"Shego, start packing. We're going to take a little vacation."

Shego looked up from her perch on the couch and did a double take as she gave her boss and beau a twice over. He was wearing a white beater and standing in swimming trunks. While a more skin showing outfit would warrant the effect of staring, she was more concerned at what he was talking about.

"What are you talking about? I thought you were gonna create that plant business before we started the whole relaxation in the sun. What, gave up on that too?"

"Shego, lip! I just thought that after recent events, it would be better to just at least cool off for a day or two. Sides, Dementor has decided to talk with the president of the U.S., Several African leaders, and even Australia in my place while I'm gone. I have directives in which I want to take to ensure a successful negotiation."

"Wait, wait, you are teaming up with Dementor? I thought you two couldn't stand each other."

"Well, times have changed and I believe let bygones be bygones if allowed. Actually, some of this idea was his, so why not be business partners."

"So you're gonna tell me he's gone straight too? I highly doubt it."

"Of course not, Shego. He's still evil, and that's why it'll work. He can still try to take over the world, in which I know Kim Possible will thwart him, he'll end up in jail, and I'll bail him out because I know I can trust him since he'll need someone to turn to and he'll continue to build me up to the top. At least I think I can. I still need to be around some evil or I'm sure I'll go mad."

"Like you already aren't? I think you've gone from mad to ins-!"

"DR. D!"

Shego yelped and fell out of the couch as the supercomputer screen blanketed into focus. Ron Stoppable's goofy face appeared in the screen with a grin. Drakken moved immediately from his spot at the doorway and entered the screen's sight.


"Ya know, sooner or later, you're really gonna have to remember my name or this friendship might not last long."

"Sorry umm, uhh…"

"Stoppable, Ron Stoppable!"

"Of course, right! Now, we are to meet at the Atlantis Paradise Island Beach Tower. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham gave us two suites on the 19th floor."

"Cool. Me and Kim just finished getting our rooms ready for next month. Middleton University is pretty big, so it's kinda convenient my room is just one up from hers. Woulda sucked to have found out we were in completely different buildings."

"That's nice. Now remember, you have to make sure you get your books ready by the end of next week or there'll be hell to pay."

"Don't worry, Dr. D. Me and Kim got it handled."

Ron clicked out of his Ronucator and the screen went blank. Drakken gave a satisfied huff and turned to walk back to his room when he caught Shego's bewildered expression.

"Hmm, what?"

"You and the sidekick? What's up with that?"

"We kinda just kept in touch after the whole invasion thing. Did you know his sister is actually a ninja baby?"

"Okay, aside form the ninja baby sister thing, I can handle going straight, alright, but getting buddy-buddy with our old rivals is kinda taking it too far Dr. D. If you're gonna chum up with Kimmie and Monkey boy, don't expect me to be your side. I'd rather fight a hundred Warmonga's the have to deal with the awkward."

"B-but, Shego, it's just three, maybe four, days tops. You can't really expect me to believe that you aren't coming with me?"

"Believe it! There is now way I will allow myself in the vicinity of Miss Cheerleader. And if I was, that hotel would come down as soon we got there and you know it."

Drakken sighed and walked up to Shego, hoping to convince her. He really wanted to make this work, at least for him. It wasn't being selfish, he just was going to need friends he could count on and the stepped up sidekick seemed loyal enough.

"Shego, please, for me?"

"Doc, you're losing you chances of changing my mind as you keep talking."


She didn't turn back. Drakken seemed to realize she was more than serious as she headed for her room. Drastic times called for drastic measures, but it was worth it to have her beside him.

"I just want more friends!"

She skidded on the floor as she stopped her path to her room. She was about to take her own vacation, far away from Drakken, the sidekick, the hairless hamster, and her archrival, but she could hear the desperation in his voice as he called out to her. So this was his reason? In her opinion, friends just meant faster ways to get to a person, but her doc was a loner, so maybe he needed the companionship besides paid henchmen and his girl. Men started to lose that masculinity after awhile when hanging around women to long, even if he already was the cook and baker.

"So why not just call up that golf ball guy, or Cousin Mullet. Someone non-hero, at least."

"Nnngh, none of them will talk to me. Or rather, none will talk to me without commenting on the superhero thing. Most hang up as soon as they hear my voice then disconnect their phones."

"Wow, none of them? Well, it's not really surprising. Did you see the way everyone was looking at you, well, except Lucre, but he's a real fan anyway."


His tone was more solemn, serious as he faced her. His head was cast down and he was lonelier than she had ever seen him before. He looked like his whole world would crash around him if he so much as twitched. She didn't like the feeling it brought inside her.

"I know that I may be a screw up, but I want this to work and I want you to be there to support me. I don't expect you and Kim Possible to be friendly with each other, but the buffoon has the love of his beside him, so I want mine. I want you to be with me because I'm useless without you, that I can't function unless you're there with me, and we know it. Please, just for me?"

His pleading wasn't what got to her; it was the factor that he said he needed her presence with so much certainty, he was begging. What woman couldn't resist the fact her man needed her as much he poured out. She knew it to be truth. 'Please' isn't exactly supposed to be in a man of his stature's vocabulary. He meant it.

"Well, okay! Geez, Louise, you'd think the world was crashing down around you with how pathetic you're acting."

"Thank you, Shego! I promise, I will try my best to have you as relaxed as possible."

"Just, don't say the word 'possible' around me for awhile. I might just blow a hole through the roof. And…"

Drakken raised an eyebrow before he was melting in her arms. She moved her lips against his and threaded her hand into his hair, pulling him even closer to her person as she could feel the contours of his toned chest, just as she was sure he could feel hers. She pulled back to see his dizzy expression. She smiled appreciatively as his root flew from his back and caressed her cheek with green Echinaceas.

"Thank you for telling me you need me."

She dropped his body to the floor as she began the walk to her room again.

"Besides, I was going to pack up for it anyway. I mean, c'mon, the Bahamas? You must think I'm crazy."

I must be a glutton for punishment. I keep throwing out stories when I know I have others to finish. Ah well, I'm in the process of starting my vacation so I need something to distract me.

I don't know, I just can see Drakken and Ron being friends at the end. Hmm, maybe it's just me. And I can't believe I forgot about the flower root. Eh, I remembered this time.