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Prince Arthur's manservant stumbled into the Princes' chambers and drew the drapes back and walked up to the bed where Prince Arthur was still in slumber. "Prince Arthur sire," the servant said as he gently shook Arthur's' shoulder. "What's the time Harrison?" Arthur mumbled, "one hour after dawn sire. King Uther sent me to wake you now and get you ready as he has some important news to share with you."

Arthur threw the covers off him and sat up, letting his legs hang off the side of the bed, "prepare me some clothes Harrison."

"Yes sire."

Thirty minutes later, Arthur was dressed and on his way to the throne room where his father and mother was waiting. He walked into the throne room and saw his father pacing in front of the throne. Ygraine looked up when she saw her son enter and smiled.

"Father? What was it you wanted to see me so early about?" Arthur asked, after giving Ygraine a kiss on the cheek and wishing her good morning

"Ah, Arthur. For the last two weeks I have been in talks with King Balinor of Harlech."

"I think I have heard you mention him before, what have you been in talks about?"

"A marriage union Arthur."

"Not this again father, I've told you countless of times before I do not wish to marry, yet you still invite Kings or Lords with their daughters in hope I will fall for one."

"I know this Arthur. I also know that one of the reasons you don't like these woman is because you like people of the same sex."


"I watch you Arthur. I have come to realise that you like the same sex."

"After I pointed it out to you." Ygraine siad, smiling as she sat down next to Uther's throne.

"After your mother pointed it out, yes, I have come to accept it. As I was saying, I have been in talks with King Balinor of Harlech about a marriage union and he is more than happy and thinks that you will be a perfect match for his son, Merlin."

"Look father I- son?"

"Yes Arthur. Prince Merlin is only a year younger than you. King Balinor will be leaving Harlech in two days and should be here within a week. Are you willing to try with this one?"

"Yes father. I will." Arthur bowed his head to his father and mother, giving her a smile, and left the throne room, thinking how this Prince Merlin will be.

The week seem to go by quickly for Arthur, he kept himself busy, but whenever he sat down and had five minutes to himself, Merlin came into his thoughts, wondering what he was like, was he handsome? Was he funny? Was he one of them who got on with everybody or was he one of them who would only talk and laugh with people who he thought deserved his attention. Arthur shuddered at the thought of the last Princess that arrived in Camelot who thought of herself as better than anyone else, if it wasn't a King or Prince or Lord or Lady that wanted to talk to her, she wasn't interested.

Finally the day came when King Balinor was set to arrive, Arthur put on his best clothes, finishing off with his red cape that had the Pendragon crest on it and walked into the throne room with Harrison not far behind. He walked in and saw several knights standing on each side of the room, along with some servants and Uther was at the other end of the room, standing in front of his throne talking quietly to Geoffrey along with Ygraine.

When Arthur walked up to his mother and father, Uther quickly dismissed Geoffrey and faced Arthur. "You won't be seeing Merlin today."


"Because he is yet to arrive in Camelot." Ygraine answered.

"Has something happened?"

"No, Merlin was sent away to take care of some things for Balinor and Balinor had hoped he would make it back in time for them to come to Camelot, nevertheless, Balinor has had his servants pack everything up of Merlin's, so Merlin will come straight here. I have been informed that Merlin will arrive in just over a week, but at least you can spend that time getting to know his father and the people he is bringing with him."

"How long will they be staying?"

"It all depends on when Merlin arrives, Merlin will only be here for two weeks and Balinor will go back with his son."

"Or go back alone should I choose to marry him."

Uther smiled but couldn't reply because a servant entered the throne room and cleared his throat. "King Balinor of Harlech and his dozen knights along with four servants are here to greet King Uther, Queen Ygraine and Prince Arthur."

Uther and Ygraine stood side by side and Arthur stood beside Uther and watched as King Balinor made his way into the room, followed by his knights and four servants. Arthur watched as his father and Balinor shook hands and greeted each other. "Balinor, this is my wife Ygraine." Balinor took Ygraine's hand and kissed her knuckles. "A pleasure."

Ygraine smiled. "Nice to meet you."

"This is our son Arthur." Uther said, gesturing Arthur with his hand to step forward. Balinor shook Arthur's hand. "A pleasure to met you Arthur."

"And you Balinor."

Uther instructed his knights to show Balinor's knights where they would be staying and instructed his servant to show Balinor's servant where they would be staying. As they all moved out of the room, Balinor stopped one of the four he brought with him by placing a hand on his arm. "Stay here." he said. The man stopped and watched as Balinor turned away from him to address Uther and Arthur. "Arthur. This is Raven. Next to me and his mother, Raven is the closest to Merlin, if you want to know anything about Merlin Raven will be only to happy to tell you what you want to know." Balinor looked over his shoulder at Raven. "Won't you?"

Raven nodded. "I will." he answered.

Arthur looked at Raven, his blue eyes, his short dark hair, his large ears, slender neck, his red neck scarf resting against his deep blue top. "Well then. I will have servants set you a room up across from mine. I will want to know all about Merlin." Raven nodded again and followed Arthur as he left the throne room.

When the doors where shut behind them, Uther turned to Balinor. "So that's Merlin."

"It is. He picked the name Raven as it was his twin brother's name."

"He's very handsome. I think my son and Merlin shall be well suited, they looked right when they were stood together just now." Ygraine said.

"Will Raven not be joining us."

"No. Only Merlin survived the birth. My wife Hunith isn't overly happy with Merlin's plan, but Merlin wants to get to know the real Arthur, not the one who has to put on a front."

"I agree. If Merlin wants to fall for Arthur and Arthur for Merlin then they need to know who they really are, not the person they make out to be in front of everyone else."

"That is what Merlin said on our way here." Balinor explained.

"Although I will say it will come as a shock when he finds out that Raven is indeed Merlin." Uther chuckled.

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