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Title: Long Hot Summer

Author: WithTheGrain

Spoiler: None

Pairing: Abby/Gibbs

A/N: Written for the Gibbs/Abby Shipper Forum weekly Creative Drive for the prompt 'Summer'.

The weather in D.C. was hot and dry. Eleven days had gone by without a drop of rain. The sky was continually bright and blue, letting the sun scorch the ground causing plants to shrivel and wilt. Heat built up in the cement that covered the city, only to be released after dark, so the metropolis didn't seem to ever cool. Heat index warnings were posted daily as temperatures soared into the dangerous zone.

Friday evening, Gibbs walked through his front door feeling the air inside close, stuffy, and hot. He had just spent the last two hours in the gym with his team, working on training exercises. Boxing, weight lifting, grappling, and ending with a two mile run. But that had all taken place inside an air conditioned building; cooled air, controlled to a precise temperature. It had been a while since the team had been in the gym and it had been easy for him to see which of his agents had been keeping their skills refined. He made a mental note to make sure DiNozzo got his ass in the gym at least as often as McGee.

Upon walking out of the NCIS building, the heat had engulfed him like a raging fire. Immediately, his body began to sweat, and all he was doing was walking to his car. He had driven home with the windows open, feeling the rush of the hot breeze blowing through his vehicle. But now he was home, still dressed in his workout clothes, intent on taking a long cool shower before throwing a thick steak on his outdoor grill. First, however, he strode through his living room, cranking open the casement windows, hoping to get some air movement in the downstairs.

When he finally made it upstairs, the house was even hotter. Every day since the heat wave had begun, he came home to a stifling house, unable to relax inside because of the uncomfortable warmth. Usually, however, by the time the sun set, the outdoors was beginning to cool and he set a fan in his bedroom window, pulling in the refreshing air.

Striding across his bedroom, he removed his watch and set it next to the lamp, beside his bed. Then lifting one foot at a time onto the seat of a chair near the nightstand, he untied his shoes and removed them, followed by his white cotton socks. It was as he turned to head for his en-suite bathroom, that a movement caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. Looking towards his bedroom window, peering through the sheer curtains, he could just make out a figure standing at the far end of his yard.

Gibbs stepped closer to the window and used two fingers to slowly move the curtain out of the way. Getting a clearer view, he saw the NCIS forensic scientist standing beside his small flower garden, hose in hand, spraying water over the wilted marigolds, petunias, and creeping phlox.

He was about to turn around and head out to greet her, when he saw her turn the spray from the nozzle of the hose up into the air so that she stood directly beneath the falling cool water. For several seconds she refreshed herself, dampening her hair and green t-shirt. When Abby turned the hose back towards the thirsty plants, she bent over at the waist to pluck a few weeds from the flower bed.

Gibbs couldn't help but let his eyes drift from her slender bare feet, up her long bare legs, to the smallest black shorts he had ever seen her wear. Since she was bent over, they rode higher, exposing a small amount of the bottom swell of her behind. Gibbs' eyes suddenly caught sight of a tattoo he had never seen before. It just peaked out from the bottom hem of her shorts on her left cheek. Leaning forward, closer to the window, he tried to figure out what the tattoo was, but then Abby straightened and it quickly disappeared.

The sight of a new tat on such a private area of Abby's body had created a tightening in Gibbs' groin. In his numerous fantasies, he had removed her clothing countless times, but never had he imagined a tattoo in that location. Of course she had tattoos that he had never seen, but to now see one briefly on her sexy tight ass, would add a whole new dimension to his imaginations. It would be even better though, if he knew what the hell it was!

Gibbs was caught off guard again when he saw Abby take a couple of sidesteps, then once again bend over. He leaned in towards the window, eyes squinting, pulse pounding. God, what a beautiful ass she had! Her tight shorts and indiscreet position gave him a view that would surely haunt his dreams. He could only see part of the tattoo and hoped that she would lean over just a little… bit… further.

After picking a few weeds, Abby straightened and directed the spray of water to another area. Gibbs gave a soft audible groan and saw Abby quickly turn, as if she were expecting to find someone behind her. Jerking back from the window, he let the curtain fall to its original position. He knew there was no way that she had heard his groan.

The thought of being caught spying had an immediate calming effect on Gibbs and he quickly pulled himself together. He trotted downstairs and out his backdoor. His favorite co-worker wasn't aware of his approach, but he quickly decided it wasn't a good idea to sneak up on her this time, as he didn't trust what she might do with that water hose if he did. As he walked barefoot across the cool grass, he called out her name.

Abby turned her head and gave him a warm smile. "Hey, Gibbs! You just get home?"

"Yeah," he responded, stepping up beside her. His eyes scanned over the wet flower bed. "How long you been here?"

Abby shrugged one shoulder. "About a half hour and it's a good thing I came over. I can see you haven't been taking your responsibilities as a gardener very seriously. These poor flowers were almost dead! But I think I'll be able to revive them."

"Been busy, Abbs," he said, by way of explanation. "But I know if anyone can save them, you can." Leaning over, he gave her a quick kiss high on her cheek. She smelled damp and warm and better than the flowers growing in his garden. Gibbs had to resist the urge to slip his arm around her waist and pull her into his side.

God, what was it about hot weather that got him so easily aroused? Long hot summer days always caused an ache in his loins and a yearning in the pit of his stomach. He always assumed that it had something to do with the scorching heat and the thought of scantily clad women that made him easily provoked and hungering for the close company of a beautiful woman. Now here Abby was, in his backyard, looking cool and comfortable, sexy as hell in her little black shorts and tight green tee. Her hair glistened with water and had smelled heavenly when his nose had pressed against her temple. He could feel a slow steady pulse begin in his groin.

