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[TT/DP Universe]

Robin walked into the main room/common room/ops center and gave a small sweep of the room out of habit. He gave himself a nod, and with that, began walking to the kitchen that was off to the side of the room. Before he could fully get there, however, he back pedaled and looked at the couch. He sighed at what he saw, and went over to sit next to his upside-down girlfriend.

"Dani..." he said slowly. "Is there any particular reason that you're sitting upside-down on the couch with your leg over the top and your head hanging off the edge?" he asked, very amused with the site.

"YES!" she exclaimed, spinning herself around so she was face up and sitting on the couch properly. She did it a little too quick though, because next thing she knew, she was turning around more than she wanted, and she fell right onto Robins lap. He started laughing.

"Hey, shuddup!" she yelled playfully, slapping his arm. She then laid down on the couch sideways and rested her head on Robins lap.

"So what's wrong?" he asked, absentmindedly playing with her hair.

"Whaddaya mean what's wrong?" she asked. "Don't you remember?"

"Remember what?" Robin asked. "It isn't your birthday, or a holiday, or anything I can think of..." he said, trailing off.

"No, no, not something for me. KF and Jinx left two days ago. It's Thursday night!" she said, throwing her arms up, but since she was lying down, she just looked like she was stretching.

"Yeah...so?" Robin asked, still confused.

"Sooo..." she said dramatically. "KF said they were staying there for a while, until 'something bad or shocking comes up.' I mean, c'mon Dick, nothing like that has happened since you defeated the Brotherhood of Evil and Danny and I came to town." she said. When he gave her a confused look she sighed. "This is the first time Roy, Wally, and you and me aren't hanging out together on the weekends since Danny and I came to the Tower!" she exclaimed.

"OH! Now I get it." he said, realization showing in his features. "You don't know what we're gonna do when Roy comes over tomorrow night, because we're a plan thinking, joke pulling, all around crazy speedster, short." he said with a smile.

"Exactamundo! My lovely, yet sometimes slow, detective, superhero boyfriend." she said.

"Hey! What do you mean sometimes slow?" he asked. She started laughing and he pushed her off of his lap and onto the floor. She kept laughing so he got onto the floor and pinned her down, his face an inch from hers. She stopped laughing and looked at him with a huge grin.

"Now what do you think would happen if somebody walked in on us. I say that Cy and BB would freak out and run out the door. What do you think?" she asked. Robin chuckled at the picture of Cy and BB in his mind.

"Doesn't matter." he said, giving her a small kiss. "They went to the arcade with Starfire and Danny and Raven went to dinner." he said.

"Huh, you'd think that I would have noticed that the tower was empty..." she said. Then she looked at him. "Are you gonna have me pinned down like this for awhile?" she asked teasingly. He blushed and was about to get up and help her up when the door swooshed open.

"Hey! Titans East let off early an-" the voice stopped as he saw the predicament before him. A slightly awkward silence stretched over the three friends. Then... "AWWEE, guys! C'mon! Get a room if you're gonna- OW!" he was stopped from saying anything else when an ecto-blast hit his chest.

"Don't get any wrong thoughts you perv!" Dani scolded, walking up to him.

"Yeah, yeah, like you could do something if I did." he said, raising his head in mock superiority.

"You're a cocky brat, ya know that?" Dani asked, taking his stuff and teleporting it to the permanent Guest room he has at the Tower. When she returned right beside him, he swung an arm over her shoulder.

"Maybe it'll make up for the lack of Wally." he said.

She scoffed. "Doubtful, Mr. Harper, doubtful." she said, phasing out of his arm. They laughed a little and sat down to watch a movie.

[YJ Universe]

"What is up with this vampire thing that can go through solid objects and shoot pink blasts!" Kid Flash shouted while running and dodging.

A thirteen year old robin pulled up his holographic computer and started scanning.

"This is weird." he said. "This guy has high ectoplasmic readings! Enough to be a ghost!" he said.

