Hey, it's me Momo; I am back my little Zeki lovers. I totally apologize for the awfulness of that first chapter… I realize how bad it was and the lack of plot… it was so very short as well. Well I have been pondering life's many great Questions and have decided that sadly kaname is going to be in this chapter as well. Please do not eat my soul, I kinda need it. Eat jenniecow she is much tastier. Yes I did just throw her under the bus so to speak ;)

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So without further ado here is chapter two…

I turn my head to the light that is peering out from the cracks in my silk curtains. What's the point of the blasted things if they don't even block out the light? Stupid lights, stupid curtains, stupid sensitive eyes… I sit up quickly, too quickly, and grab my head as the world starts to spin; a sharp pain in my throat and head makes me gasp. This has to be the world's worst blood lust/hangover thingy ever to grace gods green earth. But I didn't even drink anything… I think. I know that I am still thirsty by the never ending burning in my throat. A picture of Zero flashes through my mind making the blood lust even more prominent, thus answering my drinking question. For the first time since I have awoken I take in the scenery, back in my grand room in the kuran manor. Still caged. Still alone. I get up slowly getting out of my cloths from yesterday. They drop to the floor and make an expensive pool around my bare legs. I step out and turn to my ridiculously large closet which is stuffed to the nines with frilly girly clothes. I would kill for a pair of shorts and a t-shirt but instead I put on a white summer dress, ruffles and all. I turn to the mirror that hangs to the right of my rose bed and look at myself. A sad homely little creature stares back at me, her eyes shine with a ghost of thirst still flickering there. Her long brown falls around her, messy and wild. She looks like an idiot in this most likely overpriced dress; it takes me a while to realize that I am the lonely girl in the reflection. When I smile she smiles, but even our smiles are hollow now. I turn from the mirror disgusted with what I just saw, and decide to turn towards the double doors that will lead me out to the hallway. I take a left turn and then two rights and find myself standing in the middle of the large study (are you noticing a pattern...). Behind a dark beautiful mahogany desk sits an even more beautiful man. Dark hair covers his bright red eyes which rest on a perfectly chiseled pale face. He is here, I feel my heart soar. He didn't leave. Yet…

"Kaname." He lifts his head up and gives me a perfectly straight smile. He stands and walks over to me. He runs one of his hands through my hair the other pulls at my chin, lightly asking permission. I know what he wants and give it to him. I stand on my toes wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. (Me: I am sorry, don't kill me! You: You said this was a Zeki! I go and hide behind Idol-chan) He gives me a predator like smile it makes me want to push away from him, but I don't. I can't hurt this man, like I hurt Zero. Zero! Just that one simple word makes my throat burn and my heart ache with longing. My eyes flash red for nearly a second maybe less, but Kaname still notices.

"You are thirsty." He says a demand more than a question. He wants me to bite him, to be satisfied by his blood and his blood alone. But I can't, I just can't. I want to, I really do, but still he is there, Zero. He is always on mind, forever frowning at my vampire like nature, the animal in me that he can't destroy or protect me from. He is forever alone just like me. God how I wish that there was a little fix it button that I could just press and it would take away all his pain. Yet, I know that these thoughts, if known by Kaname, would most likely cause him infinite amounts of pain.

"uh… Yuki?" His voice brings me back from my thoughts. He has his head cocked to the side much like a puppy. It's so innocent almost laugh but know that it would be inappropriate. After a few moments of awkward silence he decides to take the matter into his own hands with a cold grin on his face. He wraps one of his strong arms around my slender waist, crushing my body to his. The other hand grabs my hair pulling it aside so that he has full view of my neck. He jerks my head back and I let out a moan of pain. I panic, he is so forceful tonight, and I hate to say it but I am scared, terrified really. Oh God he is going to kill me!

Mommy? Daddy? Help me the big bad man is going to eat me! Help! Please…NO!

The fear pulses throughout my entire body. I twitch and go limp. He drags his pink moist tongue across my exposed neck. I shudder, for some reason his hunger and need reminds me of Rido. It's so possessive, I feel like a deer in headlights, to scared to do much of anything but stare into the light. Please stop, please! His fangs pierce my skin and I let out a scream. I start to struggle beating his body with my fists, he has no reaction but to drink even more forcefully than before. Blackness starts to creep over my vision, I embrace the oblivion happily.