Cursed Blood, Part 8

Written By: Jessarie

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WARNINGS: Male pregnancy.

"uggh." Was the noise that came out of Harry's mouth as he awoke. He knew he was in the infirmary from the horribly strange smell that always seemed about in the ward. It was almost chemical smelling in it's entirety. Harry heard a rough chuckle.

"Hey, Sev. Did ya get the number of the bludger that hit me?" he asked joking. Fighting to open his eyes Harry came to realize most of those he considered family were in the room. Both his bonded, a majority of the Weasleys, and 'Mione. "Sorry Harry, but no bludgers. You have been out almost a full day though." the man in question answered.

"Harry, there is something we need to tell you." Lucius said softly reaching for his hand. Harry frowned not liking the sound of that. "I know that you understood that there was not a lot known about the type of blood bond we had to enter because of the spell that caused it." Harry nodded. "Well. It seems that the spell and the bond combined in a way we did not expect. They made you a concipio."

"What is a concipio?" Harry asked. Poppy smiled entering in time to hear his question.

"A concipio, Harry, is a highly magical witch or wizard able to immediately be with child. You would have gotten pregnant yesterday, as I have been informed, and are already further along then a normal wizard pregnancy would be. Your child is developed to about 1 week." The medi-witch said answering his question. "Children where the concipio is conceived in triad or triad plus relationships always has all the bonded members DNA as well. The child will be all of yours." She finished nodding to his other halves.

By the time she finished speaking Harry could feel the massive grin starting to form on his face. "Now, for a witch, pregnancy lasts roughly 38 weeks." Poppy said continuing her speech. "For a wizard it's usually about 32 weeks because it is solely based on magic."

Harry was nodding as she spoke wanting as much information as possible. He noticed that most of the others seemed curious as well. "But, for you as a male concipio will be about 4 1/2 weeks. A female concipio would be closer to 5 1/2 weeks."

Harry's eyes widened at that news and he promptly passed out again. The room erupted into smiles and a bit of laughter at his reaction. Hermione was in awe of how quickly it could happen with the magical assistance of his blood bond and the curse.

Harry's eyes fluttered and then he heard a long drawn out moan. He froze cracking his eyes open slightly. No longer in the infirmary, he saw the bed was in their quarters. He smiled, but then heard a soft whisper.

"Luc, fuck!" Severus whispered harshly. "You bastard, if he hears us we are in deep shit. He can't join us. Poppy said it was too dangerous for him to be penetrated."

"Let go, Sev. We need this. The energy coming off of him is killing us in passion. It's too painful." Lucius responded and another sexy sound of pure pleasure could be heard.

Harry smirked and rose slowly from the bed. He crept to the crack in the door and watched as Lucius plunged into Severus' arse repeatedly. Not wanting to scare them, but also wanting them to be afraid he was going to get mad he slid out the doorway. Neither noticed his entrance until he stood in front of them smirking.

"Harry." Lucius said freezing in place. Harry smirked even bigger. "Keep going." He ordered surprised when it was followed. He roamed closer so he could watch the thick cock plunge into his bonded. The twitching hole clenching around the pink prink on every other thrust. "Stop." He said strongly. Severus moaned. Harry grabbed his hair and pulled. "Do you want to come?" he asked. Lucius let out an indescribable sound at that. "Y-yes." Severus said panting. "How bad? Are you willing to beg? Willing to plead and scream? Will you lower yourself to that of a slut for me?" Harry fired off rapidly watching as his mates, his loves, squirmed.

Severus' eyes were black with pure lust. "Hell!" he screamed. "Please! Harry... please let... Luc... Fuck me." he begged. "Let me... Be your... Slut." he stuttered. Harry smirked. Locking eyes with his blond eyed cohort, he said. "You heard him. Fuck him. Fuck him until he can feel it everywhere."

Standing at Severus' head at the end of the obviously transfigured bed, Harry grabbed the mans hands and pulled them back over his head holding them in place. He pressed hard on them once and locked their eyes. Not entirely coherent, Severus only nodded. Harry though, smiled.

He circled and moved around them tweaking nipples, scratching skin, and stroking soft places. He watched entranced as they came closer and closer to the ending pinnacle of final completion. Harry moaned himself at the looks on the faces of the men he loved.

"Close..." Severus whispered. "So close..." he moaned out breathlessly. Lucius nodded and pumped once more angling slightly. Harry grinned. "Come for me." He said. "Come for me now!" The resounding climaxes stunned even Harry as he watched his lovers fall apart. He grinned and sat on the edge of the bed to wait.

It took a few minutes for Lucius to move off of Severus and cast a quick cleaning spell. Harry was pulled softly into the center of the bed. Their arms came around him and held him tightly. "Where did that come from?" Severus whispered in his ear hand straying to stroke over his stomach. Embarrassed, he blushed and smiled. "I don't know. It seemed right somehow." The two shared a look above his head and Lucius answered the unasked question. "It was perfect."

They caressed him like something breakable and he only reached his own completion after both their mouths had descended upon his cock to lick and slurp him up together. In and of itself it was a beautiful moment with all the hope of their future. It was on that night that Harry had never felt more loved.

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