Alright this is just a side project I started on a whim. I'm still going to be focusing on my ASOUFE fic, but I couldn't wait to share this. It starts right after Kat opened the mysterious package from Visily Romani, and Gabriella starts asking questions. I'm a huge fan of HalexKat, so as this contiunes things might get... Interesting...
This is also an attempt at telling shorter stories. Which I need work on, as evident in my first fanfic which is only two chapters long so far and already 15,000+ words. Sigh...

Kat had just tuck A Girl Praying to Saint Nicholas safely away and came back to sit down for dinner.

Everyone had started to eat, so no one was talking. As Kat took her seat again, Gabriella looked up at her cousin with one slender eye brown raised, "I didn't know you stole a Monet from Hale."

She stole a glance at Hale, who looked as confused as she did. How had Gabriella figured it out…?

"How do you…" But then it hit her. She remembered what Hale had told Nick before the heist. She looked at her cousin knowingly and slyly at the same time.

"Ahhh… You mean when Hale and I met. Hmmmm….." Kat didn't say anything more, just went back to her stew. Hale also had a sly smile on and wasn't looking anywhere in particular.

Katarina's father then looked to his niece and asked, incredulous, "Wait, she finally told?"

All of the younger eyes shot to Bobbie Bishop. Simon, Angus, Hamish and Gabriella gapped. "She didn't even tell you?"

But Uncle Eddie was the one to respond. He spoke quietly and slowly but held the attention of everyone. "Neither of them has told anyone. I am surprised that you know Gabriella."

Simon began to ask a question, but Uncle Eddie cut him off, "All I know is that Katarina said she was going to pull of a small solo heist. Her plan was only to be gone a few hours that night, but she didn't come back for three days."

Kat smile grew more pronounced as Uncle Eddie's voice got slower and deeper, "When she decided to turn up, she had no painting or prize of any kind, but had Hale in tow , like a stray puppy she wanted to keep."

Hale snorted, "Nice description, Uncle Eddie." He could no longer keep from looking over to Kat and she could see the memories in his eyes. They were already replaying in his head. Kat was trying to hold her own at bay, but it was difficult.

Gabriella was intrigued now, "You failed?"

Kat turned and looked at her cousin slowly. Gabriella was getting anxious while Kat just watched her, not really seeing her. Finally Kat opened her mouth to speak.

"I guess that depends on the objective," she said, reaching of a piece of bread.

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