Teen Titans Chapter 3: Botan Appears

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/Spanish translations/

The 1st week Plant Girl spent as the newest member of Titans East was pretty normal: fighting bad guys, pizza runs, video game tournaments, the occasional Titans get together, and the almost daily fight between teammates. She enjoyed it; it kind of reminded her of home, when her family got together for a big event; even the fighting reminded her of her family, official and unofficial.

She smiled to herself; Robin had suggested the perfect way to keep her little-problem, she she called it, in check. But, by the end of that 1st week of her new life with the Titans, her little problem was revealed, in a measure, to her teammates. It started when Dr. Light tried to rob a lamp store in downtown Steel City. As the dork of a supervillan was trying to leave the scene, the Titans showed up. But, before any of them could take a step towards him, the ground shook under their feet, and with a huge roar, a giant demon appeared, reducing rearby buildings into piles of rubble with a single sweep of its hand.

As the other Titans looked on in shock(Dr. Light had fainted dead away), Plant Girl groaned inwardly.

I thought I was done with demons for a while, she thought. And now there's one here in Steel, not 10 feet away from me. She sighed as she took her Rose Whip from her hair. Oh, well. What is it that Papa always says about not crying over wilted roses? Still, Prince Pacifier's going to be hearing from me pretty damn soon. She sprung into action, running at the demon as her Rose Whip grew.

"Hey, ugly!" she taunted as she lassoed it's foot. "Try picking on some people your own size; preferably back in your own realm!" With that, she gave the Whip a tug, knocking the demon onto it's backside. The demon roared angrily and kicked out, sending the Whip and Plant Girl flying into the air.

"How dare you mock me; I Gouki, will not be defeated by your kind a second time!" He snarled as Plant Girl landed on the ground, her Whip a few feet away from her.

This action, along with Gouki's roar, caused the other Titans to snap out of their collective daze. They rushed over to Plant Girl, Speedy in the lead, and surrounded her, making sure she was allright before trying to come up with a plan to defeat Gouki. Plant Girl, upon lifting her head and hearing the demon's name, was suprised and astonished, to say the very least.

H-he's supposed to be dead! U-Uncle Yusuke defeated him himself! she thought, stunned.

When she realized that the others had surrounded her, she dismissed her thoughts and began working on a battle plan. She stood up quickly, ignoring her teammates protests and her own pain, and watched as Gouki stood up and began to charge the teenaged heroes.

"Everybody dodge!" she called, managing to leap out of the way just in time. Luckily, the others were just able to get out of the way in time to avoid being mauled by Gouki's horns.

As Gouki collided with a building, Plant Girl racked her brain for an idea of how to defeat the demon.

I know Uncle Yusuke mentioned it more than once. . .Damn it, the next time he's telling stories about his days as a Spirit Detective, I'm listening more closely. . .assuming we live long enough. She turned and faced Gouki as he yanked his head out of the building. But for now, I'll have to use my full powers-just short of the full change.

"Everybody either take cover or stall him!" Plant Girl called to her friends. They nodded, drawing their weapons (the Titans that had weapons). Plant Girl clenched her fists and let her powers build inside her, as Mas y Menos began racing around Gouki's feet and the others began their own attacks, not even managing to make a scratch appear on Gouki's skin.

None of them noticed the silver aura surround Plant Girl. Or the silver streaks appear in her hair. Or her eyes turning completely yellow and her ears becoming slightly more fox-like. Or that the plants around them were growing at an extreme rate and going haywire. At least, not until they completely surrounded and wrapped around Gouki, paralizing him.

When they did, they were all completely suprised and caught off guard. Even Gouki stopped roaring and squirming when he noticed the changes in the teen's appearance and power level. His eyes widened as she stepped foreward, power radiating from her.

"You-you're not human, are you?" He asked, gulping in fear. Plant Girl smirked and slowly shook her head, her eyes gleaming with sudden recollection.

"Speedy," she said quietly, not taking her eyes off of the subdued-and now terrified-demon in front of her. He started as she said his name, snapping out of a daze he'd entered when he'd looked at Plant Girl after her change.

