House of More Americans

My first House of Anubis fic, I've wanted to write one for a while but the series didn't finish here (UK) till tonight so I wanted to watch the end before starting. This is about series 2 of House of Anubis and Nina's friends come to England with her after a whole summer of hearing about how great it is.

I'm gonna write it with other people's OC's so I need entries, more info at the bottom of this chapter.

This is strictly Fabina but they will be other couples, none have been decided yet.

Rating T for possible language and possibly some innuendos in later chapters.

All chapters won't be too long, I'm just writing this for fun and I would love a lot of reader interaction with this fic- suggesting ideas and stuff like that.



Disclaimer: I do not own House of Anubis, if I did Mick and Mara would never have existed.

House of Goodbye/ House of Hello

Nina was leaving. Well, everyone was, but she was going much further, back to America, and she wouldn't see her friends for 6 weeks.

Her bags were piled up in the corner of the living room and she was ready to go.

It was a quiet, awkward atmosphere at the breakfast table. Everyone felt the presence of the bags; Fabian more than anyone.

"Last night was amazing," cried Amber for the third time, she was attempting to make conversation and failing badly.

Everyone looked up and mumbled "yeah" or nodded.

"Guys, cheer up, it's summer, we have 6 weeks of relaxing and shopping and doing no work!" exclaimed Amber trying to cheer everyone up.

Nina sighed, "I guess, but I'll miss you guys."

"Especially Fabian," hissed Mick loudly and obviously.

Nina and Fabian both blushed. They hadn't had a chance to talk about last night yet.

Nina wondered whether Fabian liked her or not.

Fabian was angry he couldn't get up the nerve.

Amber had threatened everyone not to mention it; Nina had expressed her worries to her about Fabians' indifference and about everyone getting involved and making him even shyer so he'd never do it.

Amber couldn't stand it and kicked Fabian hard under the table.

"OW!" he yelled.

Everyone turned to look at him.

"What?" asked Patricia.

"Someone kicked me," he answered.

"Do you blame them?" said Patricia giving her a look, with wide eyes, that was demanding and suggestive; she cocked her head to the side towards Nina.

Fabian suddenly look terrified but then he grabbed his class of water and drained it all in one go. A determined look appeared on his face.

Fabian asked nervously, "Nina, do you want to go for a walk with me?"

"Uh, yeah," replied Nina surprised but really happy.

They both stood up and headed towards the door. Nina turned back and gave everyone a huge grin. They all grinned back, Amber mouthed "good luck" and Mick put his thumbs up grinning.

They walked silently and slowly for 30 seconds, towards some trees.

Fabian nervously fiddled with his sleeves. Nina kept looking around, trying to distract herself, she had to be patient, Fabian was the most nervous person she knew, this could take a while.

She finally broke the silence.

"I had a lot of fun last night," she smiled.

"Me too," he replied.

Nina asked, "Anything happen in particular that was... fun?"

He stopped walking.

"Maybe one thing," smiled Fabian, his nerves were slowly fading; Nina's words were very suggestive, he was pretty sure she wanted him to do it.

He kissed her. She kissed back.

"Do you want to go out with me?" breathed Fabian with his forehead pressed to hers.

"YES!" exclaimed Nina.

The plane ride has been very long but Nina had spent most of it talking to her friends, especially Fabian, Amber and even Patricia- they'd become pretty close now.

She hadn't felt this happy in a long time.

The quest was over, they'd saved lives and came out of it unscathed, and now Nina finally had the perfect guy too- Fabian.

Her friends would be jealous.

Speaking of her friends, 3 guys and 4 girls were approaching her with a small, smiling, old woman.

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