Chapter Fourteen

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A few weeks later Dalton was having a long weekend, so both boys were home on a Friday, Finn was was on his way to school. Blaine was in his room, reading a book assigned for Literature and listening to his iPod. He heard what he thought was a knock on his bedroom door, and turned to see if someone was there, and saw Kurt standing there laughing. It seems Blaine was really lost in his song and it was evident that Kurt was standing there for while. That thought made Blaine turn six shades of red as he pulled the earphones out of his ears, and looked back up at Kurt.

"Can I help you?"

Kurt laughed again, "Finn forgot a book and asked me to bring it to him, was wondering if you wanted to go with me?"

Blaine put down his book, he knew in reality why Kurt was asking, he didn't want to go alone. He would never call him out on that, so he simply nodded and got up to follow Kurt down to his car. The short ride to McKinley was silent, Kurt gripped the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white.

"It'll be okay, is he waiting for you outside?"

Kurt shook his head, "no I have to drop it off in the office, he's in class".

Blaine sighed, "it'll be okay, everyone is in class right, don't worry".

Kurt tried to smiled at Blaine as they pulled into the parking lot, "easier said than done".

They walked into the school, Kurt instantly tensed, and felt a cold chill down his spine when he heard a voice.

"Well looky what we have here, not just one but two little fairies!"

Kurt turned around to face the three jocks that were walking towards them, but Blaine stepped in the way, "back off, we're here to drop something off and we're I suggest you do the same".

The jocks laughed, "who's this hobbit think he's talking to?"

Kurt had never seen the look that crossed Blaine's face when the jocks taunted him.

"To be honest I couldn't tell you, can tell you all of you are far from men!"

Kurt bit back a laugh at Blaine's comeback, his nerves slowly ebbing away.

The biggest one moved towards Blaine attempting to pick him up off the floor, but wasn't expecting Blaine's fist to land on his face. He quickly dropped him, covering his eye with his hand. Kurt's jaw was close to falling in the floor, he couldn't help but think seeing Blaine like this was not only amazing..but incredibly hot. He saw both of the other two boys charge towards Blaine, and Kurt got scared. They backed him into the lockers, Blaine raised his knee to one of the boy's groin, making him hit the ground hard, Blaine didn't have time to dodge the punch to his face and Kurt winced. He took off to Blaine's aid, and pulled the other guy away from him, which resulted with him getting a fist to his stomach. That's when Kurt snapped, he was tired of it, all of it, everything he'd been through. Blaine saw something cross Kurt's face, and saw him narrow his eyes at the jock who was smirking at him, and Blaine jumped when he Kurt launched himself at the bigger boy. He slammed him into the locker, and that was the last thing Kurt remembered, but Blaine watched the whole thing amazed. The other two jocks got up and were staring also, soon part of the student body, hearing the commotion came out of the rooms. They all watched in awe as all the pain, frustration, and anger came out of Kurt through his fists. Blaine tried to talk to him, but it was like Kurt was gone, his eyes were dark, and he was mumbling something that seemed to be a foreign language.

It was Finn who stepped in wrapping his arms around his brother, shaking him trying to get him back to reality. The beaten football player slumped to the floor, not one person in the crowd went to his aid, it was like everyone knew he got what he deserved. Blaine couldn't have been more proud or scared of Kurt than he was in that moment, he was broken out of his thoughts by a sob coming from in front of him. Finn had gotten Kurt to 'wake up' from his fury and his emotions couldn't stay buried anymore, letting the rage take over. Finn picked Kurt up, and Blaine followed them to the choir room where he sat Kurt in one of the chairs. Blaine brought Kurt a cold paper towel and wiped the tears from his face, as well as the blood. He felt him shaking beneath him, the anger still fighting with his other emotions. He didn't hear Finn call Burt, he wrapped his arms around Kurt, trying to give him comfort and calm. He didn't hear the principal or Burt come in, he didn't know that Kurt wasn't in trouble, that everyone one of the students claimed to see the jocks attack the boys..even though no one was there. Burt rushed to his son's side, taking both boys in his arms, as the years of acting strong, years of fear, years of frustration finally flowed out of them both. Finn sat there with them all, bringing them all out of their thoughts with a simple questions, "where the hell did that come from Kurt?"

Blaine and Burt rolled their eyes, as they felt Kurt laugh between them, "I don't know, I wasn't present".

"You did it though Kurt, everyone stood up for you, finally..Kurt you made them see. The are expelled, not that they'd ever mess with either of you ever again!", Finn laughed.

Burt looked at his son, "I knew there was some of me in you somewhere".

"Just best parts of me are the best parts of me".