Twenty one was to piss off Starscream.

A/N back by popular demand. The piss lists keep on coming. Now lets get everyone's fave jet mad! XD

YinYangWriter gets credit idea two, Optimus' girl gets credit for idea one.

Disclaimer: Hasbro owns Transformers.

Idea one: The sound of annoyance.

Since S.S is still in the Medbay, (see my piss list for Megatron) have hook replace his voice synthesizer with a car horn! Poor Screamer will be completely hysterical when he cant mesmerize himself with the sound of his own voice. I'd leave him like this for a while so he can't rat you out. NOTE: this is time sensitive; unless you can put Starscream in the medbay whenever you please, do it while you have the chance.

Idea two: repaints are NEVER boring.

Gather all the clones of Starscream and repaint them to look like another one! I'd recommend painting the suck up as the coward, the coward as the egotist, the egoist as the suck up, and the liar should be left alone so Starscream isn't completely suspicious. Not to mention with every one acting differently, he won't know if this is the real liar or not. This gag works very well when Screamer wants to borrow the suck up to give himself an ego boost and instead gets his confidence shot to slag. NOTE: Slipstream is female (making her frame different) and highly intelligent; therefore she can't be inducted into the plan and will most likely be a hassle. It's best to get her as a partner in your plan or, if she says no; stasis cuff her, gag her, and throw her in a weapons locker. You may need to use random Blitzwing to subdue her. She WILL be highly pissed if you choose the later option.

Idea three: Why he's nicknamed Screamer.

Starscream is known to be an easy catch. However, (though he denies it) Starscream is passed over by many femmes due to the fact that he has a nasty habit of screaming out the name of the bot who made the biggest impression on him in the berth...MEGATRON! In fact, the seeker has a video of when he and Megs were an item. For some fun, steal the tape, and play it on the jumbo-tron in the rec room. Optics will definitely bug out when cons start hearing Starscream saying (or rather screeching) the war lords name. Note: If doing this, careful who's around, I tried this one already and Random Blitz started yelling "oh! ve next!" who the other person he was refering to, i'm still trying to figure out...

An we all know how this works by now, submit and laugh.

*Starscream at Hook* HONK HONK HOOOOONK! ! !

Hmm...looks like Hook was reading over my shoulder...oh well ;D