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Chapter 1

A pirate takes what he wants, when he wants, however it pleases him. Perhaps that's why so many had turned to piracy, even with the looming threat of the Marines constantly around. Maybe that's why she had turned to it as well, even though she had hated pirates. Of course, that bumbling idiot had something to do with that decision as well, but that was beside the point. It was all well and good to take what you wanted, until you forgot that other pirates where thinking the same thing. And sometimes, what they wanted and what they took wasn't pleasant.

She groaned as sleep fled her and reality forced its ugly way in. Blood ran from her lips as she swiped a dry tongue across them, cuts and scabs re-opening at the slight pressure. Blood had crusted her swollen eyes shut and she had to rub them against one of her upraised arms, stifling a scream at the agony it caused to her eyes and hand. Manacles bound her wrists above her head, preventing her from lying down. That was fine with her; she didn't want to see what they had done to her hands. The tools she was going to use to accomplish her dreams and goals.

Boot steps sounded heavily on the planks above her head, and the woman instinctively cringed and tried to curl in upon herself, gasping as ribs shrieked in protest. One eye slitted open, giving her a hazy view of her prison. Dark, bare, and ominous, it was still empty of all but her. It wasn't often they left her alone, likely due to the storm that had sprung up last night. Or had it been morning? Time had no meaning in a place with no light. She knew it was only a temporary reprieve though. After all, when there was a female prisoner on a pirate ship full of men who went months between seeing a woman…well, things happen. Pirates will take what they want, when they want, and however they want.

Oh, she had fought, right after they had captured her. She'd been out, alone in town buying groceries and clothing. Something she'd done a hundred times before! Only this time, someone with a vendetta had stalked her. She remembered a blinding pain to her skull, and then only darkness, waking up in her current situation. Woke up to the leering faces of several men and their captain. "Break the new dog in boys." Was all he'd said before turning around and leaving the room.

She'd done everything she could, kicking and biting, elbowing when she could. After the third broken nose, they'd had enough. Her mind was muddled and full of holes after the first solid blow to the temple had knocked her out. When she regained complete consciousness, her clothes were gone and blood was everywhere. Her hands felt like they were soaking in fire, and her ribs grated disturbingly whenever she drew too deep of a breath. Bite marks marred her flesh everywhere and a terrible ache came from deep inside. Only moments had passed before her cell's door was flung open, another crew member making his way inside.

"Ah, the bitch is awake." He had proclaimed to those waiting outside the room. Waiting for their turn for a go at her.

She'd fought again, though it was nothing like before. He had laughed as he pinned her legs down, slapping her across the face when she'd spit at him. A ring had torn a line across her cheek, leaking fresh blood down her face and neck. He'd had his way, roughly and ignoring the pained moans coming from her. Then pulled out a small knife as he tucked himself back inside his pants. "Something to remember me by."

The wound was scabbed over, healing. The kanji for, "Love" carved into her thigh. She'd fought them as hard and as often as she could that first week, until her body couldn't stand up to the punishments inflicted on her for it. Her ribs were healing crooked, she knew. Cuts from other's knives were infected and broken bones were the first place struck whenever she tried to fight. So, she closed her eyes as they continued to come and use her body, willing her mind to drift free and focused on memories of her crewmates. She ignored the feel and sound of flesh slamming into flesh, the pain as her body was roughly jostled. She whimpered as a knife bit into her arm, the man on top of her fed up with her silence.

Occasionally they threw a bucket of icy water at her, in order to 'clean her up'. It was when this happened; she knew the captain was coming for a visit. She dreaded his visits more than any other. He was a tall man with tangled brown hair and green eyes that were as dead and emotionless as a corpse. He took pleasure in forcing the screams from her, hurting her for the sake of it.

"Still waiting to be saved, little doggy?" He'd asked her once, digging chipped and dirty nails into a fresh gash across her thigh. His lips peeled back in a smirk as she shrieked, eyes popping open and making her lose the sight of her beloved friends. "Would you like to see them again?"

