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Heart of Ice, Heart of Fire

Chapter 10

::Lying First::

"If that wasn't the most awkward way to greet someone, I don't know what is." Chuckled Takara as she and Ririsa walked around the village. She didn't want Gaara to be her next victim, so the blue headed ninja decided to show her friend around.

"What else pops into your head when you meet a brow-less person?" Ririsa asked shrugging her shoulders.

"How about, 'hello'? 'Nice to meet my friend's boyfriend'?" Takara suggested as they reached a tea shop.

Ririsa crossed her arms as they sat down across from each other. "Well, those didn't cross my mind." She smiled at the waitress. "Green tea will do."

Takara held up a hand "Regular."

The waitress nodded and left. Ririsa smirked. "Regular? You make is as if you live here."

Takara laughed. "That will never happen." She blew cold air on her hands. "I wouldn't be able to stand the temperature."

Ririsa rolled her eyes. "What if Gaara wants you to move here?"

The blue haired ninja shook her head, putting her chin in her hand as her elbow propped up on the table. "I don't think Gaara would be that committed. No, I mean… He knows I can't live much under heat standards. I haven't been able to control my body temperature to perfection to live in anything hotter than that desert."

The elder female shrugged and the waitress returned with two cups. She placed them on the table and earned a thank you as she bowed and returned to the other customers. Takara placed her hands between her cup, making the steam come to a stop. She picked up the now cold tea and sipped on it.

"So, how's Tsudaki been?" Ririsa asked leaning on the table with crossed arms.

Takara sighed. "Better than her brother."

"Really? How so?"

Takara explained her and Tsudaki's situation as detailed and quietly as possible. She didn't need any of this reaching her family or Gaara. Tsudaki would pop up to put in things as far as she would know as to why her brother would do this. It was all a blank mystery to her, but maybe Ririsa knew something.

"So, know anything of these two?" Takara asked. "Kanzu said to ask his sister, but Tsudaki doesn't know anything about it."

Ririsa shook her head. "I've studied as much as I can on the nine demons, barely any information is given for Tsudaki and Kanzu. Maybe our kage or Hokage knows something?"

Takara sighed and laid her head on the table. "I can't let them know. Kanzu probably won't tell me, but it's worth asking."

Ririsa gave her a concerned frown. "Does Gaara know?"

"No, he doesn't need to know."

"But it'd be better if he knew, wouldn't it?" She urged.

She sat up. "If he knew, he would try to fight Kanzu himself, besides… I, uh, agreed not to tell anyone."

Ririsa gave her a blank stare. "…You just told me."

"Yea, but I know you would be the best friend in the worlds and keep this between us." The elder ninja stared at her. Takara folded her hands together. "Please?" She begged.

Ririsa sighed. "Fine, only because you agreed to Kanzu, and I know his deals are worse than Tsudaki's."

Takara smiled. "You're a good friend."

Her friend only sighed, seeing trouble arise from all of this.

Upon the roof of the Kazekage mansion, Gaara stood there watching over the village. He was told he probably wouldn't have a mission for a while and was told to relax. He couldn't even think to since the late Kazekage, his father, died. The elders say they will take care of things, but Gaara had his doubts. It felt something wrong was about to happen, he didn't know what. Something amiss itching at the back of his mind just wouldn't let him be. Gaara had the very right to feel this.

"So, have you and Gaara kissed?" Came a nosey voice.

Sea foam eyes glanced down finding his blue haired girlfriend and her childhood friend walking back. It was a bit of a surprise to hear them clear as day, though Ririsa might just have a voice that carries.

"Of course. We first kissed when I was at the hospital." Takara responded as if it was nothing.

"Nothing further?" Ririsa hinted.

"Riri, we're only 13 years old."

"Okay, yea true. But you should be getting those hormones." They stopped walking, Ririsa crossed her arms. "It wasn't until I was 12 when my hormones kicked in."

"Well, you grew up to fast. I'm still trying to maintain my kid years." Takara looked to the side. "Which is hard with a boyfriend and already having your first kiss taken away."

Gaara knelt down to hear more. First kiss? Wasn't back at the hospital their first kiss? What did she mean?

Ririsa stepped up to her. "You mean someone kissed you before Gaara? Who? Does Gaara know?"

"No, no!" Takara exclaimed. "And he will never know."

"Who kissed you?" Her brows rose. "It wasn't his brother, was it?"

Takara sighed and put her hand over her eyes to shade from the sun. "No, Kankuro didn't kiss me. It was back at the Chūnin Exams."

