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Key: Bold is angry taken over hatter

Italics is recovering squeaky-voiced hatter

Tarrant studied his hands under the table. Mally and Thackery were asleep, Thackery on the table and Mally in the tea pot. Tarrant kept his head down, his hat hiding his eyes so that he appeared sleeping. It had been a long time since Frabjous day. Alice was gone. She said that she wouldn't forget him, and he took some solice in that. Bloody English upperland girl. Thinking she could come in here and act like a friend and protector then just leave like that that ugly, stupid, cowardly-


"Thank you…I'm fine…"

He hadn't meant to say that last part out loud, sometimes his temper got the best of him. "I'm fine." He repeated as if that could make it true.

"Honestly Tarrant, not too long ago you were doing the futterwacken again. Forget about our champion for a while." The fool cat had re-vaporated on top of his hat again. "If I have to remove more shed fur from my hat I will be very displeased."

Chess rolled in the air and floated in front of Tarrant, smiling. "Or, you could try your luck in Upperland."

"Upperland!" Mally squeaked.

"Upperland." Chess confirmed.

"Upperland." Tarrant thought.

"Scones!" Yelled Thackery.

Tarrant hopped up onto the table, spilling his cold tea and walked. "It's worth a try, its been dreadfully dull and boring here since Frabjous day, even through the rebuilding. A stroll around Upperland shouldn't be that hard right?" He heard slight protests from behind. He strolled through the woods until he got to the small door. He reached into his pocket and took out the Pishsalver he always kept there.

One of the many benefits of being a master hatter who dabbled in all other clothing was that he had the knowledge to design clothes that shrunk and grew with the wearer, although they were hard to make. He strolled through the doorway and took a bite of Upelkuchen.

As he grew he started to hear a faint whistling, like ringing in his ears, or the meow of a cat, or a scream. That was getting louder and louder and-

Something heavy landed on his shoulder, he hit the ground and was blinded by blue fabric. There was a groaning sound and a female voice said, "Ow, what did I land on?"

"Alice?" Tarrant yelped.

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