It was a trick, she knew it was. They'd never let her see them again, but it still didn't stop the hope that lit her eyes. The captain laughed, something sinister sliding behind that dead gaze. "I can arrange that. How about that green-haired swordsman?"

Her eyes grew wide and she nearly bit through her tongue to stifle the scream tearing at her throat as his features shifted and moved, hair shortening and darkening to a familiar green. In moments, the man responsible for everything, had changed into one of the people she loved most in this world save for the dead eyes. He flashed Zoro's smirk at her. "Do you prefer being fucked like this, bitch? I can arrange for your choice, you know. I know them all. That blonde chef, your ridiculous 'captain', even that little deer-man. How about you pick? If not, I'll pick for you.

Only a soft whimper escaped her, the horror of the situation fully hitting her. They were her safe place, the light in all this darkness. And in one moment, this man had torn all of that away from her, turned it into a nightmare. How could she pick? She couldn't, wouldn't defile them by picking a preferred tormenter. Dimly, she would realize later that he must have eaten some type of Devil's Fruit to be able to take another's form. True to his word, when no answer came from the helpless woman, he had stayed in the form of the swordsman, reveling in the agony and despair he was causing with every thrust. Tears spilled over when he reached his climax and finally reverted to his true form. "See you tomorrow. Well…not me, as me." He'd called back cryptically.

For days, he'd assaulted her, always in the form of one of her nakamas, till she couldn't even think of them without crying and fighting off mind-numbing terror. He had taken everything from her that meant anything. If her hands had been free, she would've bitten through her wrists weeks ago. She knew he had won then, that he had accomplished whatever goal he'd had in his sick and twisted mind.

Heavy steps on the stairs leading down below deck echoed into the room. The slight tap of metal heels let her know; the captain was paying a visit. Oh god, not again. Who will it be this time? She moaned, terror and despair pressing in on her heart, threatening to stop it with the force alone. He always found a new way to hurt her, make her scream and cry. He'd ripped one of her lower canines out last time. The time before that, he had dug a knife into her knee. Her body shook uncontrollably as the steps sounded closer, pupils contracting to pinpoints.

Tiny, inarticulate sounds of fear bubbled past her lips as the door swung open. She could barely see, but the light from beyond the door showed a hazy red and blue shadow. Oh please, not Luffy. A calloused finger stroked down her cheek, an imitation of tenderness as it precisely ran over every open wound. "Well then, I think it's time we return you. Though, who'd ever want damaged goods like you, is beyond me. Let's send your friends a little message shall we. I'm going to need some help from you first though."

Light flashed briefly off metal and the woman instinctively shied away as far as her battered body and chains would let her. The blade swiped through the air, and cut off a lock of her filthy hair. "Now to let them know we're serious…" Light sparkled again on metal, before her world erupted into nothing but intense, fiery pain. She heard someone screaming, as if far off, vaguely aware it was herself. Hours, days it seemed dragged by as metal sawed through flesh, grated on bone, until finally the darkness swept her up and away.


There was no telling how long she'd been out, only that the pain that had sent her away, was now dragging her harshly back to wakefulness. Waves slapped against the side of the ship, timbers creaked as it went over those same waves, but otherwise there was no sound. Blessedly, the shadows crept in around her again and stole her back to unconsciousness. She faded in and out, hallucinating as time passed and no one came with food or water. She still heard nothing but waves and wood, the occasional gull cry or whale call.

Her right eye could open again, the swelling subsided, but the left wouldn't yet. I'm dying. Always thought I'd die rich. She thought hazily, thirst raging. She licked condensation off the wall she was chained too, but it wasn't enough. A jolt shot through the ship, a loud bang echoed around the room. Her heart skipped a beat as the feared sound of human life above her reappeared. Voices drifted down, frantic and hurried. They were running around up there, doors banging open and closed, and what sounded like barrels being overturned. Is there a storm? She wondered sluggishly, blinking slowly.