Gaara thought on who it would be. Not Naruto or Sasuke, they were too focused on their test. Takara wasn't really friendly with anyone else other than those two… Unless.

"Do I know him?" Ririsa was eager to know.

"He's around your age, and we thought he was a Leaf Village ninja. His name is Kabuto Yakushi."

The red head's eyes went wide with pure shock. Gaara knew something was wrong with Takara more than he thought. He didn't expect this though.

"Kabuto?" Ririsa cupped her chin. "I've heard of that name, along with Orochimaru."

Takara nodded. "Orochimaru killed Gaara's father, also the third Hogake of the Leaf Village.'' She crossed her arms and closed her eyes. "I don't know why Kabuto had Tsudaki sealed away, he said not to get involved. Probably because the Sand Village was in with them."

Her friend nodded. "It must have been because he knew you knew the Sand Siblings, mostly Gaara. I mean, everyone knows your past with Gaara."

The blue haired head turned slowly to her friend. "Everyone?" Her face was if shock, not expecting everyone to know her past. Ririsa nodded, the blue hair fell as she hung her head. "Great, that's nice to know."

The two walked inside, Gaara stood and watched the night sky darken black. A sigh escaped his lips as he turned to return inside, he felt a sand storm coming that night.

"Whoa, look at that storm." Ririsa leaned against the wall of the living room. Kankuro and Temari sat on the couch with their own things; Takara was reforming some water to entertain herself, her cousin sitting next to her reading a book. Her mother was in the kitchen making a stew. Gaara was not there, but assumed to be in his room.

"What are storms like in your village?" Temari asked fanning herself after recently taking a shower.

"Horrible." Kora said putting the book in his lap and looking over. "When you got iced and stone homes, it's a bitch-"

"Korasia!" His aunt scolded from the kitchen, threatening with a wooden spoon. He cringed. "I mean, pain." She smiled returning to her pot of stew. "It's a pain to keep the wind and hail from pelting your home into nothing." He leaned back with crossed legs. "Then when the storm is over, we find ice and snow stuck on the side wherever the wind is blowing. You can imagine the fun carving your house back to its original shape."

Ririsa gave a bellowed laugh. "Nothing will beat when you had to get on the roof and you got so mad, you melted through the roof and right into Takara's room in the middle of her getting dressed! Ahaha!" The cousins blushed remembering that, it was about 3 years ago that happened.

"Yea, I nearly lost a good pair of-" WACK! "Ow!" He glared up at his aunt who wacked him with said spoon on the head to keep him from saying inappropriate words. "What? I was just gonna say hands, or eyes, feet!"

She smiled and patted his head, with her hand this time. "Just as I was checking the thickness of your skull, sweetheart."

Everyone laughed as Kora pouted, rubbing his head. He blushed more when Noa kissed his head, asking if it helped his 'boo-boo'. Takara got up and left to see where her boyfriend was. She knew he would join, but it was close to dinner time, was he even in the house?

Going down the hall, she found his room and knocked on it. "Gaara? You in there?" She knocked again, then heard the lock clicked. Why did he lock it? It opened, and it was found that his sand opened it as he retreated back to the gourd against the bed. Said red head sat in the dark, only light coming from the lamp on his bed side. It lit the room in a sand like color with a bit of orange touching the ceiling. He had his legs crossed and was wiping stuff of the bed, as if it was crumbs or dust. Takara smiled and closed the door behind her. "I was getting a tad worried, with the storm," She sat across from him on the bed; he looked down at his lap. "I didn't know if you were out there or not."

He shook his head, not looking up. "I was in here, working."

She tilted her head. "Working on what? Justus or such?"

"Yea," He said and looked out his window. She did the same and sighed. He looked to her, she held a soft smile with her green eyes looking out the window. Sand and wind mixing together passing the window with swirls and such. He thought about what she and Ririsa talked about, he wanted to talk about it. But at the same time didn't. Kankuro once told him…

"Little bro, when it comes to girls, the first kiss they always make a big deal off."

Two weeks before Takara would arrive, the brothers walked through the village just finishing a mission. They were heading back to the mansion, but now shopping through the market for Temari. She was to cook… Again. Gaara didn't know why, where, or what brought this subject to his elder brother. He must have been in a big brother mood.

"Don't ask why, but for some reason, the first kiss is always a big deal." He said as he picked some plants from a stand.

Gaara couldn't help but not listen to when he said, 'don't'. "But, why is it?"

