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Arthur and Merlin faced each other with smiles on their faces. Geoffrey stepped forward and cleared his throat. "Prince Arthur Pendragon of Camelot. Is it your wish to become one with with Prince Merlin Emrys of Harlech?"

"It is."

"Prince Merlin Emrys of Harlech. Is it your wish to become one with Prince Arthur Pendragon of Camelot?"

"No." Arthur gasped and stood back. "No?"

"No. I thought that I was ready for marriage but I'm not. Sure what we had was fun, but that's it."

"But Merlin I love you."

"I don't love you. I was only doing this to keep my parents happy but I can't do it. I don't want to wake up to your face every day for the rest of my life."

"Merlin." Arthur pleaded but Merlin ignored him and walked back the way he came, leaving Arthur stood there.

"AH." Merlin woke up and saw that Arthur was sat up. "Arthur? What's wrong?"

Arthur turned and faced Merlin. "You still want to marry me tomorrow don't you?" Merlin sat up next to Arthur. "Of course I do. Nothing would make me happier. What makes you ask that?"

"I dreamt you said no instead of yes tomorrow and you left me." Merlin cupped Arthur's face with his hands. "That is never going to happen." Merlin leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on Arthur's lips. Arthur wrapped his arms around Merlin and laid them both down, the kiss getting more passionate. "Are you sure you want to wait until tomorrow night Merlin?"

"Yes Arthur." Merlin placed one last kiss on Arthur's lips and snuggled up to him, his face buried in Arthur's neck. "I love you Arthur." Merlin said sleepily.

"I love you too Merlin."

The next morning Arthur woke up alone and jumped when Morgana stormed into his chambers. "Arthur quickly."

"Morgana what's the matter?"

"It's Merlin, he's at the stables, he was telling me about your dream last night and said he got to thinking, he says he can't do it and he needs more time saying it's all happening too quick."

Arthur jumped out of bed, causing Morgana to quickly look away as he wasn't wearing anything. Arthur quickly put some trousers and boots on and threw his top on and raced from his room. Morgana calmly walked out of Arthur's chambers and stopped at a nearby alcove. "You are too evil."

Uther stepped out. "If you didn't like it you wouldn't have agreed to do it."

"I did it because I could use more dresses. Didn't you make them suffer enough last week?"

"I found out that them doing that was Arthur's idea. They both made me suffer so I got my own back on them, but it was Arthur's idea so I am to get my own back on him."

"Why is Merlin at the stables getting ready to go for a ride anyway?"


Merlin woke up and gently got out of bed, letting Arthur sleep, Merlin looked out of the window after getting dressed and saw that the sun was just coming up. Merlin left the chambers and was surprised to see that the servants were up, rushing around and getting things ready for the wedding that was to take place this afternoon.

Merlin walked into the hall and saw servants rushing around and decorating it up all ready for the wedding. "Prince Merlin."

"Harrison. It's looking very well."

Merlin smiled and left the hall and walked around.

Two hours later, Merlin was on his way to his and Arthur's chambers when he heard Uther call out his name. He stopped and turned to see Uther walking over to him. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm a bit nervous. Arthur actually woke me up last night with a bad dream saying that I said no at the wedding instead of yes."

"My son is very nervous. I was the same before I married Ygraine. Why don't you go for a little ride. Clear your head for this afternoon. It always helps me."

"Yeah. I think I'll do that." Merlin turned and walked away from Arthur's chambers and headed towards the stables. Uther smiled and hurried to the royal gardens, which is where he knew Morgana would be.


Merlin got on a horse and slowly rode out of Camelot gates, turning left and heading towards the lake so he and the horse could rest there for a while before heading back.

Arthur ran into the stables and looked around and saw Merlin's horse. That Hunith and Balinor brought back with them, missing. Arthur turned and saw a stable boy. "Have you seen Prince Merlin?"

"Yes sire, about thirty minutes ago, he got on his horse and rode from Camelot. Is everything alright sire?"

