Contest! Whoever catches the other t.v. reference first, gets to choose a prank to be played on Auggie, so have a prank in mind when you answer! Its going to be one of two minor pranks, to help distract him from the major prank. This chapter inspired by my favorite Annie/Auggie videos, from You Tube.

Friday Afternoon

"Soo Auggie," Joan started, "Now that prank week is over, tell me how you did all of them."

Auggie shook his head. "A magician never reveals his secrets."

"What if he is ordered to?"

He shrugged. "Annie was, sadly, the easiest." The Agent in question punched his arm lightly. He pushed her back in response. "Your office, wasn't really that hard. We were planning on filling it totally, but that would have taken way to long. So Annie just went up in the ceiling, unlocked your ofice from the inside, and we spent a few hours listening to music and gluing."

Joan nodded slightly. So thats how they did it. She would have to talk to Arthur about how easy it had been for them to break into her office. "What about Jai?"

"Oh, we came up with that one the same night." Annie said. "All I had to do was lift Jai's phone after he forgot it in his desk, while Auggie convinced Conrad, Stu, and a few others to download the same ringtone. Then I slipped Jai's phone into the ceiling, and we called it. After that, it was just a matter of slowly driving him insane."

"Ah. And Conrad?"

Auggie laughed at this. "That was all me. Annie gave me the idea for it, and I was able to do everything from my home computer."

"You know, your scary sometimes."

"Yeah, I know."

"So, what did poor Stu do to deserve being superglued to his desk?"

"My idea, Annie just executed it. She got the idea from her friend Tony. Apparently, he pulled something like this on one of his co-workers. She even brought a bottle of acetone to we could unstick him. After everyone got pictures of course."

"Of course." Joan said sarcastically. "Auggie, you are just too much you know?"

"Only when I'm not being scary." he said as he walked away.

The two women rolled their eyes, but said nothing until he walked out. Once he was gone, every other woman who worked with them converged on their table. When Joan promised to find help, she hadn't been lying.

"So is everybody up to speed on this? If we pull it off, Auggie won't know what hit him!" All the girls nodded. Annie smiled evily. "So let "Revenge Week" begin."

Just really wanted to do a filler chapter on this. Now, since sleep is important, or so my mother says, I'm posting this and probably getting 3-4 hours maximum. Then hopefully, someone will have won the contest and I can start "Revenge Week."