I was trying not to push my way through the crowd at the wedding. Being one of the groomsmen and the bride's brother I knew the guests were looking at me. Wondering where I needed to get to so quickly when the rest of the wedding party was still all standing together behind me, but Rachael had told me to just go enjoy myself and I was trying to find Lea. Who I knew was there, but being small she blended into groups of people way too easily.

I bit back a growl as two laughing assholes bumped into my side. My glower caused both the smiles to fall from their faces as they moved anyway from my annoyed, giant frame. It didn't quiet seem possible, but I think I'd actually grown a few more inches since taking over the role of Alpha. Like my body knew it had to be stronger in order to protect my pack.

Across the way I could see Quil talking to two women at the same time, one I vaguely remembered from high school as she had been three or four grades above us. I caught his eye and he gave me the smarmiest grin I'd ever seen. I had to bite back a laugh, having the feeling my friend wasn't going home alone that night and realizing I was glad those days were done for me.

Finally I caught a familiar scent and moving towards it heard the voice of the woman I was looking for. Pausing for a moment now, I watched Lea wheeling my father; all three of the Clearwater's walking with the two of them. Lea had a lot of trouble getting me out of the house that morning. The pale pink dress she had chosen accented the natural blush of her body and all I could picture was her flushed after hours of our love making.

A smile on my face I crossed to the group I'd been observing, wrapping my arm around Lea's waist I kissed the side of her forehead; greeting everyone politely. My father looked up at me, joy and pride on his face. It made my heart feel tight seeing him so happy, it felt like it had been forever since anything had gone right for the Black family.

The night I had taken Lea to properly meet my Dad and tell them both what I'd accomplished that day had been one of the best I'd ever had. It had almost seemed like a contest over who was more proud of me and it'd been so comforting. No more burdens over my head and no more secrets from anyone I cared about. Lea and my Father had of course hit it off right away. I couldn't fathom how I was fortunate enough to have two people in my life who loved me so much. Now when I couldn't find my girlfriend she was usually in La Push, either helping out my Dad, or spending time at the Clearwater's.

I aided Lea in getting my Dad up to his place, a table right near the front and next to where the bridal party had been sitting. Sue was going to stay with him, which didn't surprise me. I was still waiting for one of them to actually publicly admit their feelings for the other. Seth romped off to find Alex and Gabe and hopefully not cause too much trouble that I would have to then police. Leah wandered off to find Embry and Jared. In the last few weeks since she had become Beta Leah's attitude had changed even more. She had lost more of her harsh edge and had instead replaced it with a very professional and business like manner. She was extremely proud of her position and took it very seriously something I appreciated.

That just left my imprint and myself standing there, I gestured with my head to my Father, telling him silently that I was going to walk around a little with my girlfriend. He was already engaged in a conversation with Sue and absently smiled at me as Lea and I moved away.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" I watched eyes on us from around the party. I knew some people still didn't approve of the two of us, for either our different ethnic backgrounds or our ages; but I frankly didn't care.

"The ceremony was beautiful Jake. Once things calm down a little I can't wait to gush to Rachel about just how perfect everything was. She absolutely was glowing, I'm so happy for both her and Paul." Lea wasn't much of a romantic, but neither was I honestly so it worked well between us. Still I couldn't stop the smile on my face at seeing how happy my imprint was for my sister.

"And you…" She paused for a moment, stopping to look up at my face, fiddling with my tie. "No offense to Paul but you're the most stunning man here. I can't stop looking at you." She bit her lip. "How on Earth did I get so lucky?"

"You, lucky? Baby I'm luckiest son of a bitch in this universe." I enveloped her small body with my frame, her sweet scent mixed with the flowery odor of her perfume. A thought struck me, my eyes shot around mischievously. "Do you wanna sneak down to the beach?" Half remembered pieces of my dream about this day came back to me as I whispered in Lea's ear.

"Jacob Black, you're one of the groomsmen! You can't just leave!" Authority in her tone, I kissed her ear allow my teeth to gaze the skin, feeling her wiggle around at my touch.

"Pictures are done; Rachael said she really won't need me again. Anyway we won't be gone that long." I allowed my voice to drop an octave, my mind already thinking of places we could go that would allow us to get minimally dirty.

"You're impossible." Lea's tone might have been exasperated but her hand clamped down firmly on mine. She followed me as I lead her away from the festivities, pulling her closer to me as we got nearer to the beach and a breeze started to pick up, my wolf body heat keeping her warm.

The sea breeze and the scent of the woman I loved, I felt a contentment, I don't think I had ever known. I remember when I was younger I used to think that life sucked and then you died. It was partially true, life could be terrible and difficult, but I'd also come to see that if you were willing to work hard for it that life could be just as beautiful as you dreamed about.

Far enough away now I sank onto a large piece of drift wood. With a strong branch for me to lean back against. I pulled Lea down into my lap, hiking up her dressed as she straddled my waist. I studied her face for a moment as she looked at me curiously. This woman, she had appeared out of no where. Looked at this lost lump of shit I was and gave me the tools to become the strong, proud man I am now.

"Someday Baby, I hope I can repay you for everything you've done for me." My tone and expression were serious; I watched her eyes soften as she gently caressed my cheek with her fingers.

"Jake, Honey, every time you smile it's like payment in full." I kissed her hard, ready to take her, to make her mine again right here on this beach. Life is what you make of it, and I plan to live each day to the very fullest.

"And all the nights' magic seems to whisper and hush
And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush
Can I just have one more moondance with you, my love?
Can I just make some more romance with you, my love?"

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