Kankuro took in hiss as he continued collecting. "I don't know, some say your first kiss is to be chosen for your true love. You know, true love's first kiss?"

Gaara furrowed. "You got that from Temari's old books when she was a kid." He was no fool.

"Well…" He tried to think of something, then it clicked. "Remember when you and Takara were going at it in the hospital?"

Heat rose in the younger brother's cheeks as he glared the brunette. "It was a kiss, we were, um, 'going at it'."

He shrugged. "Well, remember how it felt, kissing Takara for the first time? Kissing for the first time?" The red head nodded, how could he forget? It was the most spontaneous and greatest feeling he ever felt kissing Takara. He never thought he could gain such a feeling, and he still felt like it whenever they kissed. Before she left of course. "Well, that feeling should always be with you even after the first kiss. Showing it was meant to be." He grinned. "You and Takara were indeed meant to be."

Gaara smiled to himself, feeling praise from his elder brother. It was weird, but nice all the same time. "But…"

Gaara's smile fell. "But what?"

Kankuro starting paying for the plants and other foods. "I know Takara was your first kiss. But, there could be a chance that you weren't her's."

It was a fearful thought that evil elder brother accidently put in his head. He wanted to know what Takara felt with Kabuto taking her first kiss. Was it the same as his? Just has powerful?

"Gaara? Something wrong?" He jumped back to reality, finding his girlfriend looking with concerned eyes. Her hand came and touching his cheeks. "You looked mad, is something wrong? Did my cousin annoy you again?"

He shook his head, "No, nothing of that sort."

She took her hand back. "Then what?" She leaned forward, as he looked out the window again.

Gaara looked to the corner of his eyes, and his body took over itself. He turned and leaned into Takara. He rammed his lips onto hers, giving her a shocking kiss. She didn't expect it, as well as him pulling away too fast for her to return it. He looked into her eyes. "How did that kiss feel?" She blinked at him. "Was it bad? Good? Please be truthful."

Takara knew what he was doing, and scooted closer to him. "Obviously something is on your mind." Gaara had a look that said, 'how'd you know?' "You always seem distant when something is wrong, mostly when with me. Who put what in your head this time."

He gave a sigh. "I… I wasn't your first kiss, was I?" He glanced to her seeing she was surprised by his question. "Kabuto," His hands gripped the material of his pants. "He got your first kiss, what was it like? Was it like mine?"

Takara looked down sadly. "Gaara, he stole it. And no, I hated it. It was, scary." He looked over, she starting rubbing her arm anxiously. "Remember when we were kind of making out here earlier?" His silence was taken as a yes. "Well, I stopped because, he came into my mind. His hands were all over my back and waist, as if looking for something. His tongue rolled around in my mouth, despite my attempts to keep it out, it was gross." She closed her eyes. "It was scary, as well, since it was a plan to seal Tsudaki away."

Gaara lunged and hold her close. Takara wrapped her arms around him tightly. "I'm sorry, I didn't know. If I would've known…"

"You would've killed him." She said for him, earning a nod she felt over her head. She moved to sit in his lap, he still held her close. He feel foolish, again for feeling like this. As a boyfriend, he shouldn't be accusing or being so weak to Takara. Temari taught him a boyfriend does everything to make the girlfriend happy, not the other way around. Yet with Kankuro's theories, it seemed as if you had to accuse the girlfriend of everything the boyfriend felt wrong with… Why again did he listen to him? He needed to stop doing so.

"Guys? Dinner's ready." Ririsa opened Gaara's door, hoping to find Takara and Gaara there. She checked Takara's it being empty. So, why not Gaara's? Peeking in, she found Gaara sitting up in the bed with a sleeping Takara sitting between his legs against his chest. She faced the door, as her eyes were closed and her mouth parted to breathe easier than her nose. Sea foam eyes looked up, and put a finger to his mouth, signaling she was indeed asleep. Ririsa nodded and mouthed 'dinner' to him. He nodded and she left, knowing they'd be there soon. Or eat later that night.

Gaara looked outside, the storm passing, which didn't take long. The night sky was clear, and the stars sparkled, with the moon glowing into the room. He easily reached over, turning the lamp off, letting the moon light turn the room yellow to baby blue. He laid his head on top of Takara's holding her hands, lacing the fingers together. Gaara had to be the happiest guy in the village, nothing could ruin his love with Takara.

A pair of red eyes saw all the difference, and saw the plot to tear the two apart. All for his enjoyment.