"Y-Yeah, P.G.?" he asked, trying to control the stammer and slightly fearful tone he felt in his voice. She nodded to Gouki.

"I've finally remembered how to kill this thing," she said as Gouki started howling and squirming in fear. "From the inside. Aim one of your arrows into his mouth; I'll help you."

Speedy nodded, gulping slightly as he drew an arrow and took aim. He was suprised by Plant Girl's change and freaked out a little by the demon in front of him; he hoped that his almost flawless aim wouldn't be effected too much by it(Yes, even in the midde of an almost crisis, Speedy's pride and self-opinion were still intact).

He let the arrow fly, hoping for the best. Plant Girl raised a hand and the arrow began glowing with Spirit energy, guiding it straight to it's destination: inside Gouki.

"NOOOOO! I CAN'T GO BACK!" Gouki howled as he dissolved into silver light and dissappeared. Immediately afterwards, the plants reverted back into their previous docile forms. As Plant Girl regressed back to her usual self, Bee approached her with the others right behind.

"P.G., what was that?" Bee demanded. Plant Girl looked at her calmly and raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean, the demon, or my powers?" she asked.

"All of it!" the other Titans said together. Plant Girl sighed and lightly pinched the bridge of her nose before looking back at her friends.

"Okay, to start off with, that was a demon; more specifically a Kyukonki, a spirit-eating demon." She gave them a few minutes to digest that information before continuing.

"They have extremely tough skin, like this specific demon we just fought named Gouki, which you already know. What you most likely don't know is that he was defeated and killed almost 40 years ago by my uncle, Yusuke Urameshi." She could see that this news stunned them the most.

"But if he died 40 years ago, how was he alive 5 minutes ago?" Aqualad asked, puzzled.

"Bingo! An excellent question!" A voice said behind them. Everyone turned around to see a teenage girl with blue hair tied into a ponytail, pink eyes, and dressed in a pink kimono floating on a paddle a few feet in the air above the ground. Plant Girl's eyes widened in recognition.

"Botan, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be working?" she asked in suprise.

"I am working, Rose. Lord Koenma sent me to collect you and your friends and bring you all to Spirit World; he has a case for you that will require your friends' help." Botan answered. Plant Girl groaned and smacked her forehead.

"I'm supposed to be on vacation, remember? A full year, 365 days, off duty?" she reminded the ferrywoman. Botan frowned at the teenaged demoness.

"Rose, have you forgotten your other duties?" Botan scolded. "You're a Spirit Detective; you should've learned from your parents, uncles, and Hiei by now that vacations never last as long as you hope!"

Plant Girl sighed unhappily. "I know that. I was just hoping it wouldn't apply to me as much as it did to them." she turned to her friends, who, up until this point, were silent.

"Guys, this is Botan, the ferrywoman of the River Styx, besides the official assistant to the Spirit Detectives." They managed to choke out stunned greetings, which Botan returned cheerfully.

"Botan, if you've spent anytime on Earth recently, you'll recognize the Titans East-Bumble Bee, Speedy, Aqualad, and Mas y Menos. Now that the introductions are out of the way, what does Lord Binky Breath want with us?"

"You'll find out when we get there;" Botan answered, rising a few feet higher in the air. Plant Girl quickly grew and tossed a vine to Botan, who wrapped it around the end of the paddle. Then, Plant Girl grew another, longer vine and handed it to her teammates.

"Each of you tie a part of it arounf your waists like me," she instructed, quickly wrapping it around her own waist and securing it.

"And if we don't want to?" Speedy challenged, as he regained his bravado. Plant Girl smirked at him.

"It's a long way down from Spirit World's gates to the ground; at least. . .how high, Botan? 15,000-20,000 miles?" she asked, looking up at her friend for an estimate.

"I think it's almost 50,000 miles, Rose," Botan answered, hiding her smile as she watched the teenage archer go white and quickly tie the vine around his waist.

"Now, if everyone is ready, It's on to Spirit World!" Botan called as she and the others flew high into the sky, disappearing from view in seconds.

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