"You know, today is the first day of summer," Abby stated, breaking into his thoughts. "It's the longest day of the year."

Gibbs' eyes fell down the length of her smooth legs. "Longer than twenty-four hours?" he asked casually.

Playfully, Abby pushed her shoulder against his. "Of course not, Gibbs. I guess I should say that today has the longest period of daylight. It's called the summer solstice and occurs when the Earth's axis tilt is most inclined towards the sun at its maximum. The summer solstice is in June, here in the Northern Hemisphere and in December in the Southern Hemisphere."

Gibbs nodded at her lengthy explanation. "And starting tomorrow, the daylight hours will slowly begin to shorten."

Abby watched the water spray over the garden and soak into the parched ground. "You knew all of that already, didn't you?"

"Uh huh," he replied with a small grin. "There's a couple of weeds there, Abbs," he said pointing to the spot in front of her foot.

Abby leaned over to pick the weeds and Gibbs tilted backwards, his eyes searching for a good look at that tattoo. Suddenly, Abby straightened and stared at him. "What were you looking at?" she asked firmly.

"I was just looking to see if there were any more weeds that needed pulling." He was always good at coming up with quick improvised responses.

Abby studied his face, looking for any hint of guilt. "Sure you were," she said, releasing the handle on the nozzle, which terminated the spray of water. "I guess I'm done here."

Gibbs had to turn away quickly, lest she notice the not-so-innocent look in his eyes. "You want to stay for supper?" he asked, walking back towards the house. "I can throw another steak on the grill for you."

Abby watched him and was almost positive that he had been looking at her ass. She had also caught his eyes earlier roaming over her legs and breasts. The man was shameless, even if he did try to hide it! It made her want him even more! This damn hot unrelenting weather was playing havoc with her more sensitive impulses. Only during the summer were her eyes able to feast upon tempting amounts of skin bared by the man she adored and longed for. It was exasperating that he never wore less than shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. Last summer she had tried to talk him in to wearing a tank top, but he had declined, saying it wasn't his style.

What she did next, could only be explained by the extreme heat pushing her desires to the limit. Squeezing the handle on the nozzle, she turned the strong spray of water onto the back of Gibbs, causing the man the flinch in surprise and round on her. She had only dampened his shirt a little and the look on his face was comical. Quickly, she released the handle but held tight to the hose. Her shoulders started to shake as she released a fit of giggles.

"You shouldn't have done that, Abbs," he warned and slowly stalked towards her.

Abby held up the nozzle, pointing it directly at his chest. "Don't come any closer, Gibbs." The look in his eyes was predatory, but he had to be kidding! Right? "On second thought, I think you need a cold shower!" she squealed, squeezing the nozzle and sending a flood of water cascading over his entire front. He made a quick movement and Abby ran, spraying the water over her shoulder at her pursuer. She shrieked when she felt his fingers grasping at her hips, then he dragged her back against his body, wrapped his arms around her tightly, and reached for the hose. Abby twisted the hose in one last desperate attempt and the spray hit Gibbs full in the face.

He had her elbows pinned to her sides as he pulled the hose out of her hands. "You have no idea what you've just done," he growled against her ear.

Abby could feel the wetness from his body seeping into her back. The water was cold, but it quickly became heated between their bodies as she tried desperately to squirm out of his grasp. They were bent over, struggling against one another, his groin pressed against her ass. Abby continued to shriek and squeal as she fought to wiggle free. "Abby, be quiet! Ssshhhhhh!" Gibbs hissed and started to laugh. "The neighbors are gonna come running if you don't be still!"

Either she didn't hear him or she didn't care, because she didn't stop and he flung the hose to the ground, twisted her in his arms, and covered her mouth with his, absorbing her noises. Her screams quickly turned to whimpers as Gibbs pulled her hips flush and ground against her. Abby's arms flew around his neck and her fingers threaded through his sopping hair. She was quickly becoming as wet as he was as she pressed against his water soaked shirt and shorts. Gibbs' tongue frantically tangled with hers, as if they only had a few seconds time. A low groan escaped his throat as Abby slid her hand to the front of his shorts and rubbed along his erection.

A car horn blasted from the direction of the street and Abby suddenly pulled back. "Oh, god, I gotta go," she stated through a haze of passion. But Gibbs pulled her into another heated kiss until the horn sounded again. This time Abby pushed back against his shoulders and she felt his hands slide over her hips then fall to his sides. She watched his blue eyes open, glazed over from their intense encounter. Quickly, she started back-peddling towards the street. "I have to go, Gibbs," she tried to explain while still panting from their passionate kisses. "I promised my girlfriends I'd go with them tonight."

Gibbs' focus cleared as he watched her back away. "You're just going to leave me here like this?" he asked, spreading his hands out, palms up.

Abby stopped and took in the sight of the gorgeous man several feet away. Water dripped from his hair and shorts. His wet shirt clung to his upper body, which was clearly well toned. The front of his soaked shorts bulged with his obvious arousal. "I know… I can't believe it either… that I'm leaving," she said softly and fought the urge to run back into his sodden arms. She started walking backwards, towards the car that had honked yet again.

"I hope you know I'll get you back for this," he smirked.

"For what?" Abby teased. "For getting you wet or for leaving you utterly turned on!"

"Both!" Gibbs growled then dashed to grab the hose off the lawn.

Abby spun and sprinted towards the street. "I'm going to hold you to that, Gibbs," she shouted over her shoulder, then disappeared around the corner of the house.

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