So this is the end…


All though dinner, Kat and Hale were able to redirect the constant questions until they were finally able to escape the table.

Hale was able to eventually able to corner Kat in a quiet portion of the house. She smiled softly up at him as he met her by the warmly glowing fireplace, "Hey there."

"Hi," he leaned very nonchalantly against the mantle, smiling slyly, "You know, I never did get to ask my last question."

Kat laughed turning away from him slightly, "I really don't think you need to. You probably know more about me than you ever wanted to."

"Oh, I don't quite know about that. I hardly think that I know everything yet," Hale stared heatedly at Kat, while she blushed slightly looking away from him.

But Hale pressed on, "So, do I get the question or not?"

"Why does it matter?" Kat mumbled fiddling with knick-knacks that Uncle Eddie had placed on this mantle, not looking at him.

Hale smiled, "Ah, we aren't backing out of a deal, now are we, Kitty Kat?"

Kat's eyes shot to Hale as a stubborn light flashed in her eye. A cunning kind of smile split across her face, "Well, since you are going to be that way, I'm just going to have to make you work for it."

She then skirted around him, disappearing to hide in the smallest corners of the brownstone. Hale grinned widely, giving her not even a second's head start before following after her.

Because he would always follow his Kitty Kat.

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