Arthur ignored the question and got on his horse and rode out of the stables, Arthur stopped at the gates. "Do you know which way Prince Merlin rode?"

"He went left sire." One of the guards said, pointing in the direction where he saw Merlin ride off to earlier on.

Arthur reached the lake and sighed with relief when he saw Merlin sat on the bank, with his horse nearby. Arthur jumped off his horse and ran over to him. "Merlin! Please come back with me." Merlin turned and was shocked to see a very worried Arthur kneeling beside him. "Arthur-"

"You said last night that you couldn't wait to marry me and here you are, leaving me."

"Leaving you? Arthur I just came here to relax my nerves because I am nervous. I am not leaving you, I will never leave you. What made you think that?"

"Morgana came to my chambers and told me that you was leaving, that you was at the stables, she said that you told her about my dream and it got you thinking and that it's all happening too fast and you want more time."

"Arthur the only person I told about your dream was Uther. I told him I was nervous and he suggested I go for a ride to calm my nerves."

"Father? Why would he do this. He already got his own back on us last week when your mother and father arrived."

"He got his own back on both of us for making him uncomfortable but it was your idea, so he was yet to get his own back on you. How you looked when you saw me I say he got you good and proper."

"Just to be clear. You're not leaving me are you."

"No Arthur. Nothing will stop me from marrying you." Merlin wrapped his arms around Arthur and started to kiss him, pushing Arthur onto his back and laying on top of him. After rolling around a few times before ending up on their sides. Arthur moved his hand down and took out his and Merlin's erections and started to pump them vigorously. Arthur remembered what Merlin said about waiting until their wedding to have sex. "This doesn't count does it?"

"Gods no. Ah Arthur." Merlin moaned and came with Arthur following, calling out Merlin's name. They both rolled on to their back and got their breaths back. After ten minutes of laying there, they both tucked themselves away and got up.

Arthur got up on his horse and was surprised when Merlin told him to budge over so he could sit in front of him. "My horse can follow behind us." Arthur put his arms around Merlin to grab hold of the reigns and smiled when Merlin placed his hands over his. Arthur kissed Merlin's neck and they slowly made their way back to Camelot to get ready for their wedding.

Arthur got off his horse and helped Merlin down and handed both horses to the stable boys and made their way into the castle. When they was walking up the stone steps in the courtyard, they saw Uther stood there, smiling at his son. "That wasn't funny father."

"I thought it was. It was just me getting my own back on you. I got my own back on the both of you using Hunith, but I found out that it was your idea Arthur to make me uncomfortable at dinner so I had yet to get my own back on you. I had been thinking of what to do and when Merlin told me this morning about your dream I couldn't resist. Anyway, you got me and I got my own back." Uther held out his left hand. "Truce?"

Arthur looked at Merlin who nodded and took his fathers left hand with his own. "Truce. It actually worked out well, because Merlin said no sexually activity of any kind until the wedding night and to calm our nerves by the lake I gave Merlin a hand job. So thank you father. It's because of you I got something earlier than planned."

Uther pulled his hand away from Arthur's and paled, looking at his left hand. "Excuse me." he said and hurried inside making Arthur laugh. "Arthur, you didn't use your left hand to get us both off."

"I know that but he doesn't. Did you see his face?"

"Yes I did Arthur. At least you got your own back."

"Not yet I haven't. He made us suffer by using your mother and we will do the same to him using your father. After all, it's just like my father said, my determination to get my own back on someone and make them suffer even more will be him coming out in me." Merlin shook his head, smiling at Arthur. "What do you have in mind and what do you want me to do?"

Arthur was stood in the long hall that was filled with people who came to see Arthur marry Merlin. Morgana was stood at the front in her deep red dress (One that Uther had promised her.) Uther and Ygraine were stood side by side, Ygraine smiling proudly at her son who turned at the sound of the doors opening and beamed when he saw Merlin making his way towards him with Hunith and Balinor following him. When Merlin reached Arthur, Hunith and Balinor stepped to the side and stood next to Uther and Ygraine. Arthur gave Merlin a small kiss on the lips and took his hand in his, leading them both up to where Geoffrey the Monmouth was waiting. "Face each other please." he said.

