Amelia had thought him to be nothing but a stuck-up, arrogant imbecile yet somehow, he made her laugh. Not many people could do that but yet she laughed whenever he tripped over or got squirted with mucus. It wasn't in a mean way but in an apologetic way. She knew he was annoyed with her but as the voyage grew on, he turned into a shy, poliet sweetheart with high intelligence and lovely, beautiful eyes. He showed bravery during the mutiny and somehow -just as mysterious has he made her laugh- he managed to capture her heart.


She made him frustrated; how waltzed around, made fun at his attire and mocked his intelligence. He admited she was stunningly beautiful but too big for her boots. Neverless, he found himself always falling over around her. He'd blush and look away; hearing the soft chuckle made his heart leap. He knew she had somehow made him fall for her. Weither it was her beautiful features or her wonderful laugh, he had fallen. To his surprise, she admitted she had fallen too. Ever since, he had always wondered how lucky he was to capture the amazing Captain Amelia.

Marvellous Accident

They both fell in love by accident. Neither were sure how or when, but they did all the same. He cared for her when she was hurt, comforted her whenever she was upset. She relaxed him when he was stressed, calmed him whenever he panicked. Despite being polar opposites, they somehow found a way to love each other. And as they watched their children and their children play in the garden, they both marvelled over how they didn't mean for this to happen but were glad it did. In a way, it was a brilliant, marvellous accident.

Death Do Us No Part

He had left months ago, breaking her heart. Died in the hospital bed, her in his arms. She cried and cried until she ran out of tears. She never laughed again, rarely cracked a smile. Her children feared they had lost their mother when they lost their father, when death did them apart.

She was now in a world with wonderful weather, waking up to see her husband next to her side again.

"Delbert?" She gasped.

He smiled and kissed her lips. The kiss that they waited months for. Not even death did them apart.


Admittedly, he was adorable. His eyes a wonderful shade, although they were glancing a little too south for her liking. She blinked, taken back by this surprising Candid in an...abnormal outfit.

"Doctor Doppler I presume?" She spoke with confidence. He stuttered and bumbled and instantly she knew she was going to have some fun this is one: a bumbling astrophysicist with a peculiar sense of fashion. He knew he was going to have trouble with his brazen woman.

But she did not know that during that very minute, they had a brilliant and fantastic future ahead of them.