Red Moon Investigations

By: LartenCrepsleyForeva123

Chapter 1: Intros


THIS MAKES ME SO MAD! Fine, I'll just have to write my own rated M Fanfiction for it.

LartenCrepsleyForeva123 and chykla are at the library.

chykla: -reads over shoulder- What is wrong with you?

LartenCrepsleyForeva123: -tries to paste name- -copies- -goes to document- -highlights- -copies- Opps. –goes back to website- -copies- -goes to document- -pastes-


(A/N: "rat" in chykla land means rant or just a word she loves to say every second of the day.)

LartenCrepsleyForeva123: Ha, that's what you get for…whatever you were doing.

Chykla: -Dying on the floor-

LartenCrepsleyForeva123: -points at her, laughing-

Dude across the table: You are supposed to be quiet in the library…

LartenCrepsleyForeva123: Sorry…anyway…you should really read Half Moon Investigations, it's only one book but it's really good…in my opinion. It's like rated K+ yaoi. They freaking tease you and make you wish they would DO SOMETHING ALREADY!…but they don't do anything much...but…what if the amazing Fletcher Moon were a girl! BWA HA HA HA HA! XD THE WHOLE BOOK WILL BE FULL OF SMEXY GOODNESS! WA HA HA HA HA!

Dude across the table: Shhh or I'm going to complain and kick you out.

LartenCrepsleyForeva123: If you don't mind your own business I'll drop-kick you TO THE MOON! :D

chykla: -reads mind- KICK HIM TO THE NEXT MILLENIUM! XD

LartenCrepsleyForeva123: YA HA HA HA HA! XD Oh yeah, back to Fanfiction. You might not get the story much if you didn't read it but you don't really have to because I'm pretty much re-writing the whole story. But I'm going to change a bunch of things...Hee, hee, hee.

A/N: Roddy is the same as Herod. Just so there's no confusion.

A/N/N: Story takes place in Lock, Ireland…I have no clue if that place really exists…=.=

My name is Moon. Belinda Moon. And I'm a private detective. I'm only 13 and I have my own genuine detective's badge. How you may ask? Hacking. Being a detective is a hard job, so you have to learn the "basics".

I've never solved any big cases before, only little cases like stolen things or who did what. I have never failed to crack the case, that's why people hate me. That's why they act as if I am invisible or contagious or plain hate me. People only came to me when they needed a favor.

Middle school is the worst time to be a friendless loser. They tease you, bully you, knock your books down, and the worst part, no one is there to help you. My dad had a heart attack and died, my sister, Hazel, went to college in the USA, and my mom is always on business trips. I wouldn't be surprised if I turned gothic or emo.

I hated my life. I hated being me…

My biggest case began unexpectedly on a school day. It was June 30, 2011. It started like every other day. Bullying.

I was walking through the school playground when I heard his voice. My worst enemy, Billy and his gang. "Hey Half Moon!" Almost everyone called me that. A kid named Red gave the nickname, Half Moon, to me when I was in third grade because I was so short. Really, really short. Nevertheless, the nickname was the least of my worries.

"Yo Half Moon! I'm talking to you here!" Please, make him go away. Next thing I knew, he grabbed me by the shoulders and slammed my back against the tree.

"Hey Half Moon, didn't you hear me call you?"


"Then maybe you need your ears cleaned out." He lifted a hand to slap me. I just closed my eyes, and waited for the blow. I was surprised when it didn't come.

"Hey! Who-"

"Yo Billy, you'll have to pulverize Half Moon some other day because as of right now, she's needed." My savior!

"Get your hands off me! And why can I beat 'er up?"

"Because, Roddy is being framed and he hired Moon to solve the case and find out who really did it."

"I don't give a DAMN about Roddy! He can get arrested and I wouldn't even care!"

"Well, it's your choice. I'll just have to tell Roddy that you beat up Moon thus causing him to get in trouble. And when Red finds out…" Billy went white as a sheet.

"O-on second thought, you can have her." He pushed me toward the other kid. Then he ran off as I tried to sneak away.

"Oh no you don't, you're coming with me." He grabbed my backpack and half dragged, half pulled me into the center of a circle of people. "I got your detective Roddy. Half Moon, start your detective stuff."

At first, I just stood there. Then, Roddy said, "Half Moon, if you don't solve the case by the next bell, I'll beat you up much worse than Billy ever did."

That got me going. I got my notepad and pencil out of my backpack and cleared my throat. "S-so, h-how d-do you k-know Herod d-did it?" I asked Bella, the "victim".

Before she could answer, Red Sharkey, Roddy's brother, burst into the center of the circle. Red was the oldest kid in middle school and should have moved on to high school a year ago (so that would make him…15?).

