"Wow", said Dankey Kong as the group arrived outside a huge gothic-looking castle. "That's got to be the biggest Seagull I've ever seen!"
The others looked at him, confused by the statement.
"I call Castles "seagulls"", explained Dankey Kong. "It says so in the manual of Dankey Kang Country 4".
"Manual?" said Ike. "What kind of Manual do you speak of? And what is Dankey Kang Country 4?"
"It's my game!" said Dankey Kong. "My name is Dankey Kong, and I'm the star of the well known, popular Dankey Kang Country series of games!"
There was silence for a few seconds.
"What the devil are you talking about?", said Link, as Kirby, Wolf and Ike simply walked away into the castle.
"Forget it", said a disheartened Dankey Kong.
"Anyway, welcome to Castle Wolfheart", said Link. "It was made over 200 years ago by a vampire known to be the most powerful in the world; Lord Mewtwo".
"Mewtwo?" said Dankey Kong.
"Yes", said Link. "He built it for the Werewolves, as a place to live where they wouldn't risk killing their friends and families but also wouldn't be alone".
Link sighed. "He was also the last vampire who looked out for the Werewolves and humans. Since Mewtwo's death, vampires have seen werewolves as nothing more than prey, wiping them out either to protect themselves or to evolve their powers by drinking Werewolf Blood. And then there are the Vampire Slayers, Mayor Dedede's little group, hunting down Vampires and Werewolves alike. Just a bunch of kids and lab experiments if you ask me, Toon Link and Pit may be skilled, and Pikachu, Pichu and that automaton, ROB or whatever they called it may be strong, but they're no match for Vampires, and their leader Roy died when they last tried to pick off a vampire. We've lost many of our friends since Count Mario took over as head vampire. Young Link, Fox, Captain Falcon, Bowser, Yoshi..."
"Hey, Link, who's the ape?" asked a voice from inside. The speaker turned out to be Wario, sitting in a torn armchair in the living room along with Lucario and Lucas.
"This is..." began Ike, before realising he didn't know said ape's name.
"Dankey Kong", said Dankey Kong.
"This is Dankey Kong, he'll be stating here a little while. Dankey Kong, these are Lucas, our resident psychic, Lucario, an Aura user, and Wario, the only werewolf ever to destroy a vampire whilst not transformed, and the Langsuir known as Falco, no less"
"Who is he? Is he a werewolf?" asked Lucas.

"What happened out there?" Lucario asked Ike.
"Sonic and the others took the Lunar Catalyst to fight off the vampires", said Link. "They were all there, the Count, Marth, Meta Knight, all of them".

Dankey Kong started writing in a notebook. Link looked over his shoulder to see what he was writing.

Werewolves: Sonic, Kirby, Samus, Popo, Nana, Wolf, Lucario, Link, Ike,
Lucas and Wario

Vampires: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Marth, Metaknight, Zelda, Ness, the
Pokémon Trainer and Olimar

Vampire Slayer: Toon Link, Pit, ROB, Pikachu, Pichu

Mayor: Dedede

Other/Unknown: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Mr. Game and Watch, Jigglypuff

Deceased: Mewtwo (V), Young Link (W), Fox (W), Falco (V), Captain
Falcon (W), Bowser (W), Roy (VS), Yoshi (W), Ganondorf (W)

"What is that you're writing?" asked Link.
"It's a list of some people I know and how they're different in this world", said Dankey Kong.
"This world?" said Link in surprise.

"Guys, Dankey Kong says he comes from another world!" said Lucas.
"Maybe in his world, or another like it, they have sufficient scientific knowledge to reverse the Lunar Catalyst to cure Lycanthropy!"
"Lucas..." began Ike.
"If we had a cure, we could make a deal with the Slayers. Tell them that we'll cure ourselves if they help us wipe out Count Mario! We'll prove it works by curing one of us, then we can..."
"We don't even know how Dankey Kong got here, let alone if he can get
back the same way", said Ike.
"But it's worth a shot, isn't it?" said Lucas.
Ike sighed. "Alright, we'll take a look in the morning. Anyone want to
accompany Lucas and Dankey Kong?"
The room suddenly went silent, no-one wanting to volunteer, except for
Kirby, who immediately put his hand up.
"Well, I guess..." began Link, before there was a knock on the door.
"Who is it?" asked Ike as Wolf got up to look through an eye slot.
"It's Sonic", said Wolf. "And the Count is with him".
"WHAT?", cried everyone.