Warnings: Homophobia

Lie to Me

The truth is a dangerous thing. It turns men into sobbing children, women into lying snakes, anything to keep the reign of dishonesty going. Lying works, lying is safe… lies never hurt anyone. The truth is what brings pain. But you said you wanted the truth, and I'll give it to you. I'll always give you anything you want, even if it hurts me, even if I can feel it tearing me apart. Because that's what love is.

Don't look so disgusted, you knew I loved you. You've known it from that moment in the locker room, the air dank and heavy around us as you screamed abuse at me. You looked so beautiful then. Don't flinch away, it's true. You looked so goddamn beautiful, mine for the taking. And so I took, I stole; I ripped your first kiss from your lips with as little care or sympathy as possible. Because I never wanted to feel this way.

You look like such a fucking girl Hummel, do you know that? In your tight pants and your women's sweaters, at first I thought that was all it was. The jock looking at the fag just because he was confused. It started with just you, and then it grew. Suddenly it was Hudson, Evans, even Azimio… I was hyperaware of all these boys and that was your fault. It still is your fault.

But I know now… it's more than that. It's the way you smile, the way you talk, the cute way you turn your nose up at Lima because you think you're better than this place. And you are. For god's sake Hummel, stop looking at me like that. You asked for the truth and that's what I'm giving you. Nothing more and nothing less.

I can see the bruises on your back from the locker slam earlier, the way you slid to the floor, tears in your eyes. You think I do that to fit in, or to punish you for making me this way, don't you? I don't. The truth is, I want to hurt you just to hear you screaming my name. The way you murmur it as you slump to the floor is like a drug to me, an obsession I can't get free of.

There now, you see what I mean? You're hunched over on the floor of the choir room, sucking in shocked breaths and fumbling for you phone so that you can get your faggot boyfriend to come protect you. All because I told the truth.