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"What are you doing? Guys, let go!" Camille shrieks as they throw her into a chair, forcing her into a short teal strapless dress and silver heels. They taking out a curling iron, curling her hair, making sure every hair is in place.

Despite the fact it was against her will, even she had to admit she looked pretty good.

They shove long, dangly, silver earrings into her hand, insisting she put them on and they do her make up, not even giving her a chance to protest. She doesn't know what the fuss is. But she wasn't even given the chance to ask questions as her friends work to make her look flawless.

Soon they're done, and they step back, getting a better view of her. "Well, what do you think?" Katie asks, standing next to her as she admires her in the mirror in front of them.

Camille's jaw drops in awe as she blushes, "I look really… nice. But why'd you dress me all up fancy?" she asks curiously, spinning around and facing her friends.

Skylar smirks, "You'll see."

Soon enough they usher her out the door, cooing about how she looks beyond gorgeous. They were dressed equally as nice, she notices. Jo was in a short dark blue dress, Stephanie in a purple one, Skylar in a red one and even Katie was wearing a jade green dress that fell just above her knees.

"Guys, will you tell me where we're going or not?" she asks them.

"Hush. You'll see when we get there," Stephanie tells her in a sing- song voice. She glosses her lips again, fluffing her hair before looking back at Camille who's in the backseat with Katie and Skylar while Jo is in the driver's seat. "Trust me; it'll all be worth it."

She nods, biting her bottom lip in anticipation, "Okay."

Before she knows it, she's being dragged into a dark hall and her friends disappear from her side. She doesn't know what going on and she doesn't know why it's so dark.

"Guys?" she calls out, "Where are you?" She tries to walk in the darkness but it's no use. It's pitch black and she nearly runs into a chair before giving up.

Suddenly arms slide around her petite waist, her hair is swept away from her the back of her neck, and she feels hot lips at her shoulder, her collarbone and then her neck. Lips hover over fading scars, the indents tingling from the sensation. She tenses but soon relaxes. She knows those kisses- they were Logan's kisses. His fingers rub her waist gently, as the kisses make their way up to her ear. She moans softly, "Logan…" she whispers quietly, still unaware of what was going on.

"I'm glad you made it, baby," he whispers into her ear, nipping at it. His breath is cool, an unusual contrast to the temperature of his lips, "Happy Anniversary."

She lights up. She had known he would remember, it was something they had been looking forward to since forever, but her heart warms hearing him say it. She turns around, wrapping her arms around his neck, "Happy Anniversary to you too," she whispers, pressing their lips together. It's still pitch black yet both of them have memorized every inch of each other through the years.

Then the lights flicker on and everyone stands up. Everyone's there. Everyone from her friends to her parents. She spins around, pulling away from the kiss, clamping her hand over her mouth before turning back to Logan. "How?" she whispers.

He shrugs, smirking, "I have my ways."

She squeals, taking his hand and walking over to her parents and throwing her arms around them, bringing them close to her. "You're here," she sighs, parting from them. "I haven't seen you in months."

"Yeah, baby girl, we are," her father says, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"It's so good to see you again, honey," her mothers coos, hugging her close, tears forming in her eyes. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too, Mama," she says, sounding like a small child.

Her mom lifts up her hand, getting a view of her ring. "Nice choice Logan," she compliments. "I'm so happy for the both of you," she whispers, dragging both of them into a hug.

"Thanks. We're going to go meet some other people okay?" Camille tells her gently.

Her mom sniffles, nodding her head, "Of course."

Logan slips his hand into hers, squeezing it tightly. "You look beautiful by the way. Absolutely stunning," he whispers, pressing a kiss to her temple.

She blushes, "I didn't have much choice since Jo, Steph, Skylar and Katie practically forced this on me but thanks anyways."

"I knew they'd do their job right," he laughs, playfully teasing her.

"Hey!" she squeals, leaning into his strong frame.

"I'm just kidding, honey. But you know if it weren't for them, we wouldn't be here right now… you know, celebrating our four year anniversary," he whispers sweetly into her ear.

She laughs softly, ducking her head when Logan's lips get dangerously close to her ear. "I know."

They begin to mingle with other people, thanking them for coming. They seat themselves with their friends, laughing along as others part to do other things.

"You know you're awesome right?" Camille teases, poking Logan's stomach.

"Maybe," he grins. He tugs on his blue button down, fiddling with the buttons. He straightens his black vest that he's wearing. "But seriously, you deserve it," he tells her, kissing her cheek.

She sighs, leaning into him and resting her head on his shoulder so that the side of her head is resting against his cheek. "Can you believe it's been four years?"

"It's been four wonderful, amazing, memorable years," he whispers, rubbing his nose against her curls.

"It seems almost surreal to know that we've together for four years. When you first met me..." she turns their interlocked hands over so that her engagement ring is in view, "Did you ever think we'd end up being married one day and spending the rest of our lives together?"

He looks into those soulful eyes of her, answering truthfully, "No. I was little shy, quiet and nerdy Logan who was scared of the out- going, eccentric Camille," he chuckles, kissing their connected hands, grazing his lips close to the fading cuts on her wrists, "But I'd never been more happy to step outside of my little box until I met you. Now I can't imagine my life without you," he whispers, touching their noses together.

She giggles, "Me either," she tells his, kissing his lips. "I'm so happy we've spent these past four years together."

"Me too. I love you."

"Love you too," she sighs happily.

"Okay guys, listen up," Kendall says into the microphone in the front of the room, "We have some things we want to do first before we let you all go back to doing your own thing." He looks behind him as Jo gives him a thumbs up sign. "Okay, first off, thank you all so much for coming to celebrate Logan and Camille's four year anniversary. They've been so much together yet I've never seen a more perfect couple in my life."

