relaxing for a while, so he's sending us to the Sand." Takara said.

Noa smiled. "Oh Takara, that's good! You get to see Gaara, right?"

Takara blushed and nodded, but it quickly went away. "But Kora doesn't want to go. It would be best if he went, Gaara could help him with controlling Kanzu."

Noa gave a worried look. "Oh, don't tell me he's acting up again."

She nodded. "Afraid so. Him and Tsudaki –who I do not blame- were fighting again today."

Noa nodded in understanding and ate a bit of her noodles.

Takara continued to poke at hers. "I just hope nothing deadly serious happens between him and Gaara."

Noa gave a motherly smile. "Let's worry later. Right now, let's eat."

Takara nodded and started eating her own noodles.

In the bedroom upstairs of Kora Yoshi, he sat in his room. He had a few candles lit in the room and was meditating He was trying to calm himself, his soul, and his demon. He inhaled and exhaled, the candle glowing up and down. He controlled fire, and this was a good practice for it. But Kanzu refused to be calm, he was nagging inside Kora's mind.

"That little bitch thinks she can take me…" Kanzu grumbled referring to his sister Tsudaki.

"It's better to let it go." Whispered Kora.

"No! I refused! To make matters worse, we have to go to the Sand."

"If Takara was going, I planned on going anyway. It's best you shut up and calm down" He retorted.

Kanzu growled. "How dare you!"

When Kanzu yelled, the flames burst up. Kora jumped back, fearing to be burned. The flames swirled around Kora, surrounding him. He had fear on his face, another thing Kanzu could do. He could still control fire without taking over Kora's body.

"You will not order me about! Without me, you'd be nothing!"

"I-I apologize! Please, stop!" Kora begged keeping his arms to himself.

The flames disappeared making the room pitch black dark. Kora didn't hear Kanzu anymore, he fell to his knees. He was trapped, unlike Takara, there was no escape for him…