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Bakura x Ryou (Tendershipping)


Seto x Joey (Puppyshipping)

Marik x Malik (Bronzeshipping)

Leon x Rebecca (Foreignshipping)

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Yugi x Rebecca (Replayshipping)

Chapter 1

About 5,000 years ago, a ship sailed across what is now known as the Mediterranean Sea, returning from a peace treaty that was made in Greece. On that ship was one member of the royal family of Egypt, Prince Atemu. Along with the young royal were the several of the High Priest of the court, including Atemu's cousin Seto, his Uncle Aknadin, and High Priest Mahad. The remaining members were either members of the court, servants, or sailors.

Prince Atemu's father, Pharaoh Aknankanon had remained in Egypt to settle threat of a civil war while Atemu made peace with China and Greece. With that job done, he was on his way home. But he got bored really quick.

"Where did Atemu get to this time?" Seto seethed.

The High Priest was wearing a creamy under tunic that went down to his ankles, with a blue outer tunic on top of that. Golden arm cuffs ran from his wrist to his elbows, while a golden belt circled his waist. Elegant sandals covered his feet. A priest hat covered his brown hair. The Millennium Rod was in a loop on his belt.

"It's not that big of a ship." a nearby voice snickered. "How could you be having so much trouble?"

"I don't see you doing much better Lord Bakura." Seto snapped.

The mentioned one, Bakura, was wearing a black tunic that dropped to his mid-calf, and the sleeves reached his mid-upper arm. The tunic was held in place by a dark grey belt that looped around his waist. A sleeveless blood red robe was trimmed with black, and stopped above his knees. He had stalk white, semi-spiky hair, and dark brown, almost black, eyes. He also wore sandals with no jewelry.

"Why you-" Bakura started towards Seto.

He was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. Turning, Bakura saw the chocolate brown eyes that made his heart melt every time he saw them.

"Please don't fight." Ryou said.

Ryou was Bakura's husband. He wore a red tunic that came to mid-calf, sleeves reaching his elbows, and was held in place by a black belt. A dark grey outer tunic warded off the oceans misty chill. Sandals decked his feet, and no jewelry.

Ryou had the same albino white hair, so similar they could pass as twins. The differences between the two, was that Ryou had pale skin, compared to Bakura's tan, his hair was less wild, and he had a less muscular frame than his husband.

Ryou also, unfortunately, didn't remember any of his past. Bakura had found him a year ago, washed up at the mouth of the Nile River after a storm. It was assumed Ryou had been shipwrecked and had hit his head at some point during the storm, thus giving him amnesia.

"Prince Atemu is on the bow of the ship." Ryou continued.

"Thanks love." Bakura hugged his smaller self.

"Atemu!" Seto barked seeing his cousin sitting out on the bow. "Get back here!"

"Why?" Atemu asked.

The prince had gravity deifying star-shaped tri-color hair that was black, blonde, and tipped in crimson, along with three lightning bolts streaks that went up his hair. His skin was tanned from the light Ra gave every single day. His cream colored tunic was elaborately decorated, gold cuffs lay on this wrist and arms, and gold earrings hung from his ears.

"You could fall in and drown if you don't." Seto replied.

"And then Marik could fish me back out again." Atemu shot back.

He stood up and held onto some of the ropes to keep his balance. Many times Atemu had purposely jumped over the side of the boat with Bakura, simply because they were board.

"Did someone say my name?" a new voice said.

Everyone turned to look at the spiky, wild, white-blond haired speaker with lavender colored eyes who, surprisingly, was another Lord. He wore a simple tan tunic whose sleeves came to his elbows and dropped down to his ankles, being held in place by a black belt that encircled his waist. On top of these, he wore a decorated dark purple robe, so dark it was almost black. It was sleeveless and fell to mid-calf. Elaborate sandals decked his feet and simple gold cuffs were on his wrist.

"Only talking about how you might get to go fishing for royalty again." Bakura answered his friend.

"Oh okay." Marik grinned with a knowing look.

"Isn't this great?" Atemu asked to no one in particular. "The salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face… a perfect day to be at sea! Right Mahad?"

The mentioned person was a High Priest of court. He wore a long cream tunic that fell to his ankles, held in place by a blue belt with gold trimming. His brown hair was covered by his head cover, but the cover made his knowledgeable brown eyes stand out from the tanned skin of his face. But at the moment, his eyes were looking over the side of the ship as he lost his breakfast.

"Oh yes…" Mahad moaned in complete sarcasm as he looked up at his prince. "Delightful…"

Then he ducked down again as another wave of nausea swept over him. Mahad was one of those people who really felt the bumpy effects from riding a ship.

"A fine strong wind and a following sea." Dartz, a man with turquoise hair and was the captain of the ship, said as he tightened the lines.

He wore closed white and blue robes, including a foot length cloak. His hair featured a two locked fringe, trailed to near knee length, and was tied at waist length.

"King Solomon must be in a friendly-type mood." Alister, another sailor, spoke up from where he was sorting fish for lunch.

Alister had red hair and grey eyes. He wore a large open full-body coat that he had gotten in China to cover his normal Egyptian robes.

"King Solomon?" Atemu asked as he hopped off the bow and onto the deck.

"Why, ruler of the merpeople, lad." Dartz chuckled as he tied the lines firmly in place.

"Thought every good sailor, and ruler, knew about him." Alister snorted.

"I know about him." Atemu said indignantly. "I'd just like to hear the story again, that's all."

"Merpeople!" Seto snorted. "Cousin, pay no attention to this nautical nonsense."

"But it isn't nonsense, it's the truth!" Alistair said. "I'm telling you, down in the depths of the ocean they live. My parents saw one with their own eyes."

"Really?" Atemu asked. His attention, as well as his friends, was focused on the sailor.