A chorus of "heys" and protests come from Carlos and James, making Kendall chuckle, "Okay maybe one of the most perfect couples. But they're definitely the strongest couple though. And second, my lovely, beautiful girlfriend wrote a song for them and would like to sing it. So give it up for Jo Taylor!"

The small crowd erupts in applause as Jo walks onto the stage, seating herself on the stool and pulling her guitar onto her lap. She adjusts the microphone, speaking into it, "Hey guys, I know a most of you know what happened to all of us these past few months and through those months I wrote this song and hopefully you'll all like it. This song is called Stronger."

She strums her guitar, starting to sing.

"You feel out of breath, used up and broken down
Just like a shattered glass, in pieces on the ground
Some days you want to scream but you can't make a sound
But you're not alone

Here comes another day, here comes another fight
You'd rather give it up than give it one more try
'Cause no one understands the way you feel inside
You're not alone"

She sings flawlessly, keeping her eyes fixed on Logan and Camille the entire time.

"Right now it feels like the end of the world
All your battles are lost
You've been cheated, mistreated
Just when you think that you can't hold on any longer
Hold on a little bit longer
Trust me, you'll see
You'll be so much stronger
You'll be so much stronger

It's only temporary, but it feels like you're stuck
Like no wishing well could ever change your luck
They say when one door closes, another opens up
And you walk right through
Yeah you know what to do

Right now it feels like the end of the world
All your battles are lost
You've been cheated, mistreated
Just when you think that you can't hold on any longer
Hold on a little bit longer
Trust me, you'll see
You'll be so much stronger
You'll be so much stronger"

Tears well up in Camille's and she leans back further into Logan.

She hadn't realized how much everyone else was probably hurting on the inside until they went to group therapy together. She hadn't realized how much it had changed each and every one of them. But she hadn't realized until right now how lonely and different they felt without her.

But she still can't believe she did this for them. She couldn't describe a song that would better describe this entire journey.

"You might have to bend, but you're not gonna break
Wipe the tears from your eyes and the fear off your face
You know deep down inside you've got what it takes

Right now it feels like the end of the world
All your battles are lost
You've been cheated, mistreated
Just when you think that you can't hold on any longer
Hold on a little bit longer
Trust me, you'll see
You'll be so much stronger
You'll be so much stronger"

Just as Jo sets down her guitar, singing the last lyrics, she steps off of the stage, moving towards Camille. She pulls her into a hug, holding Camille close. "Thank you for staying strong and putting up a fight, Cam," Jo says tearfully.

"Jo... You have no idea how much that song meant to me. Thank you."

Then her friends come at her, gathering each other up in a group hug. Droplets of tears are being shed yet their eyes are all shining with happiness. "Thank you. All of you," Camille whispers.

"No problem, Cam."

Eventually, they let go, each of them sitting in their own seats. They joke around, eating as dinner is served. A soft tune then fills their ears soon Logan stands up, offering his hand to Camille.

"May I have this dance?" he asks sweetly, a crooked smile gracing his lips.

Camille giggles, sliding her hand into his, "You may." He pulls her onto the dance floor, wrapping his arms around her waist and her arms slide around his neck.

He rubs his nose against hers, smiling wide. "This is nice."

The melodic tune carries them as they sway back and forth, their eyes lost in each others. The parents and adults behind them, watch them, eyes full of admiration, remembering their days of young love. They watch in awe as the young couple stay in intimate distance of each other, exchanging sweet kisses and soft whispers.

Soon other couples stand up, moving towards the dance floor. Kendall swipes Jo into his arms, as James does the same with Skylar and Carlos does the same with Stephanie. Even Ethan holds Katie close, and for once, Kendall doesn't pound a boy for touching his baby sister. But Logan and Camille are still shining above all of them, glowing with happiness and love.

Logan spins her around once, then twice, before bringing her back to him. "You know, I'd do anything for you, right?" he asks, kissing her pink lips. He rocks them side to side, gently keeping a grip on her waist.

"Of course," she smiles, "No matter how much I'm against it… I'd do anything for you too, you know."

"I know," he murmurs, lightly tracing her waist with his thumb, "Just think, in a little while, we'll be married. And if we got through everything we've gotten through then I know we're going to be together forever. Nothing's going to tear us apart."

"We're going to be together forever, and no one can change that. Our love too strong for that," she whispers, lacing their fingers together.

"It is. I love you, Cami. So much, more than anything else in the world," he whispers back, pecking her lips.

Her hand snakes around the nape of his neck, bringing him forward so his velvet lips can meet hers. She parts, "I love you too." Then their lips collide again and their eyes flutter closed and sparks fly just like every time. The butterflies rise, making both of them smile into the kiss. They stay like that, lips connected and hands entwined together, because right now, they were in their own world and nothing and no one could bring them out of it.

Their world which was once heavy with sorrow and fear, was now filled simply with love and danced with happiness. It was that love, that bond, that held them together no matter what and it was what was going to keep them together forever.

Camille had been told day after day how no one would ever love her, but she had proved Andrew wrong. Her friends and her fiancée gave her that love, so much love that she could never have even dreamt of as a little girl. Maybe she was still a little haunted. But those memories were not something she would ever forget. She knows that there will be times when that'll be all that plagues her mind, but she also knows Logan and the rest of her friends will always be there for her.

It was in that moment that she realized how truly lucky she was. She had found her happy ending. Though most wouldn't think of it as one, she couldn't be happier. Her friends became her rock as did Logan throughout this entire journey and they kept her going everyday, making her stronger by the second. And then she finally understood. Being strong wasn't keeping in the tears and hiding everything from the world. Being strong meant that she had to let everyone in, and share her sorrows. And that was harder than anything else.

But she had her love and her friendships and in the end, it was all worth it. Because she truly had become stronger.

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