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In the Elemental continent there was a school known for having students who excel in almost everything. They have the best facilities, faculty, education, extracurricular activities and events. And in that school, which is known as Konoha Academy, there is a group of well known friends which consists of a 'girl' whose name is Hyuga Hinata. And this is the story about her family, friends, love and most importantly, her life.


The door leading to Konoha Academy's rooftop was slammed open by a very pretty girl with silky, long gray locks and deep dark eyes which could not be hidden by her stylish glasses. "Hyuga Hinata the teacher said that we have a meeting tonight for the student council."

An angelic looking girl stood up and brushed her skirt to straighten it. She had long hair that was so black you could almost see dark blue highlights when it was hit by sunlight, she also had white pupil-less eyes which were tinted with lavender. It was also very evident that she was born within high social standing just by looking at her. With a smile she said "Ah, thank you Yakushi-taicho for coming her just to tell me that."

Yakushi Karin blushed. " A-anything for you Hinata-chan."

"Hey!" A beautiful girl with brown hair and slit-like brown eyes, she also has a too of red triangles on her face. Her name is Inuzuka Kaori. "Why do you always have to go here and disturb our bonding time with Hina-chan!"

"Pipe down Kaori." Said a Aburame Satomi. She had dark brown hair cascading her shoulders and feminine glasses that hides her eyes.

"Satomi's right Kaori, we all know that the reason the president always comes here is because she likes our little Hina-chan." This was said with a smirk by a girl with long blond hair tied up in two ponytails. She has brilliant cerulean eyes and whisker like marks on her cheeks, but she was still as beautiful as the others. She goes by the name of Uzumaki Naruko.

Karin blushed and tried to come up with a response but not quite managing it.

While Hinata gasped at the suggestion. She rubbed her forehead with her hands while exhaling roughly and stating "That is not funny guys, we all know that's impossible."

If possible, Nakuro's smirk got bigger. "What do you mean impossible Hina-chan? Don't you get confessions and love letters from girls everyday?" she said with Satomi nodding in the background.

"And don't you notice the girl's obvious affections for you? Tell her what you like about her Yakushi!" Said the Inuzuka while pointing at Hinata.

"Well, Hinata-chan is gorgeous, she's more of a gentleman to us girls than the boys are and she excludes this sort of…manliness about her that just makes me wanna sigh when she's around…."

Naruko crossed her hands on her chest. "Aha! See what we mean Hina-chan? You're our eye-candy."

At this point Hinata was beginning to get irritated. "Come on guys! Stop i-…ugh!" She suddenly cupped the top of her head.

"Hina-chan!"s and a "Hinata-chan!" was heard but Hinata waved them and their concern off.

"It's nothing. I think it's just me growing up. I still haven't had even one monthly flow so I think this is the re…." And she suddenly collapsed.


Hinata was brought to the hospital with her mother after she, Hinata, collapsed at school and was now being briefed by the doctor. And they got the surprise of their lives.

The doctor was Oroshi-Sensei, one of the best female doctors the Elemental Country has to offer. "What I said is that you, Hyuga Hinata, are a boy."

"W-what do you mean sensei! I've been using the wrong bathroom all my life!"

"But she doesn't have a thing down there! And she does have breast even if they are a bit small!"

"*gasp!* What do you mean 'small' mom!"

"Well it's true! And you don't have a wee-wee so how can you be a boy!"

"Well don't ask me! Ask the-!"

"*cough* *Cough!* AHEM! *cough*" The mother and daughter/son looked at the doctor and sweat dropped.

"Real smooth Oroshi-sensei."

"Thank you Hinako-san. Now as I was saying…you're daughter is a boy. Sometimes this genetic abnormality happens on people and it can be solved."

"But sensei! She doesn't have a..wee-wee! How can that happen!"

"Well, she does have one actually. It's just inside of her, but we can solve that problem. And with the right treatments we can make his/her..uh…'wee-wee' as you put it, grow to it's supposed size. Now if you don't have any more questions please come back next the day after tomorrow for your decision."

Outside Oroshi-sensei's office Hinata looked at 'his' mother.

"What are we going to do now mom?" she asked while crying.

Hinako hugged her 'son' and whispered "shh, we'll get through this. But we have to tell the family first."

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