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Mickey looked down to his shoes. "Sign my name?" he repeated. The librarian nodded. He sighed. He had to sign his name to get a library card. And everyone at school had to get one. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, alright. Gloria was in line behind him, and Danny and Chris were behind her.

"Mick?" she asked, stepping to his side. "Anything wrong?" she continued.

Mickey looked slightly uncomfortable. He leaned his hands on the desk and smiled. "Could I have a moment?" he asked the librarian.

"Certainly." She replied. Mickey took Gloria by the wrist and led her to the side.

"First of all," he said, leaning against the wall, "and second, to answer your question, I don't know how to sign my own name in cursive." He said, letting himself sink down.

Gloria smiled, "Michael Smith!" she exclaimed, reaching out and pushing his head back up. "This is the last school-related thing we have to do before summer and you can't even try?"

Mickey shook his head. Gloria put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes. "Mickey, give me your card." She said.

Mickey walked back and grabbed his blank card from the table. Gloria quickly took the card from him and scribbled down Michael Duncan Smith in her best handwriting. It looked like it could be his signature. "Now go and grab mine so Danny can get his." She said. Mickey walked back and took another card. He handed it to her. In the same hardwiring, she wrote Gloria Marie Rodriguez they took both the cards back to the librarian, Mickey's first and Gloria's second.

The librarian examined the cards closely, noticing the same person had written both names. "Excuse me, Ms, but did he write your name?" she asked.

Gloria glared at Mickey who was grinning. "Mickey I'm going to kill you when we get out of here." She said, hitting his shoulder. The librarian accepted Mickey's story, but said she would require that he practice writing his name. She gave him several sheets of lined paper. As Mickey and Gloria walked out of the library, he caught up to her.

"Mickey, I'm proud to have you as a friend." She said with a smile.

"Gloria, I'm glad you're mine." He said, locking arms with her. "And could I ask a favor?"

"Sure," she said sitting on the sidewalk in front of her neighbor's house. "what is it?"

"Could you write my name a few more times?" he asked, holding up the paper. Gloria smiled and stood up. She walked to her water hose and turned it on.

"Gloria? What are you doing?" Mickey asked. Gloria squeezed the handle and utterly soaked Mickey.

"Happy summer!" she yelled running to his own house across the street.

"Gloria! I'm going to get you!" he yelled, chasing her. He grabbed his own water hose, turning it on and putting his thumb over the top, soaking her likewise.

"Kids." Stacy said to Kid as they walked past their older band mates.

"Correction." Kid replied, "crazy kids."