"…mi! Nami!"

Sounds like….Luffy? Another trick?


Sanji too? The door flew open, interrupting anymore questions her muddled brain could think of. She shrank back from the figure highlighted in the doorway, breathing harsh as they stepped closer. "Na…Nami?"

Luffy dropped to his knees in front of her, rage and nausea battling for dominance. He extended a hand towards her, heart shattering as she cried out and flinched away. He pulled off his shirt as the other's footsteps approached, ignoring her struggles to get away from him as he wrapped it around her. The navigator froze, staring unblinkingly as the Straw-Hat captain reached up to her wrists, deftly popping the lock on each. He placed his hat over her hands as he guided them down slowly from the position they'd been forced into for the last three months, not wanting her to see the mangled mess they had become. Small cries came from her as blood rushed freely into the appendages and muscles protested movement after so long. "Don't look, Nami. I-I'm sorry. I didn't find you…in time."

She shuddered as he pulled the sash around his waist off, body shaking violently even more as he wrapped it around her head, shrouding her left eye. It's a trap, a trick. The thought ran through her mind, over and over. Any moment now, the caring façade would break and that horrible leer would break through. She bit her tongue as the scarf was tied into place, that bright, fiery lance of agony slicing through her eye and head again.

"Sanji…let Chopper know we found her." The blonde halted in the doorway; unable to see clearly into the room's dark interior, other than Luffy's form crouched in front of something. "Now, Sanji."

His heart sank at the serious, dismal tone. He swallowed, opened his mouth, swallowed again before choking out the question whose answer he feared. "Is…she alive?"

A long silence, the sound of movement and what sounded like a wounded animal's cries. Panic gripped at him and he took a step into the room. "Yes. Gimme your jacket and go tell Chopper to be ready."

The blonde was desperate to see his friend and confirm for himself she was truly alive, but no one argued with Luffy when he used 'that' voice. The jacket slid off his shoulders and he shrugged out of it, tossing it close to where his captain still crouched, before turning to head back to the Thousand Sunny, grabbing Zoro and Usopp on the way. Whatever had happened beyond what they knew, their captain thought they weren't ready to see it.

A hand reached out to the jacket, pulling it over to wrap around the trembling woman as well. Teeth ground against each other as Luffy noticed how thin, emaciated, his navigator had become. There was nothing to her but skin and bones. And blood and wounds. He didn't know a person could have so much blood, let alone live without it inside them. "Nami, I'm taking you away from this place. And I'm going to kill them. I promise." He vowed, more to himself then to her. He doubted she was hearing anything he was saying, just staring at him with those wide eyes, waiting for him to do something horrible. Guilt lashed through him; he felt, no knew, this was his entire fault.

Thin arms slid under thinner legs and shoulders, trying his best to cradle her gently as he lifted her off the floor. She panted, pushing to try and get away from him, lips moving in words that came with no sound. He did his best to ignore it all, how she was trying to get away from him, how blood started to drip again to the floor that was stained black from so much blood already soaked into it. He concentrated instead on not jostling her, keeping her struggles down, and most importantly, her hands covered. It was a miracle, really, when she passed out half-way to the deck.

The ship was old, a relic. The fact that it still floated was beyond comprehension. But it had served its grisly purpose, hiding the woman away long enough before being abandoned. "Sink it." He said after crossing onto the Sunny, Chopper dancing around him anxiously.

A hard look ensured the order carried out, as well as warning them away from the precious bundle he carried. Robin, always cool and collected, gasped at the sight of her friend, a lone tear falling. Zoro looked away, knuckles white on the handles of his swords, before going to carry out the order. The three vanished into the sick bay, door closing firmly behind them and shutting everyone else out. Silence invaded the normally boisterous ship and its crew as they waited to hear any news of their returned navigator.