He jumped off his bike, kicking the stand with his heel during the dismount. I mentally gawked at his awesomeness. He was the only one in the school who could do that. He was probably the only person on EARTH who knew how to do that. Many tried to imitate his move but more than 90% have gotten hurt.

"Roddy?" he said, with a casual nod.

"I don't need your help Goody Two-shoes! I can handle this!"

"Can't you stay out of trouble for a minute?"

"Your brother stole my organizer! It was brand new!" shouted Bella.

"Liar!" retorted Herod.

Red sighed, "Whenever anything goes missing in this school, the nearest Sharkey gets the blame. You didn't take it did you?"


"Are you sure?"

He thought for a minute, then, "Yeah. Certain. No organizer."

"Right, that's it. He didn't take it. End of story. Nothing to see here, let's move it along." Freedom!

"I know Herod did it, and she's gonna prove it!" Shit!

"Who is?" demanded Red.

"Her!" shouted several dozen people. Most of them pointed too. Red followed where the kids were pointing and glared at me.

"Hi." I said in my most innocent voice, waving with my fingers like a little kid.

He smirked, "Half Moon. The girl with the badge. This is not lost cats, this is the actual world. People could get in trouble.

"Tell him, he dragged me over here." I pointed to his little brother and looked down on the ground.

"Everyone says that Half Moon is a qualified detective, with an actual detective's badge." Herod retorted. "So let the nerd prove I'm innocent."

"Listen, Half Moon is just an imaginative little girl playing detective. The badge is most likely plastic."

Before I could stop myself, I took out my badge, flipped it open and said. "Actually Red, this is a real detective's badge. Therefore, I'm a real detective."

"Fine," he scuffed, "so what does your big detective's brain tell you about the case of the missing organizer?"

"Noting yet. I was just about to ask Bella a question before you burst in."

Red leaned back on the saddle of his bike and gestured me to continue. I got the feeling that he was more interested in teasing and poking fun at me than solving the actual case, just like every other bully would do.

-the next few pages I will just summarize because I looked it through and it was seven pages long! So basically, questions are asked, there is a witness, they find the organizer in one of Herod's hiding places for his stash (a.k.a. a cookie tin in the garden), Herod said it's a setup, and everyone runs back to the school because the principal was coming. I'm going to change it up a bit so it connects to my story more though, so Red, Herod and Belinda don't leave yet. One more thing I'm adding. Herod gets into a fight with his brother, then pushes Belinda into the buttercups, and then storms off. Okay, let us continue. F.Y.I. she is still sitting in the flowers. –wink-

Red turned around and started walking toward me. Oh no, It's 5 minutes ago all over again. I backed up into a tree, then waited for the beating to come. Again, it didn't.

I opened one eye to see Red holding out a hand to me, a helping hand. I looked from his hand to his face then back to his hand. He got impatient and reached down, grabbing my wrist then pulling me up. He pulled me up with such force that I slammed into his chest. I guess he thought I would be much heavier. I quickly jumped back but that didn't mean I didn't feel his muscular chest 8D…wait, what?


"Whatever, it's nothing compared to saying those things back at the playground." He rubbed his neck nervously and blushed a light shade of pink, "It's just that-"

"I know, your reputation."

"Yeah. Glad you understand."

"Belinda Moon. I don't believe it."

Oh no, it was Principal Quinn and her two dogs Larry and Adam. I know dogs aren't supposed to smile, but I swear I could see them grinning behind their muzzles.

"Please tell me what you think you are doing, and even worse, what you are doing here with the notorious Red Sharkey. And what's worse is you have ruined my buttercups!"

I didn't want to talk back to a teacher, especially the principal. Never have, never will. Not even Red dared to talk back.

"I think I am going straight down to the office," I answered, hoping a bit of humor would lighten the tension.

Mrs. Quinn chuckled, and for a second I was hopeful; then her laughter dried up like a water hole in the Sahara.

"Correct," she snapped. "When I get back from line-up inspection, you have better be there waiting. You too Red."

We both nodded, then she and her dogs walked away to make sure that the lines were straight as rulers.

When she was finally gone, I realized I have been holding my breath. I sighed and turned to Red. He looked as if nothing happened.

We walked in silence down the school hallways. I stole a few peeks at Red here and there; he just kept on walking with his hands in his pockets.

Halfway down the hall, Red spoke, "Meet you at the office. If Mrs. Quinn asks, tell her I'm going to the restroom."

"Are you really?" I questioned.

"Is it really any of your business?"


"Exactly, but don't worry, I'll be there. I wouldn't dare disobey Mrs. Quinn."

I fought the urge to say, "Yeah, and how many times was that?" but all that came out was, "See you there then."

He walked off. Now, I was truly alone. The hallway never seemed so scary and deserted. And the walk to the office was even longer. I was on the road of death. The road, to Mrs. Quinn's…

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