"Yes my prince." Alistair nodded. "It was when they just got married. They had gone out fishing, trying to catch there dinner on their honeymoon. Anyway, when they pulled up the net, a blond haired merboy with a dusty honey gold tail was in the net. Naturally they were shocked. But after a quick discussion, they let him go, and never saw him again. But they did find a small bag full of eyeball sized pearls and other ocean gems in their boat the next day. It was enough for them to live the life we live now, and make sure that I got an education."

"What utter nonsense." Seth growled.

"Have it your way." Alistair shrugged.

"I wish I could meet a merperson." Atemu whispered to himself as he looked back over the horizon, then down into the depths of the deep blue sea.

Down in the deep blue sea, there was a merteen with black hair that was tipped with amethyst and blond bangs framing his face, pale skin, and innocent amethyst eyes. He also had a beautiful amethyst tail where his legs should be. He was a mermaid. Merboy. Merteen actually, he was 16.

The merboy was not where he needed to be, which was at his home. He had purposely left his home because his grandfather had wanted him to meet his fiancée. A girl. But he had ditched and was exploring a newly discovered sunken ship. New to him anyway, it had been sunk for about six months.

"Yugi, wait for us…" a voice called out.

Yugi turned him amethyst eyes to a male merteen of 16 years, blond hair, hazel eyes and, a dusty honey gold tail swimming after him.

"Joey!" Yugi hissed, not wanting to waste any more time. "Hurry up! You to Malik."

"You know we can't swim as fast as you." Joey panted as he joined his friend, along with another merteen named Malik.

Malik had platinum blond hair, lilac colored eyes, and a sandy colored tail that had two lilac colored stripes running down his sides. He was 16 as well.

"You both have longer tails than I do." Yugi pointed out. "How could you swim slower than me?"

"One of nature's mysteries that's probably better left as a secret." Malik said with a simple nod.

"Yes my prince, Malik is right." Joey agreed.

"Quit calling me prince." Yugi moaned.

It was one of the things Joey did to irritate him. Malik to. But Yugi was a prince, his grandfather was King Solomon. Both his parents had died when Yugi was very young due to a bad shipwreck that had been caused by humans. Joey had lost his mother and sister to the same shipwreck.

"Well, we're here." Joey looked around. "Isn't it fantastic?"

"Shhh." Yugi shushed his friend, not interested in getting a shark or octopus's attention.

"I wonder what we'll find." Malik said in a hushed whisper.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" Yugi gave a muffled squeal and darted forward, Joey and Malik followed hot on his fins.

Then they saw what had excited him. It was a long piece of gold that, went on the arm, traditionally the left. They only knew that thanks to seeing pictures on scrolls they had taken from other ships. Three gold slates could slide out from the main arm band, and could be used to summon something called a 'duel monster'. They hadn't figured out what a 'duel monster' was yet.

"Have you ever seen anything so wonderful in your entire life?" Yugi asked, not keeping still as he held his new treasure close.

"Cool!" Joey exclaimed.

"But, err, what is it called?" Malik asked.

"Didn't the scroll call it a DiaDhank?" Joey asked.

"Something like that." Yugi said. "Let's see if we can find more."

Three hours, dodging a few falling pieces of rotting wood, one shark chase that had the shark ending up with it getting tangled in a net that was on the ship, and some words best not repeated uttered later, Joey and Malik also clutched DiaDhanks to their chests.

"Hmm, I wonder what is." Yugi picked up a golden box with hieroglyphics on it.

"Let's figure it out later." Joey said.

"He's right." Malik agreed. "We were gone much longer than I originally thought. Ishizu is going to kill me with all the chores I'm going to get when I get home."

"Why?" Yugi turned to his friend, putting the box and the DiaDhank in the pouch he had brought along for such purposes.

"Cause I was supposed to meet my fiancée." Malik shuddered.

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"Fiancée?" Yugi questioned, and then turned pale himself. "Oh no! Grandpa is going to kill me!"

"You were supposed to meet yours earlier?" Joey questioned. "If I had known you two had plans, I would have said no to our excursion."

"No time to talk, time to swim!" Yugi yelled as he sped off towards the palace, Malik and Joey right behind him.

However, unbeknownst to any of them, a couple of half eel half humans were watching them. They were bald twins, one named Para, the other Dox. They were unagi, and they were using magic to show what was happening to another.

The other was half man half octopus, a Tako. He had silver, slightly past shoulder length hair. A golden eye was sitting in his left socket. His name was Pegasus, and he was highly interested in what Yugi was doing.

(A/N: Unagi is Japanese for eel, I couldn't think of anything else, and Tako is Japanese for Octopus. Also for kite and a few other words.)

"Yes, hurry home, little prince." Pegasus said as he sipped some wine. "We wouldn't want to miss old grandpa's celebration of your new fiancée, now, would we? Huh! Celebration indeed. Bah! In MY day, we had fantastical feasts when I lived in the palace. This was long before you were born however."

Pegasus shook his head in thought as he took another sip of wine.

"And now, look at me." Pegasus went on with a sigh. "Wasted away to practically nothing. Banished and exiled, and practically starving, while he and his flimsy fish-folk celebrate. Well, I'll give them something to celebrate soon enough. Para! Dox!"

The two said snapped to attention as Pegasus looked at the image of Yugi hiding his bag as he arrived home. They slid out of their hiding places to listen closely to their master.

"I want you to keep an extra close watch on this pretty little grandson of Solomon's." Pegasus instructed. "Little Yugi-boy may be the key to Solomon's undoing."

The Millennium Puzzle was lost at sea during a storm a few months ago. Everyone survived, but a few items were forgotten on the sinking boat. The DiaDhanks and the Millennium Puzzle.

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