Godha's Inner Chambers

Rikimaru, Onikage and Katashi looked at each other, all their glares were all the same. The killing intent in the room soared as Ayame held her ankle. She looked at Rikimaru, who stood in front of her as Onikage smirked as he laughed a bit. "Well well well, I did not expect you to be back so soon, Rikimaru." Rikimaru's hands started to tense as he looked at Katashi and Onikage. He looked back at Ayame as he watched as she was in pain and gripping her ankle. This made his anger soar far above than it usually does. "Onikage, I think its about time we end this plan of yours." Rikimaru took a step forward as he dashed towards Onikage, he decided to go with Hand to Hand combat this time as he knew that his blade would not do much at the moment. Once he got close enough, Rikmaru unleashed a punch, aiming towards Onikage's sternum. His eyes stayed the same as he saw Katashi swiftly moved in front of him, with his palm opened, catching the powerful punch in his hand. Katashi slide back a bit as he kept his ground. In pure instinct, Katashi's hand wrapped around Rikimaru's fist, giving him no room to escape. Rikimaru looked at Katashi as he knew that he was Onikage's student, so that means he is now an enemy.

Ayame pulled herself on the ground as she watches the battle. She wished that she could help Rikimaru, as for right now, she couldn't. Her ankle was too badly damaged from that strike from Katashi. She watched the hand to hand combat as it seemed to be dead even. Onikage stood there as he watched his pupil take on the shinobi. A smirked appeared across his face as he stood there. He wanted Katashi, the child who infiltrated the Azuma clan as a new student, only to destroy it from the inside out. Rikimaru and Katashi were steady as each hit was being block by the other. Their eyes were locked onto each other, that was how the warriors fought, looking each other in the eyes. They read each others moves as to them, everything seemed slowed. Rikimaru spun as he kicked Katashi in the sternum, sending him flying into the wall. The impact shook the walls as Rikimaru stood there. The hole against the wall was deep as Katashi slowly pulled himself out of it. "Rikimaru, I didn't think that you would go all out against a child." He smirked as he laughed evilly as he looked at the older Shinobi. Rikimaru's eyes were cold as if he was going to kill a man his own age. "An enemy is an enemy...no matter what age."

Katashi smirked as he laughed as Onikage stood there. "Well what are you waiting for Katashi! Kill Rikimaru and then kill Godha." Katashi stood up as he looked at Onikage and nodded. Relaxing his arms and taking in a deep breath, a kodachi slide down from Katashi's back as he unsheathe the blade and pointed it towards Rikimaru. "Your head, will be rolling towards Ayame." Rikimaru looked at Katashi as he got into his readied stance, with his hand wrapping around the handle of the blade. He and Katashi looked at each other, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. At once, the two dashed towards each other as their blades clashed. Leaping in the air once he got close enough, Katashi spun as he slashed, aiming for Rikimaru's throat. Seeing the blade coming towards him, he ducked under the blade as he spun underneath. In that single motion, Rikimaru saw an opening as he pulled his blade upward, trying to cut Katashi in half. Katashi smirked as he pushed off of Rikimaru's shoulder and somersaulted in mid-air, landing on his feet. Rikimaru turned as the blade from Katashi met his. The blade dead-lock started as they pushed, seeing who would have the advantage. The two were giving it their all as they stood their ground.

The sound of battle raged through the hallways as Kiku woke up. She wondered what was going on as she gets out from her bed. Slowly, she stalked down the hallways, dodging all of the guards that were standing by. "What is going on!" Kiku asked herself before she made it to her father's inner chambers. She saw the hold that was in the wall as she looked through it. Her eyes widened from the sight that she just caught. Rikimaru was fighting against Katashi, but she was wondering why. She then looked around as she saw Ayame, gripping her ankle. "Why is Riki-nii fighting Katashi-san and why is Ayame-nee gripping her ankle!" She asked herself as she then spotted Onikage. Her eyes glared at him as she watched him. "Why is Onikage here? What is going on!" She just wanted to know, she knelt down on the outside of the wall as she looked on.