Arthur and Merlin faced each other with smiles on their faces, not noticing anyone but each other. Geoffrey stepped forward and cleared his throat. "Prince Arthur Pendragon of Camelot. Is it your wish to become one with with Prince Merlin Emrys of Harlech?"

"It is."

"Prince Merlin Emrys of Harlech. Is it your wish to become one with Prince Arthur Pendragon of Camelot?"

"It is."

"Please join your hands."

Merlin and Arthur stepped closer to one another and held hands. Geoffrey wrapped the long red silk wrap around both of their hands. "Repeat after me Arthur. I Prince Arthur Pendragon of Camelot do pledge my heart, mind, body and soul to you, Prince Merlin Emrys of Harlech. For all eternity."

"I Prince Arthur Pendragon of Camelot do pledge my heart, mind, body and soul to you, Prince Merlin Emrys of Harlech. For all eternity."

"I will not seek to change you, I shall regard you as I regard myself and love, honour and protect you forever more."

"I will not seek to change you, I shall regard you as I regard myself and love, honour and protect you forever more."

Geoffrey then turned and faced Merlin. "Repeat after me Merlin. I Prince Merlin Emrys of Harlech do pledge my heart, mind, body and soul to you, Prince Arthur Pendragon of Camelot. For all eternity."

"I Prince Merlin Emrys of Harlech do pledge my heart, mind, body and soul to you, Prince Arthur Pendragon of Camelot. For all eternity."

"I will not seek to change you, I shall regard you as I regard myself and love, honour and protect you forever more."

"I will not seek to change you, I shall regard you as I regard myself and love, honour and protect you forever more."

"You have both said your vows. You are now husband and husband. I am pleased to announce for the first time." Geoffrey stepped back called out to the room. "Princes Arthur and Merlin Pendragon." Geoffrey leaned forward. "You can now kiss."

Arthur stepped forward and placed his hands around Merlin's waist. Merlin wrapped his around Arthur's neck and they joined their lips that started out as a gentle kiss that quickly turned passionate.

"May I suggest that you part before we all get a preview of tonight's activities." Morgana whispered. Arthur reluctantly pulled back and they both faced the crowd who were cheering.

Arthur walked up to Merlin who was talking to Uther. "Will my husband dance with me?" Merlin smiled and took Arthur's hand, excusing himself from Uther, Merlin followed Arthur to the middle of the room and wrapped his arms around his neck, Arthur wrapping his around Merlin's waist. "Balinor has just approached my father." he murmured. Arthur started to turn them both and Merlin tried his hardest not to laugh when he saw a shocking look on Uther's face. "How your father looks right now, I'm guessing that my father has just suggested what is to be done."

"I have to what?" Uther said, he couldn't believe this was happening.

"Dance with Merlin." Balinor repeated. "It is a big tradition in Harlech. With the wedding being in your Kingdom, you are to dance with your sons wedded partner first and then I follow you and dance with Arthur."

Uther really couldn't believe this was happening. He has to dance with Merlin after Arthur and finished dancing with him. Balinor was an important alliance, having Balinor united with him, will make an unbelievable difference to Camelot. Uther looked around the room and saw the room full of people, most of the room looking at the two Princes who were locked in an embrace, kissing each other every 30 seconds or so.

"Does it have to be a full dance?"

Balinor chuckled. "I know you are a little uncomfortable with it, I can see you are with your face. It won't be a full dance. After about a minute, my wife will come and dance with you." Uther nodded. The things I do for Camelot. He thought as he reluctantly made his way over to Arthur and Merlin.

Arthur and Merlin stopped dancing when Uther stood n front of them. "Merlin, I have come to take over from Arthur and dance with you."

"Are you alright doing that Uther?"

"I'm here aren't I?"

