21 ways to piss off Starscream.

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Zerqyx gets credit for idea ten. I don't remember who gave me this idea, but PM me and I'll fix that for idea eleven. Others who suggested, PLEASE refresh my memory and I'll write it in.

Idea ten: Simon says...SHUT UP!

Ok, when Starscream goes to open his yap, throw something at him! Anything will do! A chair, a lamp, heck...his frying pan! Get the others involved so anytime Screamer even LOOKS like he's going to say something he'll get beat up. This works well if hot head Blitzwing is in, or a very unhappy Cyclonus. Then, video tape it and play it for the recruits in combat training. This is how NOT to be a Decepticon! The jet, if he's smarter than I think, will eventually understand he NEEDS to shut his trap and then, start instigating by calling him a moldy tortilla chip. Trust me, he won't take that on the chin. NOTE: Once Starscream gets his wings all taped up, RUN AWAY!

Idea eleven: Take a scorching shower.

When Screamer goes to the wash room, replace the cleaning solution with corrosive acid! Screamer will, well...SCREAM! Run very very very far away after this, for when the seeker gets his plating (and some soothing rash ointment) on, he WILL hunt you down.

Idea twelve: Just a spoon full of super glue shuts a jet up, in the most delightful way!

Ok, go out to the store and buy the strongest, largest bottle of super glue you can find. Next, when Starscream puts down his oil can, pour ALL the glue onto the rim he's sipping from! Wait for a few seconds, and then, tell him to say something. He'll find that he can't! Poor Poor Starscream will be clawing at his face desperately trying to open his mouth! Don't try to help him undo the prank, just wait till he hurts himself and Hook was to torch cut his mouth open. Afterwards, his lips will be burned so, yell "HEY HOT LIPS!" To him and run, run, RUN!

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