Their muscles tensed as they held the weapon deadlock. Rikimaru had the advantage because he is stronger than Katashi and broke the deadlock, knocking Katashi back. As Katashi flew backwards in the air, Rikimaru appeared in front of him as he unleashed a fury of slashes. Katashi dodged what he could in mid-air as he got cut twice on his arm, cheek, legs and sides before hitting the ground. When he hit the ground, he rolled as he jumped up and used Rikimaru's arm as a stepping stool as he jumped up and released a downward slash. Rikimaru jumped back since he didn't have time to defend himself against the blade. His right shoulder and thigh were cut as he looked at Katashi. The two were breathing hard as it was time to finish this. Onikage laughed as he watched the battle as Ayame tried to stand, but she barely could. Godha went over to her as he helped her up as he brings her to the sides. "Godha-sama! I need to help Rikimaru!" She yelled as she looked at Godha. He put his hand on her head as he looked at her. "In the condition that you're in, you won't be much of help, but more of a burden on Rikimaru." He kept calm as he looked as he turned his head.

Katashi and Rikimaru looked at each other as they dashed. The remembrance of the training that they had went through together before everything played out. How the plan used them into thinking that the child will be a full member of the Azuma clan. This was the deception that Rikimaru hated and Onikage used it to his full advantage. Katashi looked at Onikage as he nodded and from the wall, he saw Kiku. His eyes widened a bit as he lost concentration. This memories flashed in front of him. He remembers how Kiku treated him kindly, even though he had played her into thinking that he really really liked her. After a while, he realized that he really did. He fell for the Princess of the man he is suppose to kill. The memories of them together, running around, walking around the manor. The best, when he and kiku were outside, looking up at the stars, holding hands. He felt all of that shatter in front of him as Rikimaru's blade pierces through his heart. Coughing up blood, his head feel on top of Rikimaru's shoulders. The blade went through and through as Rikimaru stood there. The wind had stopped as Kiku held her mouth. She just watched, the person that she considered her brother, just kill the person that she fell for. The tears started to silently fall from her eyes as she runs back to her room.

Onikage stood there as he unfolded his arms from across his chest as he laughed. Rikimaru looked at Katashi as he felt him breathing on him. "Tell...Kiku...chan...that I...love...her" Those were Katashi's last words as his breathing stopped and his eyes closed. Rikimaru slowly pulls his blade from Katashi's body as he laid him on the ground. "Onikage...you're next" Rikimaru turned his head towards Onikage as he just smirked. He dashed towards Onikage as he stabbed the area that Onikage was standing, only to find a sheet in his place. "Hasty Hasty...one day, you will be able to fight me, until then...Rikimaru" Onikage's laughter could be heard from the wind. Rikimaru turned his head to see Katashi's cold body and then he walks over to it. Ayame was sitting in the corner as she started to release a few tears. Kneeling down, he picks up Katashi's body and stands there, looking at Godha and Ayame.. Godha followed as he wraps Ayame's arm around his shoulder, helping her walk. "Godha-sama, can we bury his body in the trinket?" Rikimaru asked. Godha nodded as he looks at Rikimaru. "That is allowed, he died trying to fight against Onikage, as a true Azuma shinobi." Godha decided to not disgrace what Katashi has done just because Onikage told him to do this.

They stood in the center of the Bamboo trinket, standing in front of a stone, carved with the name Katashi. Ayame had her arms wrapped around Rikimaru's neck as he held her in his arms. He picked her up for she wouldn't have to walk back as he look at Godha. "Godha-sama, I'm sorry..." He raised his hand as he looks at Rikimaru. "Its not your fault Rikimaru..we were all deceived by Onikage.." He turned as he started to walk back towards the manor. "Take this in as a Lesson...A lesson in Deception." Those where the words that stayed in Rikimaru and Ayame's minds as they watched him go back to the manor as they followed behind him.

Kiku looked outside as she felt arms wrapping around her and then vanishing. She looked behind her to see who it was and saw that no one else besides her was there. A tear felt from her tear as she realized who it was.