Merlin nodded. "One arm around me and your hand in mine, how me and Arthur was dancing, I know that would make you too uncomfortable." Arthur gave Merlin a kiss and left Merlin and his father to it. Arthur stood and watched as Uther awkwardly put one arm around Merlin and held his hand looking embarrassed as he knew that all eyes were on him.

Hunith came back into the hall from the balcony and saw Uther dancing with Merlin, she walked up to them both and stopped them from dancing. "Uther what are you doing?"

"Dancing with Merlin. Balinor said that it is the tradition in your Kingdom."

"My husband told you that because he was helping our sons get their own back on you for what you did this morning."

Uther turned and saw Merlin quickly making his way over to a laughing Arthur who seemed to be having trouble holding himself up. "Would you like to dance Uther?"

"That I would Hunith."

Arthur kicked open the doors to his chambers with Merlin in his arms. "Alone at last." Arthur said, smiling at the man in his arms. Merlin who already had his arms around Arthur's neck, moved his head forward and kissed Arthur hard, leaving Arthur to walk blindly to his bed. Once there he set Merlin down on his feet and kept his eyes glued to Merlin's whilst they undressed/ When they were both naked, Arthur sat on the edge of the bed and Merlin straddled him. Merlin kissed him with such force that Arthur fell backwards onto the bed, Merlin going with him, ending up on top of him.

Arthur wrapped his arms around Merlin and rolled them both over, he ran his hands down Merlin's arms and lifted them above his head, pinning him there. Arthur pulled away from Merlin's lips and trailed kisses down his jaw and latched his lips onto his neck. "Oh Arthur." Arthur brought one of his hands down and put the on Merlin's lips. "Suck."

Merlin took Arthur's fingers in his mouth and lapped them up with his tongue, sucking his fingers and rolling his tongue around them, making Arthur moan. Arthur pulled his fingers away causing Merlin to look at him. "Carry on like that I'm gonna cum before I'm inside you." Arthur explained. Merlin smirked but quickly let put a moan when he felt one of Arthur's fingers enter him. "Ah Arthur. More."

Arthur pushed in a second finger, followed by a third. "Now Arthur." Arthur removed his fingers and lined up his erection with Merlin's entrance before slowly sheathing himself in Merlin. Arthur paused once fully inside Merlin, giving him time to adjust. "Ok. Move." Arthur started to slowly move and moved his head down to kiss Merlin sensually. Merlin wrapped his arms around Arthur and pulled back. "Arthur. We have the rest of our lives together for you to go slow. Fuck me hard." Arthur smiled and Merlin and started to pound into him.

"Ah yes Arthur." Merlin moaned, raking his fingertips down Arthur's back. "Gods Merlin." Arthur panted as he wrapped his hand around Merlin's neglected cock and started pumping it in time with his thrusts." Arthur I'm close."

"Cum for me. Sweetheart." Merlin's eyes shot open at the word sweetheart and looked into Arthur's eyes as he shot his load, covering Arthur's hand and both of their stomach with Arthur following, filling Merlin's up with his cum. Arthur collapsed onto Merlin, face in Merlin's neck as he got his breath back. Arthur pulled out of Merlin and got off the bed. "Where are you going?"

"Not far." Arthur walked up to his table where there was a small basin of water and a wash cloth, he squeezed it tight to get all the access water out and walked back over to Merlin, he cleaned them both of Merlin's cum and dropped the cloth on the floor as he climbed under the sheets with Merlin. "I asked a servant to place it in my rooms, since you complained about me using a top."

Merlin chuckled and cupped Arthur's face in his hands. "I love you Arthur Pendragon."

"I love you too. Merlin Pendragon." Arthur kissed Merlin before laying Merlin's head on his shoulder as he snuggled down with Merlin to go to sleep. After Merlin had fallen asleep, Arthur was left watching Merlin sleep, not only thinking that, he could never get tired of watching his sweetheart sleep, but thinking that he nearly lost him, just because he was being stubborn. Holding Merlin tighter, Arthur finally drifted off to sleep with the man he loved in his arms.

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