It's raining around him, the sky opening the clouds, dark and stormy. It was everywhere, in the earth around him; he could feel it seeping into him from the wet dirt beneath his bare feet, the planet was mourning his loss. The wind wound around him, caressing his skin trying to comfort him.

The radio was playing in the house, the same station covering the same story, "And he sleeps." Our chosen one had fallen. This time into a place he could not be rescued, into a void he could not be found. And never again would I see his face apart from in my memories.

The rain falls around me, numbing my skin like my soul had been numbed. A part of me died today with him and it would never be replaced. The sun seemed to be blinking out. The atmosphere was dead, as if his magic had held it all this time.

I feel lost. He had been by my side so long it seemed, I cannot function without him. His Magic, his grace, his touch.

I was at our place, in Inverness, the mountains surrounded us, our beautiful place on the highest cliff around, we liked to watch the world go by. Untouchable.

I sat lonesome, staring out at the Valleys. This was our home, our sanctuary. My once proud posture is bent and broken. I scream and scream into the wind and my voice carries but my pain does not bring him back.

I feel like I'm dying too, my spirit fluttering away. I can feel it. I once bright wings surround me. They are dirty as the rain discolours them. They do not shine. My mate is gone. My hands dig into the mad as I cry, rocking backwards and forwards. My talons gathering dirt under them, not a dazzling white but a mucky black.

My eyes bled the tears, streams of red falling from my very being as it tried to comprehend him not being here.

They had come early that morning trying to take pictures. The wards were strong and they could only watch me from the ground. My feathers are falling, dropping from my wings and I know, I am dying. One by one they blow away and I can see the flashes of light from the cameras as they watch a Veela die. It wasn't painful, not like losing Harry. There were just some things that magic cannot fix.

I lay on the ground, the sobs wracking my body. It was a strange comfort knowing I would be with soon. I lay there until the sun starts to go down and as I start to go blind I realise it is almost time and I go to him.

Our home is small and draughty, but it is ours. I climb the stairs to our bed and lay down with him. My death will not be beautiful like his.

I hold him. Praying soon that I will sleep.

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