Alternative Ending: Reunited

She smiled up at him. Her body hurt so much but she did not care anymore, he was here with her. Zachary, I thought I'd never see you again. She sighed softly earning herself a worried look. I was okay with that, as long as you lived that was okay with me. He was sitting patiently beside her bed in the Mending Wing, his long coat draped over the back of the plain wooden seat, waiting... waiting for what? She wondered. I am not going anywhere, not soon at least, I think when I feel better I may take my leave and travel back home to Corsa for a bit ... maybe I might go and see Alton and Estral in Woodhaven as well.


She brought her thoughts back to the present, back to the King who was worriedly sitting by the side of her sick bed. When did he start holding my hand? Had he been holding her hand when she woke up, or had he only just cupped it in his larger hand, she found she could not remember. His almond-shaped eyes searched her face. She wondered what he saw, as he looked intently at her.

"Kari... Why?" He asked.

She smiled gently at him. She knew what he meant, in fact she was surprised he had not asked the minute he had found her awake looking at him. She had been awake long before he had noticed, just laying there waiting for him to notice, it had been amusing to see the shock on his face when he had met her eyes for the first time.

She shrugged. "Why not your Highness."

His eyes widened. "You could have died Karigan, I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified when Fastion brought you back to Sacor City laying lifeless in a carrage."

She thought of telling him she had died, but decided against it. He would never let me leave the city again if he knew I was only allowed to return through Westirions grace. He might be her King but there were things he was probably better off not knowing, like her time as the Avatar and what had really happened when she had faced Mornhavon.

Karigan softly stroked the back of his hand. "You have so much to live for. Your wife, your country, your people, there is so much left in your life that is worth living for."


"No matter what happens I will always be here for you," She paused.

"What are you saying?" Tears were falling down his face now.

She looked deep in to his amazing almond eyes, he must think I am dying... she smothered a laugh, too late I have already died and been to heaven, I have already seen much of what is beyond this life as the Avatar. She wanted to reassure him but she did not know how to tell him what she needed to, the Birdman was right, even though she still loved Zachary riding as the Avatar had let her put things in to perspective. Love isn't something I should deny myself, but I will never put my love above my duty... duty to who? She wondered. Duty to Sacoridia, to Westirion and the Green Rider. One day when duty allows me then I will consider what to do next.

What could have been.

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