"Please dude, there is no such thing as ghosts." KF said, running up next to him.

"Oh? And how do you explain it Kid Mouth?" he asked, throwing a freezing disk at the villain.

"What is-oh cheeseballs." the villain said as he was hit with the disk before he could turn intangible. Superboy walked up and nudged the ice with his feet.

"Do you think that will hold him Conner?" Miss Martian asked, coming up behind him. The ice began to shake. Suddenly the ice began to melt as the villain lit up his hand with the ectoplasm.

"Superboy, M'Gann! Back away!" Aqualad, their leader yelled.

"Guys, get down!" Artemis yelled, releasing an arrow with an electric tip. It hit the villain as soon as he got out, but he simply grunted painfully before pulling it off.

"Why did you want me to come with you guys?" Red Arrow asked, shooting an arrow at the villain, that he simply turned intangible to avoid. "Obviously arrows don't help." he said angrily.

"Hey, you're the one that accepted the offer to come!" Robin yelled as he dodged an ectoblast.

Suddenly a swirling green portal opened up and the vampire thing smiled.

"Well children, you really need to work on fighting ghost. That Jack buffoon could do better if he were alive." the ghost said. And with that, he began stepping through the portal, turning invisible as he went through. Not that Red Arrow and the YJ's knew that.

"After him!" Aqualad commanded, and they all jumped through the portal.

[Titans Tower, Dani/Riqis's Room]

The six Young Justice members, and Red Arrow, all stumbled through the portal and landed in a heap. The were about to get up when they heard voices outside the door.

"Roy, keep your ass in bed, got it? No late night snacks or anything, Wally isn't hear so you have no excuse since you aren't following him." They heard a female voice.

"Roy?" Robin and Wally asked together, and then Red Arrow and all the YJ members turned to KF. "Wally?" the asked. Red Arrow and Kid Flash just shrugged.

"Awwe, C'mon Dani. Is it because you don't want me disturbing you and Dick if you- OW! Dammit Dani! What did I say about those ecto-blasts!" they heard another voice, that sounded eerily like Red Arrows, but with a lighter tone to it.

"Well! If you weren't so perverted, then I wouldn't hit you! You're just luck that I didn't use my scythe like I did with you and Wally two weeks ago." the female voice replied. The could hear a second male voice that was laughing that has yet to actually talk.

"That was uncalled for! We didn't even do anything!" the guy objected.

"You were fighting with arrows and superspeed! INDOORS!" the girl yelled. They only heard a grumble in reply.

"Alright Roy, get to bed. Dani, please cut it out with the ecto-blasts. We don't want a repeat of what happened with you and your brother." came the second male voice.

"That doesn't count! His eye were turning red again! I had to knock him out somehow!" the girl exclaimed.

"What's wrong with these people?" Artemis whispered. Everyone just shrugged.

"So you shot him in the head. With a pointblank ecto-blast." the male that didn't sound like Red Arrow replied flatly.

"If he can take point blank missiles from skulker, and a punch in the spine from his future self, he can handle a point blank ecto-blast!" the girl argued.

"He was unconscious for three days after the future him punched his back, and you were too when the future you punched you when you weren't prepared!" the male argued back.

"That was after we used our Ghostly Wails..." she muttered. "Whatever, let's just get some sleep, the others should be coming back soon." the girl said.

"Okay." cam both the male's replies.

"G'night Roy." the girl and other male said. They heard Roy say goodnight and walk down the hall.

"Good night, Boy Wonder, see ya in the morning." the heard the girl say in a teasing manner.

Everyone looked over at Robin, who had an extremely confused look on his face.

"Dude!" Kid Flash hissed. "What the hell?" they all just shrugged once again. They heard the door swoosh open, and saw a girl with black hair and blue eyes walk in and stop at the sight of them.

"Dude!" she exclaimed. "What the hell?" they looked at her and Kid Flash.

"Deja vu." Artemis said.

"Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my-" she began but stopped when she saw Kid Flash and Red Arrow. "KF? Speedy?" she asked.

"It's Red Arrow." he replied while Kid Flash just nodded.

"Since when was it- whoa whoa whoa whoa...hold up!" she yelled. "You were just down the hall!" she grabbed her head. "I hate my life." she muttered.

"Dani, are you alri-" the two boys from earlier came in and stopped at the sight.

The team just stared at the three people before them. There was a person that had a kind of different costume from Red Arrow, but you could tell they were the same person. The other guy had a traffic light-like costume with spiked hair. They both wore domino masks.

"Hey Rob, isn't that your old costume?" KF asked, nudging his best friend and pointing the the one with spiked black hair. Before YJ-Robin could answer, the girls head shot up.

"Alright, who is trying to probe my mind?" she asked with a slight growl. Miss Martian made a small 'eep' sound and hid behind Superboy, who remained stoic.

"Sorry, I-I was trying to find out where we were." she said in a small voice.

"Dani, calm down, it's not like you're not used to it." her Robin said.

"I know." she replied grumpily. "Who are you?" Dani directed her question to the YJ team. Kaldur cleared his throat, stood up, and extended his hand out to them.

"I apologize for the intrusion. We are Young justice. I am Aqualad, and this is my team...and Red Arrow." he said, shaking her hand. "We do not know what we are doing here."

"Isn't Aqualad in a blue and black suit working with Tram in the ocean?" Dani asked her Robin.

"Well, you definitely aren't our Aqualad." her Robin said, shaking the teens hand. He gave Robin a confused look but continued after shaking Speedy's hand.

"Yes, well. This is Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis, Kid Flash, and Robin. Oh, and of course, Red Arrow." Aqualad added.

"Robin?" Dani asked.

"What?" Replied both Robins.

"This is going to be a very long headache." she said. Then Speedy leaned over the her and TT-Robin.

"Hey, two Robin means twice the fun wi-" he began, only two be cut off by Dani.

"That's it! I'm done with the perverted comments!" she yelled, pulling her scythe off her choker and pouring ectoplasm into it, making it a real scythe. She held it to his face.

"Eh, eh hehe, ya know Dani, I uh, I gotta go to my room!" he yelled, sweat dropping before taking off down the hall.

"Dani! What did I say about using your powers to freak him out!" TT-Robin scolded. She put her scythe back on her choker and did a 'cutsie puppy dog' look, even going as far as to look at the ground and swing her foot back and forth.

"Not ta do it." she whined. "But c'mon Rob! He deserves every bit of it! He's lucky I didn't overshadow him and lock him in a closet." she mumbled. TT-Robin just put his hand on his head.

"Maybe we should go talk in the main room. Your obviously not villains since you didn't attack us. And it is odd how there is another KF and Spee- sorry, Red Arrow," he corrected at the glare he got. "and a thirteen year old version of me." he said.

"How did you know I was thirteen?" YJ-Robin asked his older self.

"I wore that costume after ditching this one." TT-Robin pointed to his own costume. "I only wore it for a year or so before switching back to this one and leaving Batman to come here. Plus, you are exactly how I looked when I was thirteen." he finished.

"Well this is a whelming experience." YJ-Robin replied.

Dani leaned over to her boyfriend. "Whelming?" she asked.

"It's a phase." he said and they continued on.

KF leaned over to YJ-Robin. "Dude, he said he ditched Batman! Are you actually crazy enough to do that?" he asked. YJ-Robin just shrugged and they continued on.

[Main Room]

They reached he main room to see everyone back, including Speedy who decided to come here instead of going back to his room.

"Hey sis, Robin...aaannndd...friends?" Danny finished, seeing others walk in. Dani plopped down on the couch next to Danny and Raven.

"Maybe, we aren't sure yet." she said.

"Alright." Danny replied, going back to the TV and Raven. Then he stopped and looked back, he turned to Dani. "I thought you said Kid Flash was in France with Jinx, and that's why your guys's weekends would suck for a while." he said, with a slight smirk at Robin and Speedy's protests that they were fun to.

"He is, this isn't our KF." Dani replied.

"How do you know?" Danny asked. She smacked him upside the head. "Hey!" he yelled.

"One: Our KF wouldn't suddenly be in my room with some random super teens. Two: our KF doesn't wear goggles. And three: You think I wouldn't call one of my best friends to tell him he has a him from another universe that decided to drop in?" she finished, rolling her eyes. Then they started bickering about how she was talking to him like a little kid.

YJ-Robin leaned over and whispered to his older self. "Are they always like this?" he asked.

"I'm afraid so. I'm just worried that if they get to angry-" he was cut off by BB running up to them.

"Dude! Their eyes went red again!" he said in panic.

"Shit." he muttered. "BB, stay with these guys. I'll be back once I calm her down. Dani, Danny! NO ECTO-BLASTS! Damn." he muttered, running towards Dani and Danny.

"What's wrong if their eyes go red?" M'Gann asked. BB turned to her.

"Cool, another green person!" he said happily.

"Are...are you a martian?" she asked.

"Nope, shapeshifter. And to answer your question about the red eyes... well, that's something for if we get to know you better." he said.

"Wow, this place has better security than the Batcave and the Justice league." YJ-Robin stated. Trying to hack in to get infornation.

"Dude! You're trying to hack our systems! Cyborg will be so pissed! Robin too!" BB exclaimed.

"SCREW THIS!" everyone flinched at Dani's outburst. "I'm going to the apartment. Guess it's a good thing we kept paying for it." and with that, she transformed and phased through the window.

TT-Robin just looked down, his shoulders drooping. Then his stood up strait and began walking towards the door.

"I'm taking the R-Cycle!" he turned to YJ-Robin as he got to the door. "You wanna come with? I'm not sure I can trust you not to keep trying to hack mine and Cyborg's systems." he said. YJ-Robin looked sheepish.

"Eh. Heh heh. I guess I don't really have a choice huh?" he said, the older self shook his head. KF was about to object to leaving his best friend, when the older Robin turned around.

"I know you're not gonna leave him, you're running next to us." he said, walking out the door with the other two in tow.

The remaining of the two teams turned to look at each other. Danny's red was slowly fading as he took deep breaths. Speedy walked up to Red Arrow and Artemis. He pointed to Artemis.

"G.A's new partner?" he asked. Red Arrow nodded. "Fine." he said with slight distrust.

Everyone just stood there as the tension got thicker with the awkward silence.

"Sooo, who wants pizza." Raven asked.

"Meat Lovers!"

"Veggie! I've been most of the animals they use in Meat Lovers!" and so the pizza fight tradition began, much to the confusion of YJ.

[Streets Of Jump City]

"So." KF called through his comm-link. " How far away is this apartment?" he asked.

"The bad part of downtown. They chose it at random, not even realizing the bad pun that the letters of the apartment is." TT-Robin replied.

"What's the pun?" KF asked.

"It's apartment D.P. And before they changed their alter-ego's names, they used the be Danny Phantom...and Dani Phantom." he replied.

"Is that why this helmet has a DP symbol on it... what's the RG symbol next to it, you don't wear it do you?" YJ-Robin asked, confused on why he would wear a helmet with his secret identities initials on it.

"What? Oh, no I don't. Those are the initials for her new alter-ego's name." the older one replied, focusing back to the road. "We'll be there in about one minute KF." he said.

"Got it." KF replied with a thumbs up. "So, she obviously knows Roy and my secret ID's, does she know your R.G.?" he asked.

"Yeah Wally, she knows mine too." he replied. "We're here." he replied, just as a shriek